Giant cards make a huge impact for special birthdays

With large gatherings on hold, our giant cards have been an ideal way to make a BIG impact for birthdays, anniversaries and other important events. We’ve had so many requests for customisation that we are working on expanding the range that you see on the website.

In the meantime, here is a glimpse at some of the designs we have produced for customers recently – to show you what is possible and just how much of an impact the huge cards make on those special occasions.

Giant personalised 21st birthday card

Giant personalised card for 21st birthday
5 foot 21st Birthday card, personalised with name on front and printed message on the inside

Photo collage giant birthday card

Photo collage giant card for 30th birthday
Photo collage giant card for 30th birthday. Individual messages from friends and family were printed on the inside.

Giant cards – a great centrepiece for garden parties

Customised giant card with photos, suitable for outdoors
Giant card makes a great focal point

















Our cards are not made of floppy card but rigid, lightweight PVC board (Correx) that stands upright and is waterproof – making them an ideal centrepiece for small gatherings in the garden.

Giant card sizes

Our Mega Cards are just like a normal card but WAY bigger: sizes start at 50 x 75cm and go up to a whopping 100 x 150cm – that’s nearly 5 feet tall!

We have a range of off-the-peg designs to choose from for occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and other important events. But we can also customise with a photo or collage of photos and any message you send us.

On the inside, we can print your own message, or a series of messages from family members, or leave the inside blank to write your own.

Giant card sizes

How to order

If you would like to place an order for a Customised Giant Card – you can visit our website and place an order for a “Custom Mega Card”. Our design team will then pick up and get in touch to discuss how you would like it personalised. We will work with you until you are happy with the design before printing to the highest of quality and delivering to you by courier.


Tel: 01284 848330

March Delights, Part 2: The Second Half of March

March hare

As promised, here are March Delights, Part 2: The Second Half of March

(Don’t forget, last week we started brainstorming about some fun-filled festivities that could be celebrated in March, and if that includes some photo cutout boards, then so much the better!)

Ides of March

  • March 15: The Ides of March

Ooops! Last time we totally forgot to add this delight…though some might wonder if it is a true delight when you are told to “Beware the Ides of March!”  Well, to those doubters we say “Doubt not!”, but instead celebrate Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar with a toga party and Roman-themed feast.  And if ever there was an opportunity for a photo cutout board or two, this is definitely it!

For a bit of a background on the Ides of March (and to confirm there really is nothing to beware of) check out:

And if you are in Manchester, why not visit the Manchester Art Gallery and gaze at Edward John Poynter’s The Ides of March

 St Patrick's Day

  • March 17: St. Patrick’s Day

We did address St. Patrick’s Day in our last blog (which was a delightful read!), and so this is only a reminder that those lucky Irish have a Bank Holiday on Monday, March 18.  In other words: an extra day to party and commemorate that fun-filled party with photo cutout boards!

Spring butterfly


  • March 20: First day of spring!!!!!! (aka Vernal Equinox if you wish to be posh)

True, this is a Wednesday, but sometimes a party or even an enjoyable event mid-week is just the ticket.  To add to that excitement, there is a super moon on Thursday, March 21.

Explore equinoxes and solstices courtesy of the Royal Museums Greenwich:


Mother's Day

  • March 31: Mothering Sunday Day (We also “spring forward” with a time change)

We have saved the best event for last!   Whether you take mum out for a fancy lunch or tea; or buy mum an extravagant gift or make one for her yourself; or spend the day (or even the week) cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, remembering to replace the toilet paper, and all the endless little tasks mums take on – it really does not matter what you choose to do.  The point is to treat your mum to a treat!

There are of course still other holidays and just plain fun days to celebrate, like Holi (March 21), Purim (March 21), PI day (March 14)…but if we were to go through them all, you would have way too much to read, and not enough time to plan and organise your festive event!  Don’t forget that part of that party planning involves calling us fairly promptly.

So, calling all you ladies and gentlemen, and hostesses and hosts who are planners of parties and events: call us at Photo Cutouts (tel: 08450 570 321) so we can begin on bringing your vision to life!

Once you have hosted your event(s) with our enchanting photo cutout board(s), we would be thrilled to receive some of your photos that we could then share on our social media web pages.

Here’s to  wonderful, fun-filled March!

Photo Wall: the ultimate face in hole board

Take things to a ‘hole’ new level!

hire photo wall photowall


An extension of the face-in-hole concept, our Photo Wall is the perfect tool to create unforgettable photos at weddings, significant birthday parties and family gatherings. It creates a warm and cosy atmosphere by mimicking a vintage living room, complete with picture frames to allow guests to peer down from the wall as if they were paintings or old photographs!

