Giant Mother’s Day Cards!

Flowers, gifts, cards and lots of appreciation – these things are traditional on Mother’s Day. But if you really want to show her how special she is, we have a super-special card for you – one that is truly memorable. This one is not going in the bin a few days after Mother’s Day. Why? Because it wouldn’t fit!

Introducing the giant Mother’s Day card. It comes in three sizes that dwarf ordinary cards. The biggest is 183cm tall or 6 feet! The one pictured below is the second-biggest.

Jumbo size card for Mother's Day


We produce these in up to 5 working days, and Mother’s Day is on the 14th of March this year. So get your order in pronto!

Your giant Mother’s Day card can have a picture on the outside that you send to us – maybe a good one of Mum or a family scene, it’s up to you. We’ll print it onto semi-rigid PVC (no floppy cardboard here) in super high-resolution with vibrant colour.

Inside can be printed with a design and message, plus a space to write in with a whiteboard marker. The format is just the same as an off-the-shelf card, but these mega cards are personalised and, well, huge.

Ordering is easy. Hit our site and look for Mother’s Day Mega Card. It’s easy because it’s the first one on there right now. Pick a size and the price will display above it. Hit Buy Now and go through checkout. Then email your photos to our designers at

Giant Mother's Day cards

We’ll design the card and send you a proof by email. If you’re happy with it, full steam ahead – you will have your card within 5 working days. If you would like changes made, our designers will correspond with you until you are completely happy.

We think you’ll love our Mega Mother’s Day cards. More importantly, so will she!

Order online now

Jumbo cheques for prize givings

Have you ever wondered who makes the jumbo cheques that people pose with for photos at big prize givings? Well, it’s us!

Jumbo cheques printed

We design them ourselves, or we use artwork that the prize-giving company send us. Then we print them in high resolution onto PVC board. This material is lightweight but stiff and weatherproof. No floppy cardboard cheques here. We produce the jumbo cheques as quickly as possible so as not to miss the prize giving ceremony, and ship them out to wherever they are needed.

We can make one-off jumbo cheques that are permanently printed with the prize amount. Alternatively we can print re-usable ones that have the amount area left blank. It can be filled in with whiteboard marker by hand, then wiped clean and used at the next event.

The biggest cheque we make is 200 x 100 cm, which as far as we are aware is the largest presentation cheque available online in the UK today. We try to cater for all needs, though, with a range of three sizes: Mini (100cm x 50cm), Maxi (150cm x 75cm) and Mega (200cm x 100cm).

Here’s an example of a company using our jumbo cheques. BOTB are famous for their supercar competitions where players enter a spot the ball competition to win a highly desirable car and a cash prize. They publish the name and photo of each winner after each competition has been judged. In this example the lucky winner was Kashif Mumtaz. He was unable to travel to receive his cheque due to COVID, but there it is in the photo alongside the car he won.

Jumbo cheques prize giving

Another Jumbo cheque example is one we made for Omaze, whose Million Pound House Draw supports charitable causes. In this case the cheque is for a £250,000 donation to Teenage Cancer Trust. As you can see, the cheque is huge but the recipient is not struggling to hold it up because it is made of lightweight PVC board.

Charity donation giant cheque jumbo cheques

Need a cheque for a prize giving or charity donation? Simply head over to our Megacheques website, pick a size, insert your text and place your order! We send you a PDF proof for your approval before it goes to print.

Any questions? Call us on  01842 337 100 or email

Giant Valentine Cards to take their breath away

Jumbo Valentine's day cards
Printed with a photo sent to us by the customer, with their own personalised message inside

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and a last-minute box of chocolates just won’t do, especially when everybody needs some extra love right now. Perhaps this year you can’t be close to the object of your desire. Or perhaps you can, and need to let them know how much it all means. Either way, the fourteenth of February is on its way – so don’t just pick up a weeny little card at the supermarket like everyone else. Say it loud with one of our GIANT Valentine’s Day cards!

