rock the German Embassy! have supplied two large photo cutout boards to the German Embassy in London for their German Unity Day celebrations. The boards depicted the German national women’s team, who won gold at the Rio Olympics, and the men’s team who won the World Cup, which coincidentally was also in Rio. Both celebrating teams dominated the room at the Embassy during the celebration.

Here is the board in action during the event – it is just about visible in the background! That’s the best photo we managed to get.

Schweinsteiger, german football, olympics, world cup, German women's football
Germans have a lot to celebrate in football terms

But here they are at our premises in all their glory, with their creator Jim looking on. Cool, aren’t they? (Click the images to enlarge!)

German football team face in hole boards
Our designer Jim is the man!

German women's football team


Germany world cup, Schweinsteiger
Schweinsteiger celebrates the World Cup win
German women's football team, rio 2016, gold medal
The German women’s team with their Rio gold medals

The German Embassy event was a resounding success and we have received thanks from Embassy staff for helping to make it memorable.

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A little video about

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eventprofs, photo cutout boards, face in hole boards
There are completed boards: sturdy, durable and stable.

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