London Party Boats introduce Social Distance River Cruise

London Party Boats have reopened after lockdown with the launch of the Social Distance River Cruise. Prior to launch, the team at London Party Boats worked hard to meet the Government guidelines for reopening. They approached us for 2 branded hand sanitiser stations to position on the dock for guests.

London Party Boats Hand Sanitiser Stations
Hand Sanitiser Stations ready to welcome guests at Festival Pier

The reduction to 1m+ social distancing rules have helped make reopening more feasible for such businesses. Every effort has been made to keep guests of the floating party venue safe. Onboard, tables have been positioned at a safe distance, table service is in place and there is even a retractable glass roof (weather permitting), to keep the air flowing.

London Party Boats opted for singe dispenser hand sanitiser stations, complete with their logo and own messaging. The hand sanitiser stations are freestanding and portable so can be moved inside on closing up. Guests will find them positioned on the dock at Festival Pier to use to sanitise their hands on entering the boat.

Branded hand sanitiser station
All aboard! But do clean your hands first

Operating at 25% capacity, the Social Distance River Cruise is a great opportunity to get out but avoiding any crowded pubs and restaurants. The 2 hour cruises are running every Saturday throughout July and August, book here and don’t forget to “Clean Your Hands” when boarding.

Hand Sanitiser Stations

Our hand sanitiser stations are freestanding and portable. They can be positioned indoors or out. They also include universal, bulk-fill dispensers. The dispensers can be used with any alcohol gel so you will not be restricted to the product that you refill with.

If you would like a chat with the team about introducing our hand sanitiser stations to your business or venue, then give us a call.

Our lead time is currently 10-14 days. If you have a tight deadline, then let us know and we can do our best to meet your timings.

Email the team:

Give us a call: 01284 848330

Hand Sanitiser Stations help welcome pupils back to school

Our hand sanitiser stations have been popular with schools welcoming back pupils post lockdown.Hand sanitiser station in production The team have been busy this week producing boards in a range of variations, to suit each school’s needs.

As the country tries to adapt to a new normal, hand washing and hand sanitising are hugely important in helping to control the virus. Schools have had to make several changes to their settings to make staff, pupils and their families feel safe.

Hand sanitising at school

Providing hand sanitising facilities at the entrances to the school is one way that hygiene can be maintained. It is not always practical to have hand washing facilities and hand sanitising is the next best alternative.

The hand sanitising stations we have been producing for schools this week has been varied.

Some schools have opted for multiple, single dispenser stations – which can then be positioned at strategic locations throughout the building.

Single dispenser sanitiser stations_multiple boards for schools


Others have gone for a double-sided, 4 dispenser board to help pupils maintain distance and keep the flow of children entering the school moving steadily.

Double sided hand sanitiser station at school entrance

Another school have opted for a 6 dispenser sanitiser station at the entrance, having multiple dispensers will reduce the need for refilling throughout the day and again help to keep the line moving on the way into school.

Hand sanitiser station_6 dispensers_school entrance

The clear messaging of the artwork is easily understandable for children. The artwork has also included the school logo, helping to reinforce the message that hygiene is very much part of the school’s ethos post lockdown.

Our hand sanitiser stations are freestanding and portable. They can be positioned indoors or out. They also include universal, bulk-fill dispensers. The dispensers can be used with any alcohol gel so you will not be restricted to the product that you refill with.

Get in touch

If you would like a chat with the team about introducing hand sanitiser stations to your school, office, store entrance, then give us a call.

Our lead time is currently 10-14 days. If you have a tight deadline (perhaps due to the ever-changing guidelines!), then let us know and we can do our best to meet your timings.

Email the team:

Give us a call: 01284 848330

5 examples of public awareness campaigns with photo cutout boards

Getting people into awareness campaigns – literally!

Many of public awareness campaigns by causes, nonprofits and social enterprises have used our photo cutout boards. They make a great engagement tool to educate their audiences and help keep their campaign messages top of mind. The boards help to create a focus for people to interact with as well as a photo opportunity, and with the campaign’s message and hashtag splashed all over the board, well … photos get shared, and that amplifies the message across social.
Here are five examples of the public awareness campaign boards we have supplied.


