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When the calendar ticks over into September, it’s time to put your Christmas marketing ideas into action. Not to start thinking about them but start doing them. That means that most of the thinking should have already happened, and September is the time to start acquiring the things you will need for the Christmas Marketing campaign. That might sound crazy, but it isn’t if you run a business. That’s just the way the marketing calendar works.

Why are we saying this? Because we make a range of tested and proven Christmas marketing materials for businesses of all sizes, and we hate to see people in a last-minute rush. We make them quickly enough – about a week from call to finished product on average – but often the calls come in during November or even December, and we find ourselves making things for stressed businesspeople who know they should have thought of their Christmas marketing ideas much earlier in the year.

What things do we make and how can they help with Christmas marketing campaigns? Here is a quick rundown.

Promotional Christmas Cutouts (standees)

Christmas promotional cutouts for marketing
Got any festive ideas for this type of standee? Talk to us and we’ll make them into a reality!

These are simply free-form, stand-up shapes that represent a product, a mascot, or anything you want as part of your Christmas Marketing efforts. We can make literally anything you ask for in terms of shape, size, design and colour. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Roller Banners for Christmas promotions

Roller banners for Christmas marketing ideas
Let everybody know about your Christmas marketing ideas with roller banners.

These are best for messages containing some text for the public to read (but not too much or they will lose interest!). Perfect for product promotions, Christmas messages, seasonal discounts, Black Friday deals etc. They can be placed anywhere and then rolled up for easy storage and used next year. See the roller banner options here.

Christmas Photo Boards

Christmas photo board marketing
An off-the-peg photo board with a space to add a company name.

These are proven to attract business. People can’t resist them when they are out Christmas shopping. Grab a seasonal ‘selfie with an Elfie’ in one of our off-the-peg Christmas photo boards or have your very own design that we will make for you, featuring your own product, brand or message! For a quick win, an off-the-peg design can be personalised to your brand by adding a name or logo. Have a look at Christmas photo boards here.

Christmas trail shopping centres
A Christmas Trail: shoppers had to find all of the Nutcracker boards and send photos of themselves in them.

For large venues like parks and shopping centres, a Christmas Trail featuring a series of photo boards can be a big hit with the public. Here’s the story of a Christmas Trail we made for an events company promoting Christmas shopping in town centres around the country:

All you need is an idea and we can make it a reality. How about a photo board for each of the Twelve Days of Christmas, related to your business? We love helping with the ideas and design, so give us a call and we’ll create something based on your idea!

Giant Christmas Cards

Giant Christmas card
Promote your business with a Giant Christmas card up to 6 feet tall!

We make huge, oversized Christmas cards than can be ‘given’ to your customers as a thank you for their custom. They will stand up on their own and can be placed strategically so that customers see and read them. You can of course send one to each of your most valued suppliers or customers too. They will never forget it!

Create more visual impact this Christmas with one or more print products from Ideas made reality. Call 01842 337 100, use our contact form

Face in hole boards for family attractions

Summer 2021 is seeing the return of the public to family attractions around the country. With it comes a desire on the part of operators to make up for lost time and give visitors the best experience possible. One good way to achieve that is with a branded face-in-hole board from The public can’t resist putting their faces in and taking photos. Then the operator’s branding gets shared on social media! It’s a simple and effective way of boosting brand exposure and giving visitors an extra fun and interactive thing to do.

Here are some examples of face in hole boards we have made for family attractions around the UK. We create designs that project the attraction’s main message and help to convey a professional image.

Extra attractions for piers

Here is one we made for Brighton Pier. The mod on a scooter is part of the town’s history and has become iconic. It was commissioned by VisitBrighton, the official tourism organisation for Brighton & Hove.

Face in hole boards for family attractions

Extra attractions for water parks

This fun mascot, designed by Aardman, featured in a children’s attraction at the London Wetlands Centre, operated by the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust. Water parks can have a board with their mascot or a cartoon picture with children having fun. A great photo opportunity for visitors!

Extra attractions for country parks

The great outdoors is the theme here. This design was suggested by the client, Cairngorms National Park.

