Christmas Photo Cutouts are a hit at events

Christmas is a busy time of year for the elves at Photo Cutouts. And this year has been no exception. Our Christmas photo boards are a popular addition for events and retailers during the festive season. Take a look at this roundup of Christmas photo boards, cutouts, stand-ins, and freestanding builds which have been used at festive events up and down the country.

Custom built Santa’s Grotto

We produced a bespoke Santa’s Grotto for Leisure venue, Get Set Go! This was a customised build, using the client’s own artwork. Building on our existing framework for the National Self Portrait Gallery, we adapted the design to create a freestanding Santa’s Grotto, branded with the company logo. Read all about the client’s brief and how the build worked in our previous blog.

Local business use Christmas photo cutout at town lights switch-on

Digital Edge is a web design, marketing and graphic design company, with offices in the North and South of England. The Southern HQ in Dursley used a branded Christmas cutout at the Dursely Town Council Christmas lights switch-on event.

Digital Edge engaged with the local audience by providing a festive photo opportunity for visitors to the event. Visitors could have their photos professionally taken in the photo stand-in. Visitors could then access a high-quality digital download of the images via the Digital Edge website, driving visitors online.

Snowglobe Christmas photo cutout for vibrant Gastropub

The Royal Hotel in Bolton-le-Sands selected our popular Snowglobe Photo Cutout for their Christmas event. The Royal Hotel is a vibrant gastropub in the small village of Bolton-le-Sands. Visitors include locals and people from further afield who visit to explore the historic city of Lancaster and the Lake District National Park.

Christmas at the venue is always a big event and the team there went the extra mile this year to provide a full-on festive experience. This included a branded photo cutout, for a memorable photo opportunity. The photo board is freestanding and can be packed away to use again year after year.

JParkers Garden Centre branded Chrismtas photo cutout

Garden centre chain JParkers also opted for a branded snowglobe photo cutout for their Anwick store this Christmas. Our Christmas Snowglobe design is one of our larger photo boards and an eye-catching addition to a busy retail environment.

The Snowglobe cutout was positioned at the entrance to the store to welcome visitors on their way in. Our photo boards are weatherproof and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. They are also lightweight, so easy to move inside at closing time.

The cutout was ideal for supporting the in-store festive marketing activities.

Create your own Christmas photo cutout

Get in touch with our design team to talk you through our photo board options for your Christmas marketing. We have a range of seasonal photo board designs available that can be branded with your logo, hashtags and social media handles. We also have a fabulous design team who can create a bespoke design to meet your festive marketing objectives.

Photo Cutouts are ideal for…

  • Christmas Events
  • Retail Promotions
  • Public Awareness Campaigns
  • Experiential Campaigns
  • Sports Events
  • Trade Shows, Conferences & Expos
  • Coastal Events
  • Corporate Events
  • Children’s Events
  • Book Launches
  • Charity Events
  • School & University Events
  • Entertainment Promotions

Get in touch

If you would like a custom-made bespoke Photo Cutout board, give us a call on 01842 337 100 or email and we’ll get our team of talented artists and designers to create the perfect board for your brand, charity or event!

Face in hole boards for family attractions

Summer 2021 is seeing the return of the public to family attractions around the country. With it comes a desire on the part of operators to make up for lost time and give visitors the best experience possible. One good way to achieve that is with a branded face-in-hole board from The public can’t resist putting their faces in and taking photos. Then the operator’s branding gets shared on social media! It’s a simple and effective way of boosting brand exposure and giving visitors an extra fun and interactive thing to do.

Here are some examples of face in hole boards we have made for family attractions around the UK. We create designs that project the attraction’s main message and help to convey a professional image.

Extra attractions for piers

Here is one we made for Brighton Pier. The mod on a scooter is part of the town’s history and has become iconic. It was commissioned by VisitBrighton, the official tourism organisation for Brighton & Hove.

Face in hole boards for family attractions

Extra attractions for water parks

This fun mascot, designed by Aardman, featured in a children’s attraction at the London Wetlands Centre, operated by the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust. Water parks can have a board with their mascot or a cartoon picture with children having fun. A great photo opportunity for visitors!

Extra attractions for country parks

The great outdoors is the theme here. This design was suggested by the client, Cairngorms National Park.

Marketing for family attractions UK

For holiday parks

We made this board for Pontin’s. The design was discussed with the customer and several drafts were made before the final result.

UK family holiday parks marketing

For museums

The National Museum of Scotland asked us to make this one for a ‘70s-themed show called Rip It Up. Boards can be commissioned for one-off events as well as for more permanent everyday use at the attraction.

Marketing for UK family attractions

For heritage sites

We have made numerous boards for the National Trust. This example is for Wordsworth House near Keswick in the Lake District and the client chose this 18th century period flavour for this board.

National Trust face in hole board

For hotels and spas

This board was for Crieff Hydro, a well-known hotel and spa in Perthshire, for its 150th anniversary. The design is classy and retro, in line with the hotel’s aesthetic.

Family attractions marketing UK

Order a board for your own family attraction!