For some reason it’s really, really funny to see your friends and relatives goofing about in picture frames, and the photos and videos you get are usually hilarious. The Photo Wall comes alive and it’s like something out of an old movie. We recommend a video or photo filter that makes the shots look grainy, like 1980’s VHS or 8mm film camera. Add a vintage soundtrack and you’ve got a classic film that family and guests can all enjoy!

To enhance the vintage living room feel, the Photo Wall comes with a set of vintage props: a mini chaise longue and some old distressed leather suitcases containing a variety of props like hats, glasses and handheld novelties for guests to improvise with.

The Wall comes with some actual pictures on frames (smaller than the ones your guests appear in), but you can replace them with real family photos of your own if you like. We’ve seen families and wedding guests screaming with laughter in the Photo Wall as they make up their own hi-jinks to amuse each other!

Here’s another photo of the Photo Wall in use, this time with our hand-held speech bubbles that offer another layer of visual fun to still photos. They can be wipe-clean if requested, so that your guests can write their own messages on them. We bundle them in with the Photo Wall for free so you can have maximum fun!

photo wall with speech bubbles

Available to hire from – just drop us an email or give us a call on 08450 570321

Visit our Our Photo Wall page


Wedding Games: create the perfect wedding party for YOUR guests

We’ve had a fun last couple of months doing the rounds of wedding fairs in East Anglia where we’re based. Brides and grooms are gearing up for their 2017 weddings and looking for ways to entertain their guests at the celebrations. Our face in hole boards are just as popular as ever. But now we’ve expanded our range of entertainment with a set of pick and mix wedding games and activities that allow you to create your own perfect wedding party by choosing a selection of games.

wedding games hire

There’s minigolf, the king of wedding games. It’s a fun activity for all ages to have a go at. It’s getting more popular than ever because it’s challenging enough for a bit of a competition but is always simple fun, no matter how seriously you want to take it!

giant garden games, party games, jenga, skittles, croquet

And now there’s a choice of wedding games you can set out around your wedding party so that everywhere they look, guests have something fun to do! Giant wooden games include Giant Jenga, Giant Dominoes, Giant Noughts and Crosses and Giant Four-in-a-row. Traditional garden games include skittles, and croquet. Guests are delighted when they discover all these things to do, and young and old alike can just enjoy the party and be a bit competitive too if they feel like it.

ping pong, table tennis, wedding games hire

Ping pong is always a welcome surprise at parties. Our equipment is tournament quality and in top condition, so any missed slices and smashes are your guests’ fault, not our equipment’s!

face in hole photo walls

And for something really different, this is our face in hole portrait gallery – a fantastic addition to your party. It can even feature in your wedding photo shoot! This one is really special and involves your guests in something completely different. It is guaranteed to create unforgettable photo memories.

Find out more about all our fabulous options for wedding guest entertainment. Call Shelley and Richard on 08450 570321 or email See the guest entertainment range here:


Dress up as your ancestors – or someone else’s ancestors

ancestors portrait reconstruction

In a fascinating news story recently, it was revealed that an artist from Peru likes to dress up as his ancestors (both male and female) in painstaking photographic reproductions of his old family portraits. It seems he is obsessed with his noble lineage and so proud of it that he goes to great lengths to recreate historic oil portraits of his forebears, with himself playing the central role.

He probably hasn’t heard of face in hole boards. He could have had the portraits printed onto board, cut out the faces, applied some careful makeup and put his face in the hole to mimic his ancestors. But he’s clearly such a perfectionist that he feels it necessary to recreate the whole painting. Fair enough. It takes all sorts.

The National Self Portrait Gallery is based on a similar idea. We haven’t managed to actually track down the descendants of Queen Elizabeth I, Henry VIII and the model who sat for the Mona Lisa and get them to pose in reproductions of the famous paintings, but the face in hole format gives anyone the chance to step into historic portraits!

Let’s play spot the difference. Here is Peruvian artist Christian Fuchs posing as his great-great-great-great grandfather next to the original painting:

face in hole portrait

And here’s an event attendee posing as The Laughing Cavalier in one of the panels of the National Self Portrait Gallery, our pop-up face in hole art gallery:

dress up as your ancestors

Can you see the join where his head goes through the hole? No, neither can we! Perfect isn’t it?

The National Self Portrait Gallery consists of several panels of four or five portraits with the faces cut out and a space behind for guests to stand and put their faces through the holes. Hey presto – they become historical figures! Friends and other guests can snap away with their cameras or smartphones and get the results on Instagram, Pinterest or wherever they like.

