It’s a photo finish! Charity fundraising at the races

Here is a great example of how a face-in-hole board can be used to promote a charity event. Meet one of our latest face in hole boards and see it in use at Sandown racecourse!

Retraining of Racehorses (RoR), British Horseracing’s official charity for the welfare of horses who have retired from racing, commissioned a board from us depicting a racehorse and a dressage horse to be placed at the entrance to Sandown racecourse so that visitors could have their photo taken ‘in the saddle’. The event on the 13th of July was ‘Rock with RoR’ and featured chart-topping singer Jess Glynne. Her performance was a massive success, reviewed here, and she kindly donated a significant chunk of her performance fee to RoR.

The board was placed at the entrance and had RoR’s branding on it so that shared photos would spread the charity’s message. This tactic has also worked well for other charities we have made boards for, including the Dogs Trust, Sense and World Animal Protection.

Charity fundraising, photo board, photo cutout board, standee board
Here is the board in use, tweeted by RoR

A photo board creates a buzz as people interact with it, have a laugh and take lots of photos. See our blog post about how we design and make face in hole boards for our customers by talking to them until they are completely happy with the design and with their logos and branding on the finished board.

RoR is a charity that:

  • raises funds from within the Racing Industry for the retraining and rehoming of former racehorses
  • provides a safety net for ‘vulnerable’ former racehorses
  • promotes the adaptability and versatility of racehorses to other equestrian activities
  • runs and funds a well established programme of competitions and educational events across the country
  • provides information for owners and trainers in both the Racing and Equine Industries to assist with the rehoming and retraining of their former racehorses. were delighted to be part of the Rock with RoR event, and glad that yet another charity has chosen our photo boards to promote their cause.

Charity, Racehorse, sunglasses, party animal, Sandown
Rockstar racehorse Purple Moon was a party animal at the event at Sandown.

From pencil to print: how we make a photo board

photo cutout board, concept sketch, sketch, design
A concept sketch

Let us take you on a journey behind the scenes at photocutouts, showing you how the magic happens!

When you call us to order a photo board, the first thing we do is listen to you and gather your requirements. This can be a verbal brief where you give us your idea, or you can supply the artwork yourself. If you have a logo or other branding you would like added to the board, we’ll include it if you can supply us with the image files.

standee board, peep board
A fuller drawing to check the colours with the customer

If you have a board design already made by an in-house designer, we’re happy to use that artwork, and will do our best to make it fit best on the size of board you need. We just need the design in high resolution JPEG, EPS or PDF format.

peep board, standee board, photo board
The finished board ready for use

A verbal brief might be something like ‘I’m thinking of a dolphin and a walrus reclining on sun loungers.’ We’ve had odder ones than that – the sky’s the limit when it comes to creative ideas for photo boards. We’ll then discuss the design with you and offer further ideas if we think it will improve the finished product. When we have a detailed brief, we’ll get our in-house team of talented artists to produce a mock-up for you. If you have any amendments to make at that stage, we’ll tweak things until you are satisfied with the design.

first draft, draft, sketch, photo board
Another concept sketch by our art team

We’ll also discuss how the board is going to be used, which includes the age of your audience and any other factors to be considered in its use in practice. For children, you’re going to need the face holes at the right height, and for basketball players, they will need to be a bit higher! We try to make our boards comfortable to use, so that nobody has to crouch down, stand on tiptoes or twist their neck around to use them.

photo board, finished, manufacture, process, design, print, vinyl, foamex
… and the finished product with company branding.

When you are completely happy with the final design, we print it onto high definition, wipe-clean vinyl and apply it to durable, waterproof Foamex™ board. Once the board is made, it needs to stand up, and we are proud of our lightweight aluminium frames that hold the board rigid. We have several support systems for the board and frame, including metal feet and tough, paintable wooden stands that can also have your logo or other artwork on them to expand the board beyond its borders.

We’ll ship the finished board(s) to you by next-day courier, or deliver to you directly if you’re not too far away from our Norfolk workshop.

The complete process from order to finished board can take 3 weeks, so get your order in well in advance of the event you plan to use it for! Call us today on 0845 057 0321.

More peep board action from around Britain!

England cricketer Kevin Pietersen was spotted by the Daily Mail with his head in a peep board alongside pictures of current England players Alastair Cook, Steven Finn and Ben Stokes. The joke is that Pietersen hasn’t been selected to play for England since the disastrous Ashes series of 2013-14 and a bit of a kerfuffle about derogatory text messages. Pietersen tweeted the photo with the message, ‘Please pick me!’

The board, sponsored by Waitrose, was for a competition to win the chance to be an England Cricket Mascot. Pietersen will do anything to get back on the pitch with England, even if he’s the mascot!

photo cutout board, peep board, standee, pietersen, cricket
Pietersen: ‘Please pick me!’

Residents of Uppermill, near Oldham, Greater Manchester staged a seaside musical and just had to create a seaside face in hole board to complete the fun atmosphere. This one is in the Fat Lady and Skinny Man tradition – here’s our version of the much-loved classic.

The Royal Norfolk Show had a King Kong face in hole board mocked up as the front page of the Eastern Daily Times. The giant ape is seen clinging to the spire of Norwich Cathedral. It was part of an appearance and cook-in by TV chef James Martin, host of Saturday Kitchen.

photo cutout board, giant ape, Norwich
A story made for Alan Partridge.

And landlocked Harborough, Leicestershire, held a ‘Harborough-by-the-Sea’ event in the town square to give residents some idea of what being by the seaside is actually like, including a sandpit ‘beach’ and, of course, beach and nautical-themed photo cutout boards to give that seaside feel. It was a bit like the time The Sun newspaper used one of our boards to give the children of Coton-in-the-Elms, the farthest village from the coast in Great Britain, a taste of the beach by importing sand, buckets and spades, and an inflatable palm tree.

If you’re looking for an entertaining idea for a party, business promotion, corporate event or wedding, we have the whole range of boards to choose from to hire or buy. Check out our designs here and call for our reasonable rates!