Photo cutout boards: warm wedding memories

Winter is such a magical time of year, and what better time to tie the knot? You’ll have a cool walk down the aisle without a bead of sweat in sight, and just think of snuggling up by the fire together after your magical winter wedding.

You can really get creative with a winter wedding. Wear a dress that looks like something Elsa would wear in Frozen. Use sparklers instead of confetti. Fill the reception hall with tealights, fairy lights and candles. Our warmly humorous wedding-themed photo boards add a special touch of fun to your special day. Just poke your heads through and let your guests snap away to create memories. We can create bespoke boards for you with your names on and extra decoration. If you let us know your requirements well in advance we will custom-make one for you just the way you ask.

Kimberly Burton wedding Photo Board

A Photo cutout is a great way to keep your wedding guests’ little ones amused. Give them a camera and let them take turns photographing each other with their heads stuck through the holes. It’s simple, wholesome fun that people of all ages never seem to get tired of.

Newmarket Wedding Show Face in The Hole Particpants

The best combination of fun activities at a wedding is a minigolf course and a photo cutout board or two. Minigolf keeps young ones squealing with fun so the grownups can socialise in peace. Your guests will be eternally grateful for giving the little ones something to do.

Who needs a putter

And of course have a go yourselves! Everybody can chip in … or putt in.

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