Photo cutout boards to present your Awards!

A fun new twist to the glitz and glamour of awards ceremonies

Peep boards are a popular feature at awards ceremonies because they add an interactive element of fun. Most recently, the Isle of Wight Awards run by used a photo cutout board at its awards ceremony on the 19th of January 2016. The ‘Ethel and Ernie’ board from our range set the seaside theme perfectly and here are two of the awards winners proudly showing off their medal while disguised as the saucy seaside characters.

photo cutout board, photo op board, face in the hole board, awards ceremony

How often we see award recipients posing for a photo, being handed their award by an official and wearing an awkward, frozen smile! Why not make your awards ceremony different? One way to do it is to have make a mockup of the award itself that winners can poke their faces through for a photo opportunity. This is known as a standee or photo op board. are happy to create this type of board for you. Just let us know your requirements and we can create a bespoke board with logos and custom lettering.

In addition to awards ceremonies, face in the hole boards are a great marketing tool at any business event. We work with you on the design until it says exactly what you want to say about your business. The boards help to create a buzz around your brand at trade shows, promotional events and of course awards ceremonies. Here are a few we’ve made that have worked brilliantly:

photo cutout board, photo op board, standee, face in the hole board, events  photo cutout board, photo op board, standee, face in the hole board, events

photo cutout board, photo op board, standee, face in the hole board, events

Can you imagine having a photo cutout board for your business? How best to communicate what your company stands for and has to offer? The options are limitless, and works with you to create the perfect photo op board that you can use time and time again to make your events fun and memorable. Not forgetting that because it’s a photo board, people will tend to take lots of photos of it – with your company branding all over it! And of course in this day and age photos get shared a lot. So photo boards not only create a buzz at the event itself, but keep on giving in the form of shared online photos.

Get in touch with Shelley or Richard at for details on how to create a photo cutout board.