For Fish’s Sake London is a campaign by environmental charity Hubbub. The message is clear: don’t drop litter in London where it can end up in the Thames, because it really gives aquatic life there a hard time. These boards have been used down by the river to promote awareness.

Public awareness campaign board: For Fish's Sake London

2. #Beesneeds

This was just last week. #BeesNeeds is a campaign by DEFRA and the Bumblebee Conservation Trust to promote awareness of bees and other pollinators. London’s Carnaby Street was renamed Carnabee Street for a week and our board was part of the campaign.

Public awareness campaign marketing

3. Affinity Water

Okay, this one was last November, but we’ve included it because we liked it! Here’s a slightly grainy shot from Twitter – but you can see people having fun with the board! The campaign message? Save water.

awareness campaign marketing

4. Keep Britain Tidy

This one needs no introduction. These boards are used extensively in campaigns around the UK. The message: be a litter hero. Be like Trash Girl.

awareness campaign marketing uk

5. Green Flag Wales

On a related note, here’s our board for Green Flag Wales, aiming to change perceptions about green spaces. The board is pictured with some of the campaign team.

Public awareness marketing

Are you involved in a charity or social enterprise? Would you like to raise awareness of your cause with a photo cutout board? Call us today on 01284 848330 or email to talk about getting a board made.

Future Beauty Labs entertain guests with branded table tennis

Earlier this year, before the Coronavirus hit, we worked with Future Beauty Labs to provide branded table tennis for their corporate event.

Future Beauty Labs were hosting an event at Edition Hotel, London, a luxury, boutique hotel on the edge of Soho. They were entertaining some key clients and stakeholders. They were looking to provide entertainment that allowed the guests to socialise, with a bit of light-hearted competition, surrounded by Future Beauty Labs’ tanning products – Tan Luxe; Isle of Paradise and Tanologist.

We produced a branded table tennis table, in Future Beauty Labs pastel pink branding and replicated the company logo as it appeared on their website.

The table looked great! but don’t just take our word for it, here’s what the client had to say and photos of the ping pong table in-situ, ready for action!

“We absolutely love it, it’s just exactly what we were looking for so thank you so much for your help!”
Zoe Quinn, Influencer Executive, Future Beauty Labs.

Branded table tennis

Branded table tennis_Future Beauty Labs_Edition Hotel


Future Beauty Labs branded table tennis

Get in touch

If you are planning an event later in the year, then why not consider adding table tennis to the guest entertainment.

Competitive socialising was set to rise massively in popularity this year. We anticipate the appetite for experiences to be bigger than ever once the current restrictions are lifted.

Photo Cutouts produce a range of customisable large format print options and event entertainment. We aim to create fun and engaging photo opportunities. Get in touch and our design team will work with you to come up with the best solutions for your next event.


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Photo Cutouts launch Hand Sanitiser Station


Hand Sanitiser StationOur team have been busy these past few weeks innovating and designing our latest product to add to our large format print range. And here we have it, the hand sanitiser station!

Wash Your HandsHand Sanitiser Station_4 dispensers

The Covid-19 pandemic and the Government’s response to it has highlighted the importance of handwashing and sanitising to help stop the spread of the virus. The message has certainly got through to the public. In recent weeks, the shelves of our supermarkets have been devoid of any hand wash or sanitiser!

Our speciality is to produce high quality, freestanding, large format print products. Most notably the face-in-the-hole boards and our large photo walls. So we are no strangers to producing boards that are sturdy and weatherproof – to be positioned anywhere.

What our team have done, is adapt our existing photo wall product. The metal legs and frame of the board have been strengthened to support the weight of sanitiser dispensers. But the portability of the board remains.