We make professional quality boards for all types of family attractions including the above plus:

  • Theme parks
  • Cinema and bowling chains
  • Holiday parks and resorts
  • Country houses, manors, estates and castles
  • Gyms, hostels, BnBs, campsites, glampsites and more!

Commissioning a board is simple and easy. Call our friendly team of creative designers on 01842 337 100 to give an idea of what is required, and we will do the rest. Proofs are provided at every stage until the ideal design is arrived at. Then we print it onto weatherproof, semi-rigid PVC board, add sturdy metal feet, and ship it out within a few days.

Contact form

Keep Scotland Beautiful use Photo Cutouts for awareness campaign

We were asked recently to create a dual-purpose face in hole board for an anti-littering campaign by Keep Scotland Beautiful. In preparation for the beach season, it is being used in partnership with ScotRail to raise public awareness of the damage done by littering and to encourage people to bin their litter or take it home.

Our board is mainly used in high footfall areas of Glasgow Central Station as part of the public awareness campaign. The aim is to catch travellers on their way to the beach and give them a robust reminder to tidy up after themselves. The tone is light-hearted and cheerful, and somewhat less litter-shaming than Keep Britain Tidy’s ‘Don’t be a tosser’ litter campaign.

Keep Scotland Beautiful Awareness Campaign

Litter awareness board

Dual-purpose branded signage

This freestanding photo board was a first for Photo Cutouts. The client asked for the face holes in the cutout to be optional. We call this a dual-purpose board because the face ovals are cut out but can also fit back in and blend in for when it is not being used as a face in hole board. The eye-catching artwork serves as both an interactive photo cutout but also as information/backdrop signage.

The campaign also includes a beach cleaning station where the public can take pickers and bags and have a clean-up on the beach, under the #mybeachyourbeach social media hashtag. Travellers are reminded at multiple points about their public duty to clear up after themselves and leave the beaches clean for others.

Beach litter cleaning station

We developed the board in collaboration with the customer to get the artwork and logos just right. It stands on sturdy metal legs so that even a Glasgow breeze and high footfall won’t tip it over. Everybody going through Glasgow Central Station will have seen the board, the plastic bottle mascot, and a team of volunteers brandishing litter pickers. This is a powerful way to convey a message in a public campaign. The board makes it immediately clear what the campaign is about.

Keep Scotland Beautiful also have a stand near the beach where they encourage people to join and raise funds for the charity.

Beach litter campaign

Our boards have been used in numerous public awareness campaigns. See this blog post for more examples of boards in use at awareness-raising events:

Planning a public awareness campaign? Call our friendly team to talk about options for display boards that boost the message!

01842 337 100

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Branded signage for Cornwall FootballGolf

Here is an example of how we can create a custom branded photo board package to suit a unique venue. It is all fully bespoke and our design team worked closely with the customer to create custom photo boards that met their needs.

Cornwall FootballGolf is a recreational park near St Austell that welcomes members of the public all year round to play the increasingly popular game of football golf. They wanted to boost engagement and add visual appeal with some additional permanent signage that was informative and fun.

After exploring a few options including calling us, they decided on 3 branded photo board formats for their footballgolf course.

  1. Branded face-in-the-hole board
  2. Custom made photo standin
  3. Player card design photo board

The customer wished to position the photo boards throughout their venue to engage with as many players as possible on their visit. The result was a mix of freestanding & permanent photo board formats. Our fabulous design team was able to meet the client objectives, by adapting our traditional freestanding photo board design and produce a solid board, ready for mounting onto permanent fixings at the venue.

And here is the result: 3 branded photo boards, and one happy customer!

Face-in-the-hole board design

Branded signage footballgolf

This is the design for a face in hole board to boost customer engagement and get social shares and likes.

The venue is popular with all ages, so we have placed the two face holes at heights we hope are an ideal balance for an adult and a younger player. The aim was to create a board that the greatest number of visitors can use.

Branded photo standin

Footballgolf branded photo standin

This is what we call a photo stand-in. It has a much larger aperture for several people to get into. The effect is like a picture frame. With the right background, it can look really convincing, like a magazine cover photo. With company branding all around the frame, it is good for getting shares online. In this instance, the customer has chosen to use their own fixings instead of our usual metal legs, because they wanted a permanent fixture.

Player card photo board

Custom branded scorecards

This is a custom player card photo board we created for Cornwall FootballGolf. Visitors to the venue can pose behind the photo board to create their very own personalised player card photo. We can also print packs of branded scorecards for sports venues like golf and crazy golf courses.

Social sharing

Photo cutouts and photo walls are ideal for engaging with visitors at venues, especially in a competitive environment where winners want to share their success! Branded photo boards not only add to the visual appeal at your venue, but can also help to boost awareness across social media.

Cornwall Football Golf branded photo standin

Cornwall Footballgolf have seen great success in social sharing of customer images at the venue. If you are looking to build customer engagement and brand awareness across the web, get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your needs.

01842 337 100

Contact form

See more face in hole board ideas here

Photo boards for sport promotions

Photo cutout boards from are popular with sport clubs, teams, sponsors, tournaments and venues to add an interactive visual element to matches and events.