Up to a metre and a half tall, mega Valentine’s Day cards leave no doubt about your affection. They aren’t made of cardboard but semi-rigid PVC, so in theory you could give your card to your beloved outdoors in the rain – which would be quite romantic as long as you let them have the umbrella! The PVC material also makes them stiff enough to stand up on their own.

These are the biggest cards available on the web. They are double-sided with a message on the inside just like the titchy little normal cards people usually give to each other – but their sheer hugeness is guaranteed to take their breath away. Even the smallest (50 x 75 cm) will dwarf any normal card. In case you are wondering if such a giant card will get damaged in the post, we send it to you flat packed in strong cardboard!

Giant Valentine cards are not only for romance. They are also a fantastic gift for organisations. See an example below of how one group presented a card to the hardworking staff of an NHS hospital.

Giant Valentine's Day cards
A message printed on the inside of a giant card. You write it, we create it!
Giant Valentine cards UK
This card was presented to the staff at Arrowe Park Hospital, who had in-quarantine people returning from the Wuhan area at the start of the pandemic
Jumbo Valentine Cards UK
The inside of the Arrowe Park Hospital card was left blank to allow space for messages

Back to romance again – and here’s one way of expressing love during the pandemic.

COVID Giant Valentine Card
Love knows no boundaries …

Order your giant Valentine cards from our Mega Cards Page or call us on 01842 337 100.


COVID Vinyl Floor Stickers

COVID-19 vinyl floor stickers signs markers

Guide footfall around premises and support safe working practices with eye-catching COVID-19 safety floor stickers.

Floor stickers are now available to support our hand sanitiser stations. The vinyl markers come in a wide variety of designs that encourage social distancing, mask wearing, hand sanitising, one way systems, and other COVID-safe practices. They are available in 3 types of vinyl to suit indoor and outdoor spaces, different levels of durability and ease of removal. Find the right signs for your premises in our catalogue and order in packs of 5 to 100.

There are off-the-shelf floor stickers in a variety of shapes and sizes, or branded designs with your logo and company colours at no additional charge.

The catalogue includes designs suitable for indoor or outdoor floors, walls, lifts and stairs. All designs are available in 3 types of vinyl.

Vinyl types

Standard indoor vinyl

Anti-slip, scratch and scuff resistant. B1 fire rating. Ideal for short to mid-term floor signs in public indoor spaces.

Premium indoor vinyl

Indoor floor vinyl with a textured laminate. Higher quality print finish and good scuff resistance for higher footfall. Low residue adhesive for easy removal of temporary floor signs. B1 fire rating.

Premium outdoor vinyl

Multi-layered structure for strength, flexibility and crack resistance. Specially engineered for application to outdoor pavements, tarmac, walls and concrete. High scratch and scuff resistance, strong anti-slip properties and B1 and M1 fire ratings.

social distancing vinyl floor sticker

COVID one way floor sticker Vinyl COVID floor signs

Sizes range from 300x300mm to 1200 x 1200mm. The shapes are designed for the most common floor areas such as entrances and exits, aisles and stairs. All designs come in a choice of colours. We can match your company colours on request at no extra cost, and add your logos and other branding.

Use the form here to let us know your requirements and we’ll get straight back to you.

Hand Sanitiser Stations for Conferences and Exhibitions

Hand Sanitiser Stations for conferences and exhibitionsOur robust, weatherproof hand sanitiser stations offer a double opportunity for conferences, exhibitions and trade shows. They work as pieces of branded signage and also invite people to sanitise their hands to comply with government guidelines. Placed at the entrances and exits of events, they project a professional image that shows that the event organisers are doing their best to keep attendees safe. They can also be used by individual exhibitors at their stands to show that they are doing their bit for public health, with their logos prominently displayed on the hand sanitiser board.

There’s an option for boards that run on castors, which means the stations can be easily manoeuvred around the venue to wherever footfall is highest at any given time. This is especially useful on the larger hand sanitiser station boards. Both castor and non-castor models stand on sturdy wide feet for stability as people use them. The stations arrive flat-packed along with their aluminium feet which are attached easily by 6 bolts using a 10mm spanner. Assembly takes just a few minutes.

