Run a photo board competition to boost sales!

In July we featured the fabulous photo cutout board we made for River Dart Country Park. We revealed the process of creating the boards we make, from design sketch to finished product.

peep board, standee board, photo board
The finished board ready for use

That same board is now the centre of a promotional competition – and it’s a great example of how a board can be used again and again for fundraising.

River Dart Country Park are using a well-tested competiton format involving Twitter. For a chance to win a two-day family camping trip, contestants have to visit the park, snap themselves using the photo board, and share the snaps using the #JollyDart hashtag. It’s actually the same ruse as we mentioned in last week’s blog post, where U.S. brand MOD Pizza used a hashtag and photo board to promote brand awareness in the UK. It’s a win-win because it drives people to the park whilst promoting brand awareness. Could your company try this proven tactic to grow sales and brand awareness?

River Dart Country Park aren’t just using Twitter; people can use the hashtag on Facebook and Instagram as well. Our guess is that the competition will go well for them, and we congratulate them on continuing to think of creative ways to use their photo cutout board. Their marketing manager is obviously on the ball, and wants to get the most out of their photo board investment.

May the best photo win! Here’s one that might, with even the dog joining in.

photo cutout board, stand-in board, dog, woof, bark
The board in situ being used by holidaymakers

That’s the beauty of buying a face-in-hole board from with your branding, logo, hashtags, web addresses or other insignia on the board, shared photos spread the word about your company, charity or event around the internet at the speed of light. A particularly good photo has a chance of going viral – the holy grail of marketing!

Ask us about branded photo boards today. Call Shelley or Richard on 08450 570321 / email

How to use a photo cutout board to promote a brand

Here’s a wonderful example of how a company can use a photo cutout board to promote their brand and drive business growth. MOD Pizza is a chain of pizza restaurants based in the United States, founded in Seattle, Washington in 2008 by Scott and Ally Stevenson, who also founded the Seattle Coffee Company. They are an ethical company whose motto is ‘It’s more about the people than the pizza’, and who focus on paying living wages and providing employees with opportunities to give back to the community. MOD is the acronym for ‘Made on Demand’.

photo cutout board, marketing, brand, brand promotion, sales, event, eventprofs
Children at Breeze used the board to snap and share.

MOD are beginning an expansion into the UK, and they chose to provide a fun, interactive photo cutout board to build awareness of the brand. Their first UK store opened in Leeds in June 2016. MOD Pizza attended the Council’s Breeze event, an annual Summer festival of music and the arts for young people in the city. This is where’s custom-made photo cutout board service comes in. We designed and made a board for them with their requested hashtag, #ModBreeze, and two face holes at appropriate heights for youngsters.

MOD Pizza, brand promotion, events, marketing
A parent shared this photo with hashtag hoping to win a meal for 4 at MOD Pizza.

This is how photo cutout boards use the power of Social Media. MOD offered a free meal for 4 for the tweeter of the best photo of the board, using the hashtag #ModBreeze. It’s a good example of how to use a photo cutout board to run a promotion that encourages people to share photos of your branded board and thus spread the word about your company.

photo cutout board, marketing, branding, hashtag, social media, twitter
Kids loved it

If you are seeking to promote a business, charity, cause or brand, check out our custom boards page to see how we can make one for you to get you noticed at your promotional event and on Social Media.

New adult themed photo opportunities!

The boards are back in town! We’ve expanded our range with a new adult party-themed product line. Not only that, but our website now has a new look – and the prices stay the same.

As well as the much-loved range of traditional seasonal and seaside photo cutout boards, we’ve given in to our more permissive times with a new range of adult-themed boards. Don’t worry, we don’t mean THAT sort of adult material – we mean fun and hilarious party-animal boards for 18+ parties, club nights, hen and stag parties, and anywhere you want your grown-up crowd to be in a froth of giggles.

So it’s time to reveal … Party Man!

Borat, mankini, face in hole board, peepboard, adult party ideas
We’re sorry, but you can never un-see this image.

Did that get your attention? That’s the idea: to add an extra element of eye-catching fun to any 18+ party or event and get people peeping through the hole, snapping away, and sharing photos.

Party Man is not alone. He can be hired or purchased with Big Bunny Girl to make a duo board with two face holes:

Party man, borat, mankini, adult party ideas, selfie, photos
Aren’t they a lovely couple? (Don’t answer that)

Party Man’s best buddy is Mervin. He’s had one or two Mars bars too many, but he doesn’t care. He’s here to party, and nobody is getting in his way.

party animal, lei, fat man, adult party ideas
He does not have body image issues, he just wants to party.

Mervin has a female sidekick to complete the pair on this duo board:

Mervin, part animal, party, party ideas, fat bloke, gross
Aren’t they a lovely couple (don’t answer that!)

When they all get together, you have the Full Monty: the four-hole Party Squad. No party can be the same after they show up! Hire or buy Party Squad or its members over at our Adult-Themed Boards page. It’s going to be a night to remember!

Party squad, borat, mankini, bunny girl, adult party ideas, 18+ party ideas
Lawks! It’s the Party Squad!

Our Foam Party board is a slightly naughty giggle generator for foam parties. Get it on! Or get it off, whichever you prefer. This board adds a special element of fun as the suds fly.

foam party, adult party ideas, peep board, fun, party
No foam party is complete without a foam party face in hole board!

Check out all our ranges – for all ages and tastes – on the website by clicking the image below.

photo cutout boards, peep boards, face in hole boards, standee boards, party fun
Browse the full range – click on the image

Exclusive Rio Olympics board: we’ll make you one in world record time!

Olympics board available by special order when you follow this link.

Olympics, Olympic Games 2016, Mo Farah, Usain Bolt, face in hole board

The 2016 Olympic Games are pretty much upon us, but there’s still time to get our colourful and hilarious Rio Photo Cutout Board. Order one today for your event, party, awards ceremony, business promotion, corporate party, sports event, school fete or other Summer happening, and we’ll spin you one up and ship it out to you faster than Usain Bolt.

It was an interesting process making this board, because we couldn’t use any insignia of the IOC or things like the Olympic rings, Olympic flame, etc. which are copyrighted. But we’ve come up with a board that gets across the atmosphere of the games and includes cartoon versions of some famous athletes.

You can see some of the design process when you compare this initial sketch with the finished board. They are actually quite similar because we liked our artist’s original idea, but then we asked her to tweak a few things to get it just right.

2016 Olympics, design, sketch, photo cutout board, face in hole board, usain bolt, mo farah

If you want the board for a business promotion, we can add your company branding to the board: hashtags, web addresses, social media profiles, logos, or other branding and social links. This creates a marketing opportunity that we have seen work time and time again for our customers. Photos of the board that people share will bear your insignia, spreading the word about your brand across social media.

School fetes: it’s got to be worth having this board just to see your headmaster do the Mobot or the Lightning Bolt and then get soaked with wet sponges or splurged with custard pies! The board is printed on waterproof, wipe-clean vinyl bonded to light, waterproof Foamex and cannot be damaged by getting wet.

Here’s the link again to order your Rio Olympics Photo Cutout Board:

Grab yours now!