Mega Greetings Cards, Now Even Bigger

Giant jumbo greetings cards are the way to go when the occasion demands something truly memorable. When you absolutely, positively have to say it big … not just quite big but properly big, you send a mega card. With sizes from 50x75cm to 100x150cm and an almost infinite choice of designs and colours, plus high-res printing and made out of a durable material, a mega card leaves no doubt about how big and bold you want your message to be.

100x150cm is more than most people need when it comes to a giant greetings card. It is big enough to blow pretty much anyone’s socks off. But for those who want to be the absolute top dog when it comes to card giving, there is now another size up from that.

Yes, you read that right.

We give you … the SIX FOOT MEGA CARD!

Mega cards 6 foot giant greetings card

122x183cm, or 4 foot by 6 foot if you prefer, is now the largest of the mega cards we make. We have invested in some new print technology that now enables us to produce this absolute monster of a card. We like to call it ‘Cardzilla’.

It costs a bit more because of the amount of material required to print such a huge card, plus the increased cost of postage. But if sheer size is the ultimate goal, this monster card does not disappoint.

There’s nothing at all titchy about our usual range of mega cards. They are still just as huge and impressive as ever. It’s just that our large-format printer just got an upgrade and we want to offer the ultimate option in giant greetings cards, for those who want to make an unforgettable impression.

Our third-largest card is whopping. Our second-largest card is massive. But for when even that is not enough, there’s this one (we’ve run out of adjectives).

This is so new we don’t even have any photos of this behemoth of a card yet. Why not be one of the first to order one? (Warning: no letterbox is big enough.)

How to order

  1. Visit
  2. Pick a design and click on it.
  3. Select the size from the dropdown menu. For a 6 foot card, it’s 122x183cm.
  4. Go through checkout.
  5. Email your photo or photos along with your order number to:

What happens next

  1. We design the giant card and send you a proof.
  2. Let us know any changes you want to make.
  3. Our designers make changes and send you proofs until you’re happy.
  4. We print it in super high quality and ship it out to you in 5 working days.

Questions? Call 01842 337 100

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Giant Fathers Day cards to make him smile

Fathers Day is on the third Sunday in June. Dads love a bit of appreciation as much as anyone else (even if they say they don’t). You could ask what he’s done for you lately. But there’s also the question, what have you done for him lately? Well we’ve got an easy answer to that: give him a personalised Father’s Day card so big that he’ll never forget it!

Photo Upload Father’s Day Cards

Pick your absolute favourite photo of Dad and we’ll print it onto a GIANT card to give him this June. You can pick one of three sizes going up to 150cm tall, which is, well, just mahoosive. This card is so big he could take it to the beach this Summer and use it as a windbreak (just an idea … guy ropes and pegs are not included).

Fathers Day card giant jumbo size

If you can’t decide which is your favourite photo of Dad, then send us multiple pictures and we’ll make a photo collage card for you. An optimum number of photos is six, which is why one of our design templates has six spaces for photos. Check out that design and the single-photo design at

Giant jumbo large Fathers day Cards

Whichever design you decide on, we’ll print a personalised message inside and leave plenty of space for writing dedications. It’s just like a normal greetings card, but absolutely huge. We send you a proof by email for checking and requesting changes (which we’re perfectly happy to make). When you’re satisfied, we print the giant card and ship it to you within 5 working days. So a week before Fathers Day is the latest time to order, because each card is designed, checked, printed, and shipped by us.

Some people were not allowed to see their dads last year because of a certain little gremlin doing the rounds. Those people are likely to want to celebrate this Father’s Day with a little more enthusiasm. A giant Father’s Day card might be just the ticket for them to let Dad know how much he means to them.

Don’t forget Grandad!

Personalise our “Amazing Grandad” card design with your own photos. Perhaps you could add messages from all the grandchildren inside, or change the message on the front to the name you chose for the Grandfather(s) in your family?

Grandad Father's Day photo upload card

See the Giant Cards collection at

Call on 01842 337 100

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Everybunny loves our Easter boards. They’re 24 carrot gold!

Do you like to celebrate Easter? Know what a simnel cake is and how to make one? Were these part of your childhood: easter egg hunts, hot cross buns, maypole dancing?

You might like to brighten up Easter even more this year with one of our Easter-themed stand up boards. They offer a great photo opportunity and the results can be really funny.

Here are some examples from our current range. We also make face in hole boards and giant cards to order, so if you have an idea for a unique card, send us your ideas (or artwork if you have it) and we’ll design and make you a one-off special!