The idea is that a colourful, fun photo board will encourage fans and the general public to take photos of themselves at the sport event, with the club or event’s name all over the board. Photos get shared on social media along with relevant hashtags, which increases exposure, interest and support.

People seem to find photo boards irresistible, so they are a good investment for boosting public engagement at sport-related events.

Here are a few examples of how they have been used by various sports organisations. We make bespoke boards with artwork provided by the customer or created by our in-house designers.

Sport: Tennis

The Oracle Shopping Centre in Reading set up a Fan Zone for shoppers to watch the tennis action on a big screen. They used a hashtag to help create a buzz on social media. This helped to raise awareness of the Fan Zone and draw in extra shoppers who chose to visit the shopping centre rather than watch Wimbledon at home that day.

Wimbledon photo board

Sport: Rugby

Cardiff University Students’ Union ran a photo competition with a photo board at their Fan Zone during the Six Nations Rugby tournament. Again, there was creative use of hashtags and social media handles to spread the word.

Sport photo board rugby

Sport: Cricket

Membership club Boundless sponsored the Sussex Sharks Cricket Club and used a photo board as a perk for members at the club’s T20 matches. Members could have their photo taken with star members of the team on a photo board displaying the sponsor’s name and social hashtags.

Sport cricket sponsorship

Sport: Football

We created a super-sized double board for the German Embassy in London, featuring the men’s and women’s teams. It was a good year for German football, with the men winning the World Cup and the women winning gold at the Olympics. So they celebrated with a giant photo wall at their Embassy reception!

Sport photo standees

East Anglian rivals Norwich City FC and Ipswich Town FC have both used our photo boards, and we tried very hard not to show loyalty to either team (which was hard).

Norwich City commissioned a board of a player in Norwich kit for their youth training events. Young soccer hopefuls queued up to have their photos taken in the boots of a grown-up player, and the board encouraged them to share the photos on social media.

Sport brand promotions Norwich City FC

Ipswich Town had a board featuring their goalie in their pre-match fan zone, along with their club logo and website URL. It helped to create a buzz in the build up to matches.

Sport marketing Ipswich Town FC

Industry-leading quality

All boards are sturdy and weatherproof so they can be used outdoors. The boards are made of industrial PVC which shrugs off rainwater. The print is the highest possible quality, with inks that resist fading in sunlight. Design work is done in collaboration with the customer, with drafts sent at every stage for approval or modification until the result is perfect.

Want to boost engagement at a sports event? Call our friendly team on 01842 337 100 or use our contact form.

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Great North Swim features WaterAid board

Great North Swim charity photo board

Our photo boards feature at all kinds of charity and public awareness events. With imaginative, attention-grabbing designs and high quality print, they add a touch of professionalism to campaigns and project memorable messages. The public love to engage with them and take photos – and this is proven to increase brand familiarity and keep the organisation’s name top of mind during and after events. WaterAid are a charity who promote clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene for the world’s populations – and the Great North Swim is an ideal place for them to raise awareness of their work as they raise funds thanks to the efforts of a lot of hardy and charitable open water swimmers.

This year’s Great North Swim took place on Lake Windermere from Friday 11th to Sunday 13th of June. As the Great North Swim’s official Charity, WaterAid needed to make a big splash, so they commissioned a photo cutout board from to display at the event and draw in the public’s attention. Here’s the board in action next to WaterAid’s stand. Our artist went for a cartoony style for this board which the customer loved. Hopefully there weren’t actually any piranhas in Lake Windermere that day!

Great North Swim charity photo board
Great North Swim charity photo board

WaterAid are going to use this board at future events too – so having a custom board from us is great value for them. We also make folding versions for easy transportation and storage, but WaterAid went for a non-folding model because they have somewhere to stash a full sized board until the next time they need it. are the leading supplier of face in hole photo cutout boards in the UK and a significant proportion of our customers are charities and organisations seeking to promote public awareness. Photo cutout boards are a proven way to achieve that goal. We work with the customer until they are happy with the design and then print it in high quality, attach it to semi-rigid PVC board, add a sturdy frame and ship it out to the customer within 5 working days.

Interested in a board for your charity or public awareness campaign? Call us on 01842 337 100 or send us an email!

See more examples of our photo cutout boards

G7 Summit board grabs attention

The Summer campaign trail is heating up and we are proud to be contributing to the awareness-raising efforts of some leading charities. Our face in hole boards, selfie boards, photo walls and branding props are a proven way to attract attention at public events. Charities use our custom products year after year, either with a new one each year or a reusable one to bring out time after time.

Action Aid decided to use a custom face in hole board at the recent G7 Summit in Cornwall. The one-off design featured Joe Biden, Angela Merkel and Boris Johnson and it was used alongside a specially commissioned ice cream van giving away free ice creams with wafers that had various messages on to do with vaccines, climate and other pressing issues. Maybe the global leaders saw it and decided to rethink some of their policies – who knows? What is certain is that it helped to raise awareness among the general public at the G7 and sent a loud and clear message.


G7 summit photo board ActionAid