Sanitise when hand washing is not possibleHand Sanitiser Station_1 dispenser with logo

It is perfect for the essential retailers remaining open, or for local councils to position around towns and cities, for travel companies, petrol stations, at pharmacies, the list is endless. The hand sanitiser boards can be conveniently placed in any locations where the public may still visit, where handwashing is not a possibility.

Brands/companies can either customise our existing design with their own logo or create a completely bespoke design with your own “Wash Your Hands” messaging.

There are 3 different sizes of Hand Sanitiser Stations available, ranging from the smaller board with 1 sanitiser dispenser, to our largest, with 6 dispensers. The hand sanitiser stations can be hired or purchased, and with the UK’s focus on “Wash Your Hands” are sure to be a must-have both now in lockdown and as the social distancing measures begin to relax.

If you have any specific requirements, then get in touch to discuss. Our design team are certainly adaptable!

Get in touch

Get in touch and our team would be happy to talk through the range of designs, sizes and personalisation options.


Tel: 01284 848330

Wedding Wishlist

So how many of you girls have popped the question on Leap Year Day, the 29th of February? Traditionally, February 29 was the day on which a woman could ask a man to marry her. Now, of course, we live in 2020 and a girl can propose if she wants any time she wants. But just out of curiosity, how many of you took up the tradition? And what was his response? Did he burst into tears with happiness or dance with you? Do let us know in the comments if you took advantage of the Leap Year tradition and have a story to tell.

Weddings season is in full swing here at HQ and we all love a good wedding celebration!

Wedding Photo Cutout boards

Wedding themed face-in-the-hole boardWhether your wedding is a big garden tea party or you have a themed event, we can help with a photo board to fit the occasion. Everyone remembers poking their head through one of these boards at the seaside to have their photo taken. The tradition is still alive and kicking, indeed it’s undergoing a revival. Photo cutout boards are good, wholesome fun and are what you make of them. Photos of you, the happy couple with your faces in a cutout board are a great way to preserve the memory of the big day.

See the full wedding range here


If you are busy looking for vintage props for your Summer wedding, we love Virginia’s Vintage Hire, who have gorgeous things like classic scooters and rustic furniture for you to hire.  We also love the retro candy floss carts from So Sweet Events.  They really bring a touch – and taste – of sunlit seaside days to your wedding party.

Get in touch

We can personalise our wedding-themed photo cutouts with the bride and groom’s names or create a bespoke board from a photo of the happy couple.

Call us now and ask Shelley for a quote on a photo cutout especially for you.

Tel no: 01284 848330



Photo Cutouts for summer festivals

At Photo Cutouts we are busy in preparation for the busy summer festival season. Line-ups have been announced, 2020 event calendars all planned in.

Photo Cutout boards are hugely popular with planners of summer events – after all, our love for the funny photo board does originate from our traditional, British seaside heritage.

But our board designs can cater for a whole range of themes, not just seaside.

Bespoke, branded photo cutouts have been used by event planners of local council and BID summer events, right up to larger music festivals.

Why Photo Cutouts for engagement at festivals?

Fun for all ages

They make a fun photo opportunity for adults and children alike. Head holes can be positioned at different heights. Boards can be sized to accommodate one or two faces holes, right up to 4 or 5 face holes. Great for group or family shots.

Mead Farm Oinkfest photo cutout
















No technology required!

Photo cutout boards are a low-tech engagement tool for festival-goers. No electricity is needed for set-up, no power cords, just attach on the steel feet with a nut and bolt either side. All that’s needed from the festival-goer is a bit of life in their smartphone to take some snaps.

Making memories

A branded photo cutout board makes a great takeaway photo opportunity at summer events. People are drawn to them as they begin to picture the perfect pose for the board design. Often creating hilarious results.

Carex UK - Cussons #rollercoasterface photo cutout board
Carex & Alton Towers #rollercoasterface photo board

Social sharing

Funny photo board snaps are often shared across social media. Visitors will extend your event marketing across the social channels as they post photos to friends and family. Why not run a photo competition at your summer event and encourage people to share photos in your photo cutout using a particular hashtag? Increase engagement and reward visitors at the same time!