To find out more about the National Self Portrait Gallery, visit

To hire the NSPG, call 08450 570 321 or email

NEW popup art gallery!

Popup art gallery

At we have created a brand new and totally unique face-in-hole experience: It is a mobile art gallery available for hire to add a special twist to corporate events, fundraising drives, product launches, PR and marketing events. It consists of a collection of classic paintings from the 16th century to the present day, arranged into a series of photo walls that assemble into an art gallery-like experience. The fun part is that visitors and guests put their faces through the holes to have their photos taken, just as with our very successful face in hole boards.

Welcome to the National Self Portrait Gallery!

Popup art gallery, face in hole boards, classic paintings

Treat your guests to an unforgettable journey through art history – where they become part of the art!

Our unique National Self Portrait Gallery brings the face-in-hole format bang up to date in a tasteful and amusing way. Book the Gallery for your next event – we’ll deliver and set it up quickly and efficiently, leaving you to entertain your guests with wine, nibbles and a timeless masterpiece or two!

Pop up art gallery, face in hole boards. peep boards

The portraits are arranged into six boards which can be arranged to fit your venue. Guests walk behind them and try to do their best Laughing Cavalier or Henry VIII. This creates unforgettable photo memories of your event!

Popup art gallery, face in hole, art gallery, event hire, entertainment, corporate events

Six of these boards combine to give the effect of a real portrait gallery.

Pop up art gallery, national self portrait gallery, face in hole boards, classic paintings, portraits

Find out more at our website:

The NSPG is so special we’ve given it its own website too, which you can find at .

Hire the Gallery for your next event and make an impression – there’s nothing else like this out there!

A little video about

We’ve made a little video to show you how we design and create a photo cutout board for your event, party, wedding or fundraiser. We design and make the perfect face in hole board for your occasion. Call us to discuss your idea, or if you don’t have an idea, we’ll think of one for you! (08450 570 321)

Our custom boards are one of a kind. We make them perfectly sum up your business, charity, event or wedding. We’ll happily add any logos, branding, hashtags, web addresses, phone numbers etc. you desire, so that when people share their photos of the face in hole action, your message is shared as well on social media.

It really is as simple as the video suggests! Give us a call or email, and tell us your idea for the perfect photo cutout board for your event. We can design it from scratch for you and work with you until you are happy with it, or you can send us a sketch or your own design and we’ll create and build the board for you!

Each board is made of washable, waterproof Foamex PVC mounted on a sturdy aluminium frame with stable legs that keep it steady, even in moderate winds.

eventprofs, photo cutout boards, face in hole boards
There are completed boards: sturdy, durable and stable.

Does this blog post spark an idea in your mind for a photo cutout board that could boost your charity fundraising, business presence, wedding fun or party atmosphere? Call us on 08450 870 321 or email Shelley at

Browse the range of ready-made photo cutout boards and see the custom options at,uk.

Photobooths: are they as good as photo cutouts?

Ever since the portable camera was invented, people have loved to take photos of each other. In more recent times, people seem to prefer taking photos of themselves – the selfie craze. But this phenomenon didn’t start with the smartphone and its front-facing camera. Photobooths have been around for a while in shops, supermarkets and department stores. In the 1980s they were mechanical photo development labs that took 10 minutes to process your passport photos. Are you old enough to remember those?

photobooth, photo booth, selfie, photo cutouts
Was there a little man in there developing the photos?

Even then people used them for silly pictures of themselves and friends. Photobooths – in a modern digital format, of course – are now making a comeback at weddings and events, and come with a box of silly props like moustaches, wigs and big glasses. They cost around £500 to hire for a few hours. But why not be different, and spend less? For a lot less than £500 (call Shelley on 08450 570321 for prices or see our site), you can hire a gorgeous traditional photo cutout board that is even more fun. Everybody has a smartphone, so within seconds photos of fun-loving wedding guests can be winging their way around social media for the enjoyment of friends and family. What’s not to like about this, for example?

photobooth, photo booth, photo cutouts, weddings
A lot cheaper than a photobooth and a lot more fun!

The BBC has been reporting this week on the fall and rise of the photobooth and they have even had a section on You & Yours on Radio 4. The flat-pack, pop-up booths are all the rage at weddings. But if you want to dare to be different, and have something at the wedding that harks back to our traditional seaside, why not order a photo cutout board from our range or have one custom-made with the bride and groom’s names on it, and to any design you like?

Here’s a bit about our process of making a custom photo cutout board to order. Do you have an idea for your very own design? Call us and we’ll talk it through with you!

08450 570321

Guaranteed fun at any event!

