Wet sponge boards – they’re waterproof!

Wet sponge aunt sally board
A child throwing a wet sponge at a ‘greedy’ high street estate agent – actually a parent

One thing we don’t mention as often as we should is that our face in hole boards aren’t made of chipboard, wood, cardboard, or anything else that can absorb water and get damaged. In fact they are made of lightweight, waterproof PVC foamex board – which means they are weatherproof and can be soaked at will – as will happpen when you’re having a wet sponge throwing frenzy!

Any of our boards can be used for a wet sponge throwing contest – we’ve even had teachers get sponged at a school open day. But here is an example that was created to lambast everybody’s favourite ‘villain’: the high street estate agent. Boo! Hiss!

To promote their online estate agency, our customer Sellmyhome.co.uk are running a campaign in which a high street estate agent stands in front of a house he has just sold and says ‘You just paid for my new Porsche! Cheers!’.

Throwing things at a figure of ridicule is a time-honoured English tradition. Our face in hole boards are also referred to as Aunt Sally boards. The original Aunt Sally game was played in pub gardens and fairgrounds dating back to the 17th century. People took turns to throw sticks at a wooden head with a clay pipe in its mouth. The winner was the one who broke off the clay pipe. The wooden figure was called ‘Aunt Sally’ in what was really a pretty mean game, but it was long before political correctness so we can let them off.

So don’t forget: the fact that our boards are waterproof not only means they can stay out in the rain without damage, but also that you can stage a wet sponge throwing contest! What’s not to like?

There are still a few months of warm weather left, so order your wet sponge board soon for your next event!


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Dogs, gingerbread and sausages! This week’s new boards

We are making more boards than ever this Summer, and they are just flying out the door as all kinds of organisations snap them up for their parties, promotions, fundraising campaigns and product launches. This week’s roundup of new boards happens to feature dogs rather heavily!

And customers love them. Here is a nice testimonial from Runnymede Vets / Pets1st after using the board they commissioned from us for their open day. vets dogs face in hole board testimonial

Here are some folks at the open day enjoying the board. The ‘dog’ doesn’t look too worried considering the size of the thermometer!

dogs thermometer face in hole board

Last weekend was the Allergy & Free From Show at Kensington Olympia in London. We made a board for Asda supermarkets to promote their award-winning Free From range. The hashtag on the board prompted lots of photo shares on Twitter to help promote the brand. Here’s an example:

gluten free photo cutout board

Putting a hashtag on your custom face in hole board is a great way to get people to share photos of your branded board online and give you extra exposure.

We made another dog-related board recently. This one was for Vets4Pets, a nationwide veterinary practice who wanted to promote their business at Dogfest, a distinctly mutt-based show covering all things canine, with dogs the star attendees. Here’s the design, with a human standing in as the dog:

Dogs photo cutout board

And here it is in action at the show, being used as intended by a happy dog ‘running off with the sausages’:

dog sausages photo cutout board

We’ve made face in hole boards for many of the UK’s leading brands, businesses, organisations and charities. The design and manufacture process is simple and straightforward – here’s a little video about how boards are designed, made and delivered.

Photo cutout boards are a proven way to promote brands, causes and businesses. So tell your marketing department about photocutouts.co.uk or ring us yourself for a friendly quote!

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