Chocolate Easter Egg with bunnies

Easter party face in hole board egg chick
Easter Egg and Easter Chick

Easter party face in hole board Bunny Chick Lamb
Bunny and Egg with Chick and Lamb

Easter Bunny and Hot Cross Bun face in hole board
Easter Bunny and Hot Cross Bun

Check out our range of seasonal boards here

As well as face-in-hole boards, we can also make any design into a giant mega card up to six feet tall! These enormous cards definitely make a statement. They are popular with teams and workplaces, such as when a department gets a giant card designed to show their appreciation of a team member, manager or of the team itself. There is plenty of space for everyone to sign and write their own message inside the card. The jumbo cards are double-sided just like a regular greetings card, with a message printed inside and space to write messages in whiteboard marker. They come in four different sizes from very large to as tall as a man! Check out our mega cards here.

Easter card giant card
An example design for the outside of a giant mega card

Hot cross puns

Apologies for this: *Pun warning* We are very egg-cited about our Easter face in hole boards and mega cards. Make your April party guests happy bunnies with a face in hole board – they’re 24 carrot gold!

Email us or call 01842 337 100 to find out more.

Giant Valentine Cards to take their breath away

Jumbo Valentine's day cards
Printed with a photo sent to us by the customer, with their own personalised message inside

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and a last-minute box of chocolates just won’t do, especially when everybody needs some extra love right now. Perhaps this year you can’t be close to the object of your desire. Or perhaps you can, and need to let them know how much it all means. Either way, the fourteenth of February is on its way – so don’t just pick up a weeny little card at the supermarket like everyone else. Say it loud with one of our GIANT Valentine’s Day cards!

Up to a metre and a half tall, mega Valentine’s Day cards leave no doubt about your affection. They aren’t made of cardboard but semi-rigid PVC, so in theory you could give your card to your beloved outdoors in the rain – which would be quite romantic as long as you let them have the umbrella! The PVC material also makes them stiff enough to stand up on their own.

These are the biggest cards available on the web. They are double-sided with a message on the inside just like the titchy little normal cards people usually give to each other – but their sheer hugeness is guaranteed to take their breath away. Even the smallest (50 x 75 cm) will dwarf any normal card. In case you are wondering if such a giant card will get damaged in the post, we send it to you flat packed in strong cardboard!

Giant Valentine cards are not only for romance. They are also a fantastic gift for organisations. See an example below of how one group presented a card to the hardworking staff of an NHS hospital.

Giant Valentine's Day cards
A message printed on the inside of a giant card. You write it, we create it!

Giant Valentine cards UK
This card was presented to the staff at Arrowe Park Hospital, who had in-quarantine people returning from the Wuhan area at the start of the pandemic

Jumbo Valentine Cards UK
The inside of the Arrowe Park Hospital card was left blank to allow space for messages

Back to romance again – and here’s one way of expressing love during the pandemic.

COVID Giant Valentine Card
Love knows no boundaries …

Order your giant Valentine cards from our Mega Cards Page or call us on 01842 337 100.


Giant cards make a huge impact for special birthdays

With large gatherings on hold, our giant cards have been an ideal way to make a BIG impact for birthdays, anniversaries and other important events. We’ve had so many requests for customisation that we are working on expanding the range that you see on the website.

In the meantime, here is a glimpse at some of the designs we have produced for customers recently – to show you what is possible and just how much of an impact the huge cards make on those special occasions.

Giant personalised 21st birthday card

Giant personalised card for 21st birthday
5 foot 21st Birthday card, personalised with name on front and printed message on the inside

Photo collage giant birthday card

Photo collage giant card for 30th birthday
Photo collage giant card for 30th birthday. Individual messages from friends and family were printed on the inside.

Giant cards – a great centrepiece for garden parties

Customised giant card with photos, suitable for outdoors
Giant card makes a great focal point

















Our cards are not made of floppy card but rigid, lightweight PVC board (Correx) that stands upright and is waterproof – making them an ideal centrepiece for small gatherings in the garden.

Giant card sizes

Our Mega Cards are just like a normal card but WAY bigger: sizes start at 50 x 75cm and go up to a whopping 100 x 150cm – that’s nearly 5 feet tall!

We have a range of off-the-peg designs to choose from for occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and other important events. But we can also customise with a photo or collage of photos and any message you send us.

On the inside, we can print your own message, or a series of messages from family members, or leave the inside blank to write your own.

Giant card sizes

How to order

If you would like to place an order for a Customised Giant Card – you can visit our website and place an order for a “Custom Mega Card”. Our design team will then pick up and get in touch to discuss how you would like it personalised. We will work with you until you are happy with the design before printing to the highest of quality and delivering to you by courier.