We can also make them double-sided which increases the capacity of sanitiser provision and makes them even more useful in busy areas. For example, if positioned near an entrance, people can use them as they enter and leave.

COVID-19 hand sanitiser stations
Branded hand sanitiser stations come in a range of sizes and configurations


The stations come with securely mounted alcohol gel dispensers with a large capacity so they don’t need to be refilled so often. They work with any normal hand sanitiser gel. There is a range of sizes to suit your requirements, from a Standard Sanitiser Station with a fitted glove dispenser to large boards with multiple alcohol gel dispensers. All the stations are customisable with your logo and messaging. Choose an off-the-shelf design or work with our design team to create a bespoke hand sanitiser station designed and made to your liking.

Anyone organising gatherings of large numbers of people are going to need to provide hand sanitiser for the foreseeable future. Our stations make sense because they are customisable, built to your requirements, look professional and project a strong, responsible brand image for conferences, exhibitions and trade shows.

Enquire about hand sanitiser stations for your event

New! 2020 Christmas Photo Cutout Boards

It looks as if much of the country is going ahead with Christmas preparations that aim to preserve most of the festive fun whilst doing everything possible to reduce transmission of a certain little spiky gremlin that’s doing the rounds at the moment.

Santa’s grottos are a good example of such forward planning. Santas nationwide have been attending the Ministry of Fun’s Santa School and learning, among other things, how to sport their special Santa masks. This seasonal safety item cleverly blends in with the Santa costume to cover the great man’s nose and mouth but keep him looking beardy and full of Christmas cheer. Kids are getting used to everyone wearing masks now, so why should Santa be any different?

Christmas Photo Stand-ins

Here at Photo Cutouts, our contribution towards keeping Christmas 2020 a cheerful affair is our new range of Christmas stand-in and photo cutout boards. They have just gone up on our website and are brand new designs, so be the first to grab one!

Christmas photo stand-in props

Visitors to your venue or guests at your Christmas party can take a Selfie With Elfie, try their hand at doing a penguin impression or help Santa’s elves to make toys in his workshop. Some of our boards remain popular year on year, so you could pick one of our evergreen Christmas classics like the Snow Globe. All our Christmas boards are available to hire or buy. Hire one for a one-off event or buy one to bring out year after year.

Santa's workshop photo stand-in board
Santa’s Workshop, with elf and safety being observed.


Christmas photo board stand-in
Selfie With Elfie


A proven marketing tool

These photo boards are a firm favourite and proven marketing tool for tourist attractions, garden centres, conferences and exhibitions, retail stores, charity events, awards ceremonies and corporate events. Customise our existing designs with your company logo and hashtag to create a branded photo opportunity for visitors. Or our design team and create a fully bespoke design to your specifications.

Read our case study to see how Klondyke and Strikes Garden Centres used branded festive photo boards in their stores nationwide to run a “Show Us Your Best Festive Face” photo competition.

Klondyke and Strikes festive photo competition case study

All boards are printed in high resolution, vibrant colour onto industrial PVC board that is weatherproof, UV-resistant and wipe-clean. They are attached to a sturdy metal frame and strong legs that keep them upright in anything except a gale.

Choose between a stand-in board with a single large hole or a face-in-the-hole board with several individual face holes. Either way, the illusion works a treat and makes for memorable photos.

Get in touch:

If you would like to discuss your requirements for a festive photo cutout, then please get in touch:


Tel: 01284 848330

Plumpton Racecourse plumps for branded hand sanitiser stations

In order to follow government guidelines on COVID-19, Plumpton Racecourse have positioned a number of our branded hand sanitiser stations at various entrances throughout the venue. Rather than using bottles of hand sanitiser on tables or generic hand sanitiser stations, Plumpton wanted to show the public they care and keep their brand image strong with their own branded dispenser stations. Here are some photos of what they look like in action!