Rohan_BestInShow photo cutout board
#RohanBestInShow photo competition


Unlike cardboard variants, our photo cutout boards are made from a waterproof, industrial PVC. A must-have for an outdoor event during our Great British Summer! They won’t blow over in mild-moderate wind – you could even weight the feet with sandbags if there’s a windy forecast on your event date.

As they are waterproof, the board can even double-up as a wet sponge board for festival-goers to cool off.

Wet-sponge-face in the hole board

Lightweight and portable

The boards are lightweight enough to be transported to different locations at your event. You could place the cutout at the initial entrance for visitors on arrival and then move to another high footfall location later.

Use year after year

Due to the durable material and the flat-packed storage, photo cutout boards can be used time and time again. The quality print is not easily damaged, we have hire stock that looks just as good now as it did the day it was printed. If you host a yearly summer event, then have one thing ticked off your “visitor engagement” list, year after year.

Some examples of festival photo cutouts

Photo Cutouts for Events and Festivals on YouTube


Check out our Events and Festivals video on YouTube to see the range of bespoke photo cutouts that we have made so far.




Madness band_Photo Cutout board


Madness – this board was actually used at an internal event but is a good example of how we can recreate iconic band images, face-in-the-hole style, should you have a big act headlining this year.




Halifax BID_Food and Drink Festival photo cutout




Halifax BID has purchased a number of photo cutout boards for different events across their calendar. Here is the creative used for their Food and Drink Festival photo cutout. They also have boards for Easter, Halloween and for Yorkshire Day!







Camp Bestival Big Fish Little Fish Photo Cutout board



Camp Bestival is one of the top family-friendly music festivals of the summer events calendar. So a family-focussed photo cutout made a great engagement tool. In a similar style to The Beatles Yellow Submarine, the design linked to music at the time as engaging a younger audience.







Sunderland-Council_Roker Pier photo cutout board



Sunderland Council chose to personalise our stock Thin Tim and Big Bertha photo cutout with the Roker Pier logo. This is a good, cost-effective option when looking to add logos and stick to a particular theme.






Festival theme photo board



Campervans are synonymous with music festivals, so our design team have incorporated a VW Campervan into the East Anglian Festival Network photo cutout. The van can be in your brand colours and customised with relevant hashtags and logos for your event.



Get in touch

If you are looking for fun, engaging photo opportunity at your summer event, then get in touch. Our team would be happy to talk through the range of designs, sizes and personalisation options.


Tel: 01284 848330


Photo Cutouts book related photo boards are a hit!

It was National Reading Day this week and World Book Day is creeping up in March, what better time to revisit some of the book-themed Photo Cutout boards that we have produced for authors, publishers, events and reading initiatives.

At Photo Cutouts we have had the pleasure of working on several projects from the publishing sector on custom made photo boards for various book-themed events.

Here are a few examples:

Ulverscroft launch of Jina Bacarr’s audiobook at #FutureBook19Ulverscroft #FutureBook19 photo board


The FutureBook Live conference is The Bookseller’s annual conference which addresses the digital content revolution in the world of publishing.

The 2019 event on 25th November saw speakers from Pearson, Hachette, Waterstones, Bonnier, Springer Nature, Faber, Booker, the BBC, Penguin Random House, Blackwell, and Lonely Planet come together to review today’s audiobook and podcast markets.

Ulverscroft Publishing embraced the conference to promote the launch of Jina Bacarr’s audiobook Christmas Once Again, Photo Cutouts created a face-in-the-hole style photo opportunity for delegates to get into the book cover. The book cover design was positioned within a smartphone frame to reflect the audio.

As the author was unable to attend the event herself, the photo board acted as a great, engaging marketing prop in her absence.


Magic Light Productions, David Walliams T-riffic Takeover

Magic Light Productions specialise in bringing imagination to life with theatre shows and events.

Back in 2018, they ran a David Walliams book-themed tour of schools in Denbighshire, North-East Wales. Their T’riffic Takeover days saw schools filled with actors dressed as characters from Walliams’ fictional world for a day.