For some reason people find it really funny when someone else sticks their face through a picture. For the origins of the phenomenon, find out more about the history of the photo cutout board. But it doesn’t really matter why it works – it just does. Photo boards add guaranteed fun to all types of events. But which sorts of events are most popular? Here are the main types of event where our photo cutout boards are used:

  • Marketing events / product promotions. A face-in-hole board truly gives a product or service a face, and the interactive nature of the boards mean people play around with them and literally ‘get into’ the brand (which is splashed all over the board). Companies who have used our boards to great effect at marketing and promotional events include Tilda Rice and Autoglass. Here are those two examples:
Custom photo boards, event marketing, branding
Autoglass commissioned a custom design for their promotional event in London.
  • Weddings. Maybe it’s the traditional, saucy nature of photo cutout boards that fits in so well at weddings. Of course the happy couple will pose with their faces in through the holes, but everybody else, young and old, can have a go too. As the wedding party snaps away with their cameras and phones, the board provides a focus and is sure to create wonderful photo memories. See our wedding range here.
wedding party ideas
On this wedding board guests can write chalked messages to the bride and groom, or put up hashtags for photo sharing.
  • Seasonal events. Christmas, Easter and Halloween are prime time for parties and events, and we have boards for all three. Customers can hire from our seasonal ranges or have us make a custom board specially for them. Add some interactive Santa, bunny or vampire fun to your seasonal event!

Christmas Range

Easter & Halloween


Snowman and Gingerbread Themed Photo Cutout |
Have some WInter wonderland fun in this snowy Christmas themed photo board.
Easter party ideas, hot cross bun, easter bunny, easter eggs
Easter Bunny, Easter Egg and Hot Cross Bun – join in the Easter fun!
Halloween party ideas, Halloween costumes, Halloween props
You’d be bats not to hire this one at Halloween!
  • Charity fundraising events. We have made custom boards for many charities, who find that they create a healthy buzz at their fundraising events. The board represents the charity and carries the name, web address and social media hashtags if desired, so that when people share their photos of each other grinning or grimacing through the face holes, the charity name, website and social sharing info are plain to see. And people donate more when they are laughing! Here’s a recent one:
dogs, charity fundraising ideas, dogood
The Dogs Trust custom board
  • Any other type of event! Birthday parties, book launches, store openings, sports matches – a photo cutout board will brighten any event and help to make it memorable.

Call Shelley today to talk about a photo cutout board to make your event special!

0845 057 0321

Or email

New adult themed photo opportunities!

The boards are back in town! We’ve expanded our range with a new adult party-themed product line. Not only that, but our website now has a new look – and the prices stay the same.

As well as the much-loved range of traditional seasonal and seaside photo cutout boards, we’ve given in to our more permissive times with a new range of adult-themed boards. Don’t worry, we don’t mean THAT sort of adult material – we mean fun and hilarious party-animal boards for 18+ parties, club nights, hen and stag parties, and anywhere you want your grown-up crowd to be in a froth of giggles.

So it’s time to reveal … Party Man!

Borat, mankini, face in hole board, peepboard, adult party ideas
We’re sorry, but you can never un-see this image.

Did that get your attention? That’s the idea: to add an extra element of eye-catching fun to any 18+ party or event and get people peeping through the hole, snapping away, and sharing photos.

Party Man is not alone. He can be hired or purchased with Big Bunny Girl to make a duo board with two face holes:

Party man, borat, mankini, adult party ideas, selfie, photos
Aren’t they a lovely couple? (Don’t answer that)

Party Man’s best buddy is Mervin. He’s had one or two Mars bars too many, but he doesn’t care. He’s here to party, and nobody is getting in his way.

party animal, lei, fat man, adult party ideas
He does not have body image issues, he just wants to party.

Mervin has a female sidekick to complete the pair on this duo board:

Mervin, part animal, party, party ideas, fat bloke, gross
Aren’t they a lovely couple (don’t answer that!)

When they all get together, you have the Full Monty: the four-hole Party Squad. No party can be the same after they show up! Hire or buy Party Squad or its members over at our Adult-Themed Boards page. It’s going to be a night to remember!

Party squad, borat, mankini, bunny girl, adult party ideas, 18+ party ideas
Lawks! It’s the Party Squad!

Our Foam Party board is a slightly naughty giggle generator for foam parties. Get it on! Or get it off, whichever you prefer. This board adds a special element of fun as the suds fly.

foam party, adult party ideas, peep board, fun, party
No foam party is complete without a foam party face in hole board!

Check out all our ranges – for all ages and tastes – on the website by clicking the image below.

photo cutout boards, peep boards, face in hole boards, standee boards, party fun
Browse the full range – click on the image