Across the board: the variety of Photo Cutouts this month

As we head into Autumn the pace and variety of production at Photo Cutouts is showing no sign of slowing down. Indeed, we’re gearing up for Christmas now as Britain’s brands, causes and businesses seek to attract their share of December trade. Last week was a frenzy of production and delivery as we made and shipped twenty-eight of our Snow Globe boards to branches of a major garden centre chain!

Snow globe Christmas marketing variety
The garden centre boards are like this one, but with customised text on the brass plaque. This particular board was in use at the NEC Festive Gift Fair last year.

Here is a small sample of the variety of other boards that have gone out this month. These are ones we can tell you about because the events they are used at have already happened. We keep the others under wraps until the events!


Accounting software firm Xero like to involve the whole firm in their event planning. Here they feature the office dog Jinty as their mascot on a hand held selfie board involving said dog and a large pie. Sometimes customers just tell us what they want and we do it!

Variety is the pies of life
Dog vs pie

Rip it Up

National Museums Scotland is running an exhibition called Rip It Up which celebrates the story of Scottish pop. A variety of bands like the Rezillos, Simple Minds, Franz Ferdinand and The Proclaimers feature in the exhibition and a number of associated events.

Variety of face in the hole boards
Celebrating Scottish pop and rock with National Museums Scotland


Rize is a rebranding of The Health Club Collection, and what better way to raise awareness of a new brand than a photo cutout board? This board was used at a launch event at a London health club.

Photo cutouts for marketing and branding rebranding
The ’80s are back, apparently!


The Cairngorms National Park uses these cute Lego mascots to promote the region’s many attractions.

Tour of Britain

The public got the chance to be a ‘stage winner’ at the #forestfinish stage of the Tour of Britain in Whinlatter, Lake District.

Face in the hole cutouts for use at sporting events
Forestry Commission – Whinlatter, Cumbria

Coming soon: boards for Pontins, Amazon, and most importantly the British Dragonfly Society!

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AR boards: more interactivity than ever!

Our new AR boards use technology to come alive!

Our photo boards are the ultimate in getting people to interact with a brand, cause or message. They put their faces in them, after all – that’s about as interactive as you can get with your clothes on. But we’re always pushing the envelope here at Photo Cutouts. We’ve come up with selfie boards, folding boards, photo walls … and now, AR boards!

AR boards are augmented reality photo cutout boards

How are these new boards even more interactive than our regular boards? Simple. They have a code printed on them that is recognised by an app that anyone with a smartphone can download. Point the smartphone at the board, and it comes alive with animations, videos and messages that can be personalised to your events!

‘AR’ stands for Augmented Reality. This technology superimposes animations over a scene viewed on a smartphone or tablet screen to make objects appear to be in the scene. Remember the Pokémon Go craze in 2016? That was AR. Players hunted monsters in the real world that would appear to be ‘there’ in the app, superimposed on, say, a street scene.

Our AR-enabled boards have an extra dimension of fun because when viewed with the app, they come alive with animations and messages. Check out the video above for a simple example of our AR boards in action. By the way, we’ve called the product ‘Virtual Reality Boards’ because some of us thought people would understand what they are more quickly that way. Strictly, they are AR rather than VR, and we know that – so please don’t write in!

With these photo boards you don’t need any special equipment like VR goggles, and you aren’t going to be stumbling into things and falling over as you navigate a virtual world. All you need is an AR board and a smartphone. Download the app and point the phone at the AR boards, and watch it come alive!

Find out more about Photo Cutouts AR boards here