Their Photo Cutout board was the centrepiece for photo opportunities during the T’riffic Takeovers. We did a mashup of characters from David Walliams books and added hashtags and the Magic Light Productions insignia.

Magic Light Productions_David Walliams book-themed photo board


Peter James photo board entertains guests at book signing

When bestselling novelist Peter James launched his Roy Grace novel, Need You Dead, in Brighton, his publicist commissioned this cops and robber’s themed photo board. The board was used as a photo opportunity for fans at a book signing as they waited for his autograph.

Being by the seaside, a fun face-in-the-hole board was a fitting tribute to the location and the cops and robbers theme lent itself perfectly to the crime genre of the novel.

Peter-James_book signing

Event’s company, Sharky and George, Paddington book-themed photo cutout board

Sharky and George run and host private parties and events. One of their many talents is children’s parties.

One young client of theirs was a great lover of Michael Bond’s, Paddington books, so a Paddington book-themed party was the perfect way to make the party special.

Children love face-in-the-hole boards, they enjoy posing as the characters and having their photo taken. A photo cutout board for a book-themed event aimed at children is a winning combination and whilst we cannot share photos taken at the event, here are some of our big kids enjoying the photo board before packaging.

Paddington Cutout - Sharky and George Party Planners



Get in touch

If you have a book-themed event planned then get in touch. Our team would be happy to discuss your design and your requirements to come up with the best solution. We do offer face-in-the-hole boards in a variety of formats, as well as photo walls, selfie frames & other props, so give us a call and we can talk you through.
Tel no: 01284 848330

12 Days of Photo Cutouts Best Bits 2019

12 days of photo cutouts best bits!

With Christmas nearly upon us, we’ve selected our 12 favourite Photo Cutout campaigns of 2019… so far anyway!

  1. Hempstead Valley Dinos

Hempstead Valley Shopping Centre were planning a dinosaur themed summer event during the school holidays. They were looking to create fun photo opportunities for visitors to their dinosaur trail and opted for both a face-in-the-hole photo board and a huge 2 panel photo wall for a Jurassic themed backdrop. There were some fab photos shared as families really got into character.

#HVDinos_Hempstead Valley Dinos

Read the CASE STUDY on Hempstead Valley Shopping Centre summer activity here.

2. Street Art Gallery Launch

Our design team have been busy this year innovating new designs and products. One of our favourites is the epic, and edgy, Street Art Gallery. A modern take on our original National Self Portrait Gallery, the Street Art Gallery is a whopping 6-panel installation of famous graffiti art. Turn your event into a modern, urban, street scene, which can be set up as a faux room inside a room, or as a long gallery wall.

Street Art Gallery

Check out the options to hire the full Street Art Gallery gallery, or the artwork as individual selfie frames, HERE.

3. Fawcett Society iconic Women’s Rights image, face-in-the-hole style

The Fawcett Society, the UK’s leading charity campaigning for gender equality and women’s rights. The Fawcett Society’s annual conference, Courage Calls, took place at the end of November and the charity was looking to create an engaging photo opportunity for guests at the event. As the day is centred on cultivating courage, expressing power through activism, and creating lasting change for generations to come, what better image to select than one of the older generations who succeeded in the first stages of this plight.

The photo board was created from a black and white photo image and made a brilliant photo opportunity for conference delegates. Photos were shared across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #CourageCalls2019.

Fawcett Society photo board #CourageCalls2019


4. Ipswich Town Fanzone player photo board

Ipswich Town Football Club host many an event at both their fanzone and Sir Bobby suite. They approached us looking for a fun way to engage with fans. We created a face-in-the-hole board of one of their key players, goal-keeper Tomas Holy. The player is notorious for his height, so the photo board was created to be as impactful as the goalie himself.

Football Fanzone Photo Board_Ipswich Town FC

As our boards are lightweight, they can be easily moved around the venue to different locations. The weatherproof, PVC material also makes it suitable for use outside in their fanzone area.