Marketing for family attractions UK

For holiday parks

We made this board for Pontin’s. The design was discussed with the customer and several drafts were made before the final result.

UK family holiday parks marketing

For museums

The National Museum of Scotland asked us to make this one for a ‘70s-themed show called Rip It Up. Boards can be commissioned for one-off events as well as for more permanent everyday use at the attraction.

Marketing for UK family attractions

For heritage sites

We have made numerous boards for the National Trust. This example is for Wordsworth House near Keswick in the Lake District and the client chose this 18th century period flavour for this board.

National Trust face in hole board

For hotels and spas

This board was for Crieff Hydro, a well-known hotel and spa in Perthshire, for its 150th anniversary. The design is classy and retro, in line with the hotel’s aesthetic.

Family attractions marketing UK

Order a board for your own family attraction!

We make professional quality boards for all types of family attractions including the above plus:

  • Theme parks
  • Cinema and bowling chains
  • Holiday parks and resorts
  • Country houses, manors, estates and castles
  • Gyms, hostels, BnBs, campsites, glampsites and more!

Commissioning a board is simple and easy. Call our friendly team of creative designers on 01842 337 100 to give an idea of what is required, and we will do the rest. Proofs are provided at every stage until the ideal design is arrived at. Then we print it onto weatherproof, semi-rigid PVC board, add sturdy metal feet, and ship it out within a few days.

Contact form

Trade show and expo booths: first impressions count! is the UK’s one-stop shop for visual elements at trade shows and exhibitions. We design and create striking branding props, face in hole boards, and promotional cutouts to maximise a trade stand’s visual appeal. Each item is created bespoke for each customer to build trade show and exhibition stands that really pop and project exactly the required image and message. Exhibitors up and down the country rely on us to make their trade show and exhibition stands look as good as they possibly can and draw in more business.

This is a quick run-through of the options available to anybody planning a presence at a trade show or expo this year.

Trade show face in hole boards

Quirky and different, a face in hole board can attract high levels of engagement from the public at trade events. A really fun board can draw attendees in who can’t resist having a photo memory of the event – and it will have your logo and artwork all over it!

Trade shows signage face in hole board

Trade show promotional cutouts

These are free standing boards that we cut to any shape required. This one happens to have a face hole in it, but they can be created without face holes and placed anywhere for maximum effect.

Trade shows branding props

Trade show photo stand-ins

These are like magazine covers with a large aperture to make it look as if the people behind have been ‘edited in’.

Trade shows branding photo stand in

Trade show photo walls

Large format walls with or without face holes, these create a great impression where there is enough space to display them.

Royal Albert Hall photo board

Roller banners

Portable roll-up banners that are a sensible use of space at trade events. 3 types to choose from according to requirements of space, flooring and portability.

Roller banners for branding and marketing

Vinyl banners

Tough, durable and weatherproof, vinyl banners can be taken to any event and set up in a couple of minutes. A-frame or wall-mounted with a choice of sizes.

Vinyl banner a-frame

All of the above equipment is durable and weatherproof and printed with the highest quality, fade-resistant inks in the industry. Got a trade event or expo on your calendar? Get in touch to discuss your needs.

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01842 337 100

Photo boards for sport promotions

Photo cutout boards from are popular with sport clubs, teams, sponsors, tournaments and venues to add an interactive visual element to matches and events.

The idea is that a colourful, fun photo board will encourage fans and the general public to take photos of themselves at the sport event, with the club or event’s name all over the board. Photos get shared on social media along with relevant hashtags, which increases exposure, interest and support.

People seem to find photo boards irresistible, so they are a good investment for boosting public engagement at sport-related events.

Here are a few examples of how they have been used by various sports organisations. We make bespoke boards with artwork provided by the customer or created by our in-house designers.

Sport: Tennis

The Oracle Shopping Centre in Reading set up a Fan Zone for shoppers to watch the tennis action on a big screen. They used a hashtag to help create a buzz on social media. This helped to raise awareness of the Fan Zone and draw in extra shoppers who chose to visit the shopping centre rather than watch Wimbledon at home that day.