Tel: 01284 848330

Bigger is Always Better!

First a disclaimer: When we promised a mega reveal, I know that some of our fans were possibly hoping we had somehow stumbled onto a megalodon. Alas, since we are rather inland and right now quite busy thinking up fun things for Photo Cutouts and for Putterfingers (our portable mini golf business), we have had to put the hunt for the megalodon on the back burner for a bit.

Nonetheless, we promised mega and we delivered MEGA CARDS! Our Mega Cards are giant cards (we offer three sizes; click on the link below to see the options), made of lightweight (but firm) PVC, which ensures they are free-standing and won’t dampen in a drizzle or a downpour. Since we are the ever-amazing Photo Cutouts, we can certainly create a personalised giant card printed with an image (or images) you have sent to us, along with your own message printed inside. If you are short on time and creativity, fear not! We also, of course, have some ready-made Mega Cards to choose from.

Personalised giant card
Personalised giant card. 3 sizes. Waterproof material.


Continuing with the bigger-better-giant theme, Photo Cut-outs also offers GIANT JIGSAWS!

Send us an image and we will turn it into a giant jigsaw puzzle with pieces ranging from 8 to 64. And since we like to think outside the box, we didn’t feel the need to be boxed in with a rectangular shape! Our team of technical wizards can create some unusual shapes like a heart or a panda or a plane, or maybe even a megalodon (but better check with us about the possible size!). Again, send us the image(s) you want for your giant jigsaw, and we’ll print it on our durable and weather-proof PVC board. You can also opt to have a different design printed on each side of your giant jigsaw – fun times two! Aside from being a good-time gift, we think this could provide some fabulous fun for youngsters at school (see below for a tip on how to celebrate St. George’s Day).

Personalised giant jigsaw

Now that you have taken a peak at our new product reveals, who knows, maybe you (and others like you with a fantastic feel for fun) will be mega adventurous and order both a Mega Card and a Giant Jigsaw for your next party. Most certainly it will be a mega good time!


And (a) Longer Length (Blog) is Lovely

What with focusing on all the other fun things Photo Cut-outs offers, and the MEGA reveal of more options for entertainment, we have nearly not had time for April Event Delights for you to plan. To paraphrase Mr. Monty Don from Gardeners’ World: Here are some events you can be celebrating in April.
Of course there is Earth Day, Passover, and Easter (and we have Easter-themed photo boards to buy or hire), but just like our not-necessarily boxy giant jigsaws, I have thought and went outside the box, and hereupon are some other events to honour.

Now it’s true that Britain’s National Beer Day isn’t until June 15 (mark your calendars!), and International Beer Day isn’t until (Friday!) August 2 this year, BUT for all you American expats here in the UK, your US of A National Beer Day is April 7. True, it is a Sunday, but how better to celebrate the end of the week, the weekend, AND beer?! I also think that us Brits will be more than happy to make merry with you Yankees for your national beer day.
So, calling pub hosts and hostesses, why not order a Mega Card (maybe photos of your business printed on the front), with the words You’re Invited …. Then write the details on the dry-wipe inside of the card, pop the card outside the pub door a few days prior, and ensure your beer cellar is well stocked!

April 23: St. George’s Day
As I am confident all of us English know all there is to know about our patron saint, I will not misuse my time by providing a history lesson. Instead, I offer a wise suggestion on how to celebrate this (non-bank) holiday: how about a giant jigsaw puzzle of St. George slaying the dragon? This presents as an opportunity for a fun and some educational history for children in school.

April 29: International Dance Day
International Dance Day had its inception in 1982, and is celebrated on the birthday (April 29) of the creator of modern ballet, Jean-Georges Noverre (1727-1810). According to the website, “The intention of the International Dance Day Message is to celebrate dance, revel in the universality of this art form, cross all political, cultural and ethnic barriers, and bring people together with a common language – dance.”
This time I’m calling out to you dance companies: whether you wish to promote International Dance Day, or simply promote your business, why not order a bespoke photo board, or a Mega Card you can use as an invitation (see above under National Beer Day). Either choice would be a marvellous marketing tool that will have you dancing with the delight of being able to teach and share this art form with so many more people.

As always, to place an order or to simply ask a question, please feel free contact us by phone or email or via an online form:
Tel: 08450 570 321
Online form:

But before I sign off dear readers, here is another late month haiku to bring some cultural enrichment to your lives 🙄

March showers are done.
April springs forth daffodils:
May they smell sweetly.