Autoglass love our branded picture boards


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Autoglass repair
Autoglass replace
love our branded photo boards
through which to stick your face.
Take pictures of your colleagues
with their faces in the hole
the boards are great for expos
passersby to buttonhole.
Your logo is all over it;
it’s branded to your firm.
The photos keep on giving
in the longer term.
So buy a photo cutout board
to grace your next event.
It’s the most amusing way
your PR to augment!


Branded photo cutout boards are a hit at corporate awards events. A recent example was this March at the Fleet News Awards on London’s Park Lane. Autoglass, a sponsor of the events, built an indoor fairground which featured a branded photo board. It portrayed a mishap involving a juggling clown and an Autoglass repair man fixing the damage.

It’s another great example of how a photo cutout board (Aunt Sally board, peep board, picture board, etc.) adds an interactive element to any corporate event. The fun of the seaside comes flooding back when you see one and it makes you just want to have fun. The trick is to really wedge your face in so it fills the hole completely; that makes for the best photos. (Don’t worry, the holes are nicely sanded with rounded edges, then painted, so you won’t come away looking like you’ve just had an hour-long massage).

Let us know a few weeks in advance of your event and we will work with you to create a unique branded picture board for your company. At the event you can capture your Sales Director gurning through it, with much office hilarity guaranteed afterwards. Make sure he or she has a good sense of humour. In fact you’re pretty safe; she wouldn’t be doing it if she wasn’t up for a laugh. But do remember: if you hire a Putterfingers minigolf course as well for even more fun, remember to let the boss win! Photo cutout boards are non-competitive, but crazy golf is quite the opposite. Hire both (we will supply a branded minigolf course as well) and you’ll get silly fun on the photo board combined with fierce concentration on the fiendish minigolf obstacles. You can even stage your own Minigolf Masters tournament – we’ll supply everything you need, right down to the score cards! Visit for our latest minigolf hire deals.

photo cutout boards, minigolf hire, corporate events
Double the fun! Photo cutout boards AND minigolf – why not?