Branded hand sanitiser station at Plumpton Racecourse
Branded hand sanitiser station ready for use at Plumpton Racecourse
Branded hand sanitiser station
Plumpton’s hand sanitiser stations are double-sided and they opted for castors for ease of moving them around.
branded hand sanitiser stations
For a clean, professional image
Branded hand sanitiser stations
Branded hand sanitiser stations come in a range of sizes and configurations

To get the most mileage out of each station (or should that be furlongs?), Plumpton asked us to double the number of dispensers on the smaller stations from one to two. This will prove to be a good decision when the public are allowed back in and the queues start working their way through.

See our range of hand sanitiser station sizes here.

As you can see with this example, our hand sanitiser stations are bespoke and we are happy to make them to custom specifications. They are a great option for following government guidelines and promoting your brand at the same time.

They come with mounted heavy duty dispensers that can be filled with any suitable sanitiser gel. The dispensers are bulk-fill, to reduce the need for regular refilling.

How to order a branded hand sanitiser station

Find out more and get in touch on our hand sanitiser stations page!

When a customer gets in touch, our team of expert designers work with them to create a bespoke design that looks great and carries the logo, URL, hashtag or any other insignia the customer wants. It is then printed onto sturdy industrial PVC in premium matt laminate print that is UV-resistant and weatherproof. It’s also wipe-clean for a clean appearance and further hygiene.

Get the most out of your hand sanitiser station with the double-sided option. This gives you longer between hand gel fill-ups and faces two ways so that people can use it whichever way they are headed. You can also choose to have the station mounted on castors for easy wheeling around your venue, night time storage, and quick repositioning.

Hand sanitiser stations are fast becoming the new norm throughout the UK. So why not use one to promote your brand?

Get in touch:

If you would like to discuss your requirements for a branded hand sanitiser station, then please get in touch:


Tel: 01284 848330


Businesses: bounce back with a stand in photo board

Now more than ever, a little bit of showmanship goes a long way for businesses. Which is why our stand-in photo board is proving so popular. It offers a classic photo opportunity for brands. People can’t resist stopping and taking photos of themselves, their friends and their families in a bright, colourful, memorable stand-in photo prop – with a business’s brand all over it.

This gives the business owner or salesperson a chance to chat to them if appropriate, and even if they don’t buy anything there and then, they have those photos on permanent record, and they might come looking for that business again next year or next time they pass by. Plus they are quite likely to share them on social media. Quite simply, stand-in photo boards are a proven marketing tool.

With exhibitions re-opening on the first of October unless the government says otherwise, it’s also time to think about presentation for trade shows and expos. A stand-in selfie board that screams a brand identity can be a big pull at events like these. People don’t just look at it, they interact with it and take photos. This quite literally gets people ‘into’ a brand. A little extra like a stand-in photo board goes a long way for driving customer engagement.

Stand in photo board
Seabrook Crisps love our photo stand in photo boards!

What are they made of?

Not cardboard! We print your bespoke design onto durable, weatherproof PVC board and add sturdy metal legs to keep it upright. A stand-in photo board is a one-time investment that can be used again and again. We’ve made them for all kinds and sizes of business, from small shops to the BBC and Tesco.

How do I get a stand-in photo board?

All you have to do is call us or send us an email, then we can talk to you about whether you have your own artwork or whether you’d like us to do a design for you. In the latter case, we would just ask for your logo and some measurements for the board. We can make a huge range of sizes, from a one-person selfie frame stand to a ginormous photo wall with multiple holes. Also, they don’t have to be square or rectangular – they can be any shape you like. So, for example, an ice cream parlour could have a stand in photo board shaped like an ice cream cone. There’s no limit to the imagination and fun you can have with these colourful marketing props!

Coming soon!

Our new range of Christmas stand-in photo props are coming very soon! Our customers have reported great results with their Christmas–themed boards. Bookmark this blog and follow our website for updates so you can snap one up as soon as they come out, and get ready to boost your business this Christmas.

Get in touch

If you would like our design team to work on a bespoke photo stand-in for your business then please get in touch:


Tel: 01284 848330