We have also produced a tall, photo wall, height chart variant featuring Tomas Holy. Fans can stand alongside and measure themselves against his huge stature. However, the board has only been made this week so we wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise for Ipswich Town fans!


5. Mona Lisa Selfie Frame

This year at Photo Cutouts we have also launched handheld, selfie frames of our hugely popular National Self Portrait Gallery. Individual portraits featuring on the full 3-panel gallery can now be hired, purchased and personalised.

We showcase the Mona Lisa Selfie Frame at this year’s East Anglian Festival Network Show at The Apex. The face-in-the-hole variant of the classic portrait could be passed around guests at the event and it made a really funny photo opportunity.

Mona Lisa selfie frame

If you don’t have space at your event for the full National Self Portrait Gallery then why not get in touch to discuss our selfie frames instead.

6. TI Media ‘What’s On TV’ Agency Roadshow

Before the Christmas rush set in, the events team at TI Media went on a roadshow around some of London’s top advertising agencies to promote the Christmas edition of ‘What’s On TV’ magazine.

TI Media created many a photo opportunity for the agency teams, including Instagram frames, photo walls and our (unbiased) favourite – photo cutout board. Agency staff were invited to take part in the mince pie challenge and enter the photo competition by sharing photos with the hashtag #timediachristmas.

As the team were continuously on the move, they needed a photo board that could be easily transported. Our folding photo board design fitted the bill. The folding board design has extendable legs that are easily attached on-site with included nuts and bolts and the finish is seamless.

#TIMediaChristmas_Twitter collage

Magazine covers make great Photo Cutout boards. People can literally become a magazine cover star. Include a hashtag and run photo competition and see photos with your branding trend across the socials.

7. Giant cheques used on ITV’s This Morning

Photo Cutouts Maxi Cheques were used last month on ITV’s This Morning and in the words of Holly Willoughby “it’s a whopper!”

On the day of the release of Car Fest 2020 Tickets, Chris Evans allocated a proportion of ticket sales to various charities. Chris appeared on ITV’s This Morning and offered Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield £20,000 each to donate to a charity of their choice.  Holly selected the charity of which she is a Patron, Together for Short Lives, a UK charity for children with life-threatening illnesses. And Phil chose the small, local charity the Chiltern Centre in Henley, who support young people with disabilities.

Giant cheque_ThisMorning

Photo Cutouts were pleased to be approached to print 2 single-use maxi cheques. The cheques were printed and delivered in record time and presented to Holly and Phil live on the show the next day.

8. HYPD Arena detachable photo boards gaming zone at Lakeside

Back in Summer intu Lakeside partnered with HYPD Arena to launch a gaming zone at the shopping centre. Families visiting the shopping centre could be immersed in virtual reality or reminisce with retro gaming.

With organisers keen to create Instagrammable photo opportunities at the gaming area, we were approached to create photo boards that could be used in multiple ways.

Our innovative design team came up with a Photo Cutouts first, 2 photo boards that could either be mounted on the steel legged frame or detached and used as a handheld selfie board. One design was an Instagram frame and the other in the style of a HYPD Pro Club team badge.

HYPD Arena Instagram selfie frames mounted on frame

We are always happy to adapt and innovate to meet objectives so if you do have a design in mind that we don’t have currently on our website, please do get in touch.

9. Photo Cutouts at Countryfile Live

Countryfile Live returned this summer for its 3rd year. The fun-filled event brings the success of the TV show off air and to the grounds of Castle Howard and Blenheim Palace, over a weekend in August.

The event combines traditional county fairs with the TV personalities to celebrate the Great British Countryside. Visitors to the event can enjoy perusing the stands of several exhibitors between the live performances on stage.

Face-in-the-hole boards are a popular engagement tool at exhibitions and, due to their heritage, are particularly fitting for a traditional county fair-style event. Photo Cutouts were proud to supply bespoke face-in-the-hole boards to 3 of this year’s exhibitors, including Rohan Clothing and London School of Tropical Medicine for their Bug Off campaign.

Countryfile Live Exhibitors

Rohan Clothing chose to run a “Best In Show” photo competition with their photo board. This was perfect for encouraging visitors to their stand and sharing photos across social media platforms. Visitors to Countryfile Live really got into the spirit of the photo board and we saw many a fun photo being shared. Check out our full blog round-up of the event here.

To book tickets for Countryfile Live 2020 or to enquire about exhibiting, visit the Countryfile website.

If you are exhibiting at this event, or any other in 2020, and would like us to create a bespoke photo cutout for your stand then get in touch.

10. BBC News features Defence Discount Service photo board

The Defence Discount Service has been out and about promoting the official MoD discount service for the armed forces this year. At this year’s commemorate event on Armed Forces Day in Salisbury, The Defence Discount Service had an exhibition stand to showcase their Blue Light Card to attendees at the event. And what better way to attract visitors to their stand than a custom-designed photo cutout board.

BBC Points West covered the event on TV news and the local correspondent began their coverage comically in position with their face in the hole of the photo board – a perfect demonstration of how the boards work as an engaging focal point at events.

Defence Discount Service_Armed Forces Day

11. Toy Story 4 launch at Flemingate Shopping Centre

2019 saw the launch of Toy Story 4 in our cinemas, just in time for the school summer holidays. To mark the launch and to get shoppers excited about the release, Flemingate Shopping Centre held a Toy Story themed event running various promotions. The centre management events team approached us to create a photo board that could be positioned and moved around the shopping centre, both inside and outside. As our boards are lightweight yet sturdy and made from a weatherproof PVC, they fitted the brief perfectly.

The design was slightly different to our traditional face-in-the-hole board, this was a rectangular TV-style aperture to allow several faces to be photographed behind – as if you were on TV.

Shoppers were invited to share their photos online for a chance to win a big Buzz Light Year Toy from The Entertainer using hashtag #FlemingateToyBox.

Flemingate Shopping Centre Woody's Toybox

12. Traditional seaside face-in-the-hole board on ITVBe’s TOWIE

ITVBe’s reality show, The Only Way is Essex (TOWIE), approached Photo Cutouts back in May, for help in dressing the set for their seaside-themed, end of season party.

Photo Cutouts supplied the TOWIE team with a range of seaside face in the hole boards to add some fun to the bash. The designs were the traditional saucy postcard style featuring overweight ladies and skinny gents – perfect for creating funny photo opportunities with the cast.

TOWIE's Joey Turner as 'Strong John'

Read the full blog on the seaside-themed TOWIE event here.

Get in touch

If you are planning an event, product launch or marketing campaign and are looking for a way to engage people, then get in touch with Photo Cutouts to discuss the different options that we available:

Tel: 01284 848330


Hiring the National Self Portrait Gallery

I am certain, my dear cultured readers, that you have heard of the National Portrait Gallery. In fact, I have no doubt that many of you have visited it on possibly more than one occasion. Perhaps you visited when you were younger and not quite in proper awe of the gloriousness of the gallery. Perhaps you visited the National Portrait Gallery when you were older and took a foreign friend to show off our grand gallery. Regardless of when you have visited (or plan to visit), I am convinced we can all agree that the National Portrait Gallery is indeed a fine jewel in the majestic crown of our national galleries.

But I am not actually writing this to endorse the virtues of the National Portrait Gallery, which, naturally, is superior to any other portrait gallery in the world (a jest my non-British friends, a mere jest!). Providing one is in London, one can go visit the National Portrait Gallery when it suits. But how many people can boast about the astounding experience of visiting a National Self Portrait Gallery?

Here at Photo Cutouts we have so many nifty items, but one that may have been overlooked a bit is our National Self Portrait Gallery. My illustrious predecessor wrote a few blogs about this wow-factor piece; however, since it has been a little while since our spectacular self-portrait gallery was in the spotlight, I thought I would bring it to your attention again. And you are very welcome!

An eye-catching centre-piece

National Self Portrait Gallery

First – and most importantly – if you like big things, our Photo Cutouts National Self Portrait Gallery is the item for you! As we have demonstrated with some of our other pieces (see our blog of March 28 of this year) bigger is always better, and the National Self Portrait Gallery is certainly big (though in a manageable way). Second, at what other gallery can you get so close to the portraits that you are actually in the portrait? Now you have a chance to see what your portrait would look like if you were the muse for, say, Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. And, third, you can immortalise said self-portrait with a push of a button on your phone. Twitter it, Instagram it, Facebook it, Snapchat it, Pinterest it…you get the idea.

Earlier this year, the students at the University of Suffolk clearly demonstrated how good their education truly is: they contacted our great team at Photo Cutouts when they wanted something amusing and unusual for their May Summer Ball. Allow me to act as your tour guide and lead you through the simple process…


The exceptionally clever students at the University of Suffolk were looking for a focal point and fun photo opportunity for their annual May Summer Ball. One of the student organisers used our online form to enquire. We included 2 wavy mirrors to compliment the visual nature of the gallery and give even more photo opportunities to guests. With availability checked and logistics sorted, the booking was completed.

Take a look at our sister company Fun4Guests to see the options that we have available to hire for events.

Or give us your brief and we will respond with a bespoke package to meet your objectives.


After all the details were sorted, we sent a team to deliver and set up the National Self-Portrait Gallery (it took about 90 minutes). The required floor space is approximately 25 to 30 square metres, which allows for ample room behind the portraits. Depending on your dimensions, our Photo Cutouts team can set up the gallery either as a faux room inside a room, or we assemble the gallery more as a long portrait wall.

THE EVENT (May Summer Ball hosted by students at the University of Suffolk)

University of Suffolk May Summer Ball

Needless to say, the students had a ball! (Yes, yes, I am aware that many of my dear readers have just rolled their eyes, but how can one not use such a fun pun?) The University of Suffolk posted some images on their social media pages, and we shared some of their merriment on our Facebook page and left us a lovely review:

“We hired the National Self Portrait Gallery and Wavy mirrors for the University of Suffolk Summer Ball experience. This was a great and really fun addition to our party and we really enjoyed it. The communication with the team prior to the party was great and the delivery and set-up at the venue ran smoothly. The team worked independently on the night which was very helpful. Thank you very much for everything!”


Once the festivities were over (that is, the following day), our team came to dismantle the gallery, and brought it back to our headquarters (that is, our office).


A jest, another jest (I am feeling rather jovial as I have been testing out some Christmas cocktails). Whilst I will not be subjecting you to an exam of how truly easy it is to hire the Photo Cutouts National Self Portrait Gallery, we should perhaps still do a quick revision:
1. Plan your event (as amazing as we are at Photo Cutouts, we really cannot do this for you).
2. Peruse Fun4Guests and/or Photo Cutouts websites to decide which of our many fun-filled options are best for you! Possibly the National Self-Portrait Gallery…
3. Contact us by phone or via email or by using our online form.
4. We deliver the goods for your party event (and provide assembly as needed).
5. You and your guests have a fantastically fun time.
6. We come to pick up the goods.
7. You post photos of frolics at your festivities, and you revel in the fact that people are in awe of your fabulous party-throwing skills!

We look forward to hearing from you!
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Short on space…

If you don’t have the floor space for our full gallery, we now offer individual portraits as handheld selfie frames. You can still get the fun effect of putting your face into a work of art but this version is more mobile – perfect for passing around guests and no assembly required.

Mona Lisa selfie frame


Looking for a modern style…

Why not turn your event into a modern, urban, street scene with our Street Art Gallery

We’ve turned urban street art into face-in-hole boards so you can get into these famous images – literally!

Street Art Gallery

This too is available to hire as a full gallery or as individual selfie frames.

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If you are interested in our fun photo opportunities for your next event then give the team a call. We can talk you through the options available and come up with a solution to meet your objectives, and your budget.

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