Prop up your business!

Share this bit of face in hole fun with your friends!

Here’s how you can spread the feelgood factor about your brand with a simple prop: a photo cutout board.

Santa and Elf Photo Face in the Hole Board Prop

Marketing people like to use fancy language when talking about trends. Here’s a quote from a well-known marketing consultancy:

‘The premise of experiential marketing is to create a closer bond between the consumer and the brand by immersing them in a fun and memorable experience.’ []

If a brand event stirs up positive emotions in people, they are more likely to associate those emotions with that brand. It’s simple really. Making people feel good about your brand has a direct effect on your bottom line. Think Red Bull with its air races, F1 team and extreme sports events.

Your marketing might not quite be on the scale of Red Bull’s, but experiential marketing (the fancy term for giving your brand the feelgood factor by having folks interact with it in novel or entertaining ways) works well at any scale. If your budget doesn’t stretch to an F1 team, maybe try something more affordable to surprise and delight your customers with an interactive experience.

This could be as simple as having some kind of branded prop outside your shop or at a company event or in a public place. You could have a mobile juice bar covered in your logos. Or a giant version of your product that people can touch and play with.

Or dress up in a bear costume and roar about your brand.

Or… a branded photo cutout board! Also knows as Aunt Sally board, face in the hole board, character board or peep through board. Everybody has seen one somewhere, but they’re not only to be found at the seaside any more!

Motor Racing Custom Photo Board Prop

It’s something everyone can relate to and interact with. And when we’ve added your branding, people will happily snap away and create family or friendship memories – with your brand in them! People share their photos online, so a photo cutout board is a cost-effective marketing prop that just keeps on giving. So why not hire one to see how it brings people closer to your business, or buy one to use at any time of year and anywhere you have an event?

Here’s another ‘prop’ idea. Next time you have a company event, why not add some fun to it with a mini golf course? Putterfingers is Britain’s friendliest supplier of minigolf equipment and will get the equipment to you in good time for your event. It’s easy to set up and dismantle, and guaranteed fun for your guests.

Use Crazy Golf as an event prop for your networking

So get in touch with us to hire or buy a ‘prop’ to help create a buzz around your brand events!

Share this bit of face in hole fun with your friends!