Wimbledon photo board

Sport: Rugby

Cardiff University Students’ Union ran a photo competition with a photo board at their Fan Zone during the Six Nations Rugby tournament. Again, there was creative use of hashtags and social media handles to spread the word.

Sport photo board rugby

Sport: Cricket

Membership club Boundless sponsored the Sussex Sharks Cricket Club and used a photo board as a perk for members at the club’s T20 matches. Members could have their photo taken with star members of the team on a photo board displaying the sponsor’s name and social hashtags.

Sport cricket sponsorship

Sport: Football

We created a super-sized double board for the German Embassy in London, featuring the men’s and women’s teams. It was a good year for German football, with the men winning the World Cup and the women winning gold at the Olympics. So they celebrated with a giant photo wall at their Embassy reception!

Sport photo standees

East Anglian rivals Norwich City FC and Ipswich Town FC have both used our photo boards, and we tried very hard not to show loyalty to either team (which was hard).

Norwich City commissioned a board of a player in Norwich kit for their youth training events. Young soccer hopefuls queued up to have their photos taken in the boots of a grown-up player, and the board encouraged them to share the photos on social media.

Sport brand promotions Norwich City FC

Ipswich Town had a board featuring their goalie in their pre-match fan zone, along with their club logo and website URL. It helped to create a buzz in the build up to matches.

Sport marketing Ipswich Town FC

Industry-leading quality

All boards are sturdy and weatherproof so they can be used outdoors. The boards are made of industrial PVC which shrugs off rainwater. The print is the highest possible quality, with inks that resist fading in sunlight. Design work is done in collaboration with the customer, with drafts sent at every stage for approval or modification until the result is perfect.

Want to boost engagement at a sports event? Call our friendly team on 01842 337 100 or use our contact form.

See more photo board ideas here!

Great North Swim features WaterAid board

Great North Swim charity photo board

Our photo boards feature at all kinds of charity and public awareness events. With imaginative, attention-grabbing designs and high quality print, they add a touch of professionalism to campaigns and project memorable messages. The public love to engage with them and take photos – and this is proven to increase brand familiarity and keep the organisation’s name top of mind during and after events. WaterAid are a charity who promote clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene for the world’s populations – and the Great North Swim is an ideal place for them to raise awareness of their work as they raise funds thanks to the efforts of a lot of hardy and charitable open water swimmers.

This year’s Great North Swim took place on Lake Windermere from Friday 11th to Sunday 13th of June. As the Great North Swim’s official Charity, WaterAid needed to make a big splash, so they commissioned a photo cutout board from to display at the event and draw in the public’s attention. Here’s the board in action next to WaterAid’s stand. Our artist went for a cartoony style for this board which the customer loved. Hopefully there weren’t actually any piranhas in Lake Windermere that day!

Great North Swim charity photo board
Great North Swim charity photo board

WaterAid are going to use this board at future events too – so having a custom board from us is great value for them. We also make folding versions for easy transportation and storage, but WaterAid went for a non-folding model because they have somewhere to stash a full sized board until the next time they need it. are the leading supplier of face in hole photo cutout boards in the UK and a significant proportion of our customers are charities and organisations seeking to promote public awareness. Photo cutout boards are a proven way to achieve that goal. We work with the customer until they are happy with the design and then print it in high quality, attach it to semi-rigid PVC board, add a sturdy frame and ship it out to the customer within 5 working days.

Interested in a board for your charity or public awareness campaign? Call us on 01842 337 100 or send us an email!

See more examples of our photo cutout boards

G7 Summit board grabs attention

The Summer campaign trail is heating up and we are proud to be contributing to the awareness-raising efforts of some leading charities. Our face in hole boards, selfie boards, photo walls and branding props are a proven way to attract attention at public events. Charities use our custom products year after year, either with a new one each year or a reusable one to bring out time after time.

Action Aid decided to use a custom face in hole board at the recent G7 Summit in Cornwall. The one-off design featured Joe Biden, Angela Merkel and Boris Johnson and it was used alongside a specially commissioned ice cream van giving away free ice creams with wafers that had various messages on to do with vaccines, climate and other pressing issues. Maybe the global leaders saw it and decided to rethink some of their policies – who knows? What is certain is that it helped to raise awareness among the general public at the G7 and sent a loud and clear message.


G7 summit photo board ActionAid

We serve the charity and public awareness sectors with colourful, fun, attention-grabbing face in hole boards that encourage participation from the public and help to get the message across. Face in hole boards, selfie boards and photo walls are fantastic engagement tools at public events because people can’t resist getting their faces in them and taking photos. The photos usually make it onto social media, which helps to spread the message even further. We use artwork supplied by the organisation and/or use our own in-house artists to design a bespoke board that sends a loud and clear message. Here are some more examples of our work with organisations running awareness campaigns.

If you are organising events like the above and want to find out more about our custom-made products, call us on 01842 337 100 or send us an email and we’ll get straight back.

See our other boards here

Boost postponed events in 2021!

One of the team has just completed a fundraising walk for a local charity. Like many such events it was originally scheduled for 2020 but then COVID forced it to be postponed to 2021. The organisers were hugely relieved to be back running the event and raising money, and David was hugely relieved to get over the finish line!

2021 rescheduled events

As we emerge from lockdown and rules are eased, there will be a great number of events taking place this year that were postponed from last year. Charities can resume their events, sports crowds are gradually coming back, business gatherings can start to be face to face again, and exhibitions can start again where they left off last year.

This is great news for everybody, and they will quite likely be looking to give their events an extra boost to make up for what was missed out on last year. One way of getting that boost is to add some extra visual elements to the event and to the publicity surrounding it. Get the public interacting and there should be a healthy increase in attendance and engagement.

This is what we do best. Our face in hole boards are always a big hit because they invite people to interact and take photos. That grows brand awareness and helps it to stay top of mind. The photos often end up in local and trade media, too, which again gives the event a boost. We supply these memorable visual aids to all sizes of event, from household names to small local happenings.

We’ve been listening to customers for over a decade and created a variety of options that should suit any type of event.

Freestanding face in hole boards

Events postponed from 2021

These can be designed with your own artwork or we can create a design for you. There is a big range of sizes, shapes and number of face holes. We have a folding model that folds in half for easy transportation and storage between events.

Promotional cutouts

product promotion, product launch marketing tools

Any size, shape and design you want! Logos, mascots, icons – you name it, we’ll build it!

Photo walls

postponed events 2020

Large format boards that provide a backdrop. Can have multiple face holes if requested, or none at all if that is suitable.

Selfie boards

Cancelled events 2020

Hand-held photo boards that can be carried around for quick photo opportunities. Never miss a photo op!

Hand sanitiser stations

rescheduled events 2021

These are still going to be part of events for a while, and they present a further opportunity for visual appeal. They can be created with your own artwork, insignia, message etc.

How could you use one of these boards to create visual appeal and come roaring back in 2021? Talk to the team!


Call 01842 337 100

Special boards for a special Summer

Planning an event for the Summer? Add some extra fun with a face in hole board – the classic British seaside attraction that never gets old.

Summer 2021 is going to be special. Lockdown restrictions come to an end in June and when people start to hit the beaches and outdoor spaces, it’s going to be like VE Day – a real sense of relief and celebration. It’s going to be a fantastic opportunity to promote events and brands, too. One of the best tried-and-tested ways of getting people involved is a photo cutout, face in hole board, photo wall or photo standin – call them what you will. Colourful designs, funny poses and memorable photo opportunities are what they are all about. They offer a proven way to engage with the public and promote brands, campaigns and causes.

summer beach face in hole board

We work with our customers to design unique one-offs for events and campaigns, brands and businesses, and just for fun at parties and weddings. Each one is hand made by our team in-house. Our business client list is a who’s who of household names. With Summer on its way, we expect our production to ramp up for the outdoor events season.

Summer is the perfect time for photo cutout boards. They hark back to the traditional comical face-in-the-hole boards that were once so popular on promenades and piers around Britain.

Here are some examples of Summer-themed boards we have made in previous years. Planning an event? What will yours look like?

Summer face in hole boards
The artwork on this one has a particularly period feel. It evokes good times.

Seaside beach face in hole board
A classic seaside scene with slightly more modern artwork

traditional seaside photo board
A friendly face for this much loved North Norfolk beach

We don’t only do beach scenes. These are just some seaside-themed examples. We can design and print literally anything. If your event is inland, we’ll work with you to design something that is perfect for the occasion. See more examples of boards we have made here.

Want to boost public engagement at your Summer event? Start the beach ball rolling now! Have a chat with our friendly team on 01842 337 100 or drop us an email.

Everybunny loves our Easter boards. They’re 24 carrot gold!

Do you like to celebrate Easter? Know what a simnel cake is and how to make one? Were these part of your childhood: easter egg hunts, hot cross buns, maypole dancing?

You might like to brighten up Easter even more this year with one of our Easter-themed stand up boards. They offer a great photo opportunity and the results can be really funny.

Here are some examples from our current range. We also make face in hole boards and giant cards to order, so if you have an idea for a unique card, send us your ideas (or artwork if you have it) and we’ll design and make you a one-off special!

Chocolate Easter Egg with bunnies

Easter party face in hole board egg chick
Easter Egg and Easter Chick

Easter party face in hole board Bunny Chick Lamb
Bunny and Egg with Chick and Lamb

Easter Bunny and Hot Cross Bun face in hole board
Easter Bunny and Hot Cross Bun

Check out our range of seasonal boards here

As well as face-in-hole boards, we can also make any design into a giant mega card up to six feet tall! These enormous cards definitely make a statement. They are popular with teams and workplaces, such as when a department gets a giant card designed to show their appreciation of a team member, manager or of the team itself. There is plenty of space for everyone to sign and write their own message inside the card. The jumbo cards are double-sided just like a regular greetings card, with a message printed inside and space to write messages in whiteboard marker. They come in four different sizes from very large to as tall as a man! Check out our mega cards here.

Easter card giant card
An example design for the outside of a giant mega card

Hot cross puns

Apologies for this: *Pun warning* We are very egg-cited about our Easter face in hole boards and mega cards. Make your April party guests happy bunnies with a face in hole board – they’re 24 carrot gold!

Email us or call 01842 337 100 to find out more.

Photo boards for councils, events & tourism

Photo boards can’t be beaten for raising awareness and providing photo opportunities at local council events and tourist attractions. This Summer should see the return of such events up and down the land, and people are going to be in a buoyant mood. Fun, colourful photo boards are just the thing to get people interacting with events and taking amusing photos.

We have a long history of providing boards for local events and tourist spots. They are durable enough to be brought out year after year because we use UV-protected anti-fade inks and weatherproof PVC board. A single investment can provide recurring value if the event happens every year, or if it moves around different sites.

Photo boards are shipped flat packed and assembly into a standing board takes a few minutes by attaching the metal feet with the bolts provided. Full instructions are included.

We design the boards using artwork provided by the client, including logos, fonts, colours and images. If none is available, our in-house designers will create a design and run it through several proofs until the client is happy. Then we print it on our state-of-the-art large format printers, attach it to lightweight industrial PVC board, and include sturdy metal feet to keep it upright. Here three basic stages of the design process for one board we made for St Albans Food & Drink Festival.

Photo boards for councils and tourist boards
Initial sketch

Photo boards for councils and tourism marketing
Rough draft

Photo board for council tourism events
Finished board

If there is good communication then we are usually able to produce a board within 5 working days. However, getting in touch somewhat earlier than that before the board is needed will give us a bit more time for revisions and shipping.

There is a variety of options including freestanding boards, selfie boards (small portable face in hole boards for carrying around by hand), folding boards for ease of transportation, AR boards for use with apps, large panoramic boards, and more. See these options here. The purpose of all of them is to boost engagement with the public and create memorable photos carrying the event name and hashtags, URLs, etc.

Photo Boards for local events

Here are a few more examples of boards we have made for local events and tourism. What will yours look like?

PR for Councils and tourist boards









Advertise council tourist events









Marketing local tourist attractions









Tourist board marketing









Local events marketing tourist









Advertising local tourist attractions









To discuss options for a local council/tourist campaign, call us on 01842 337 100, use the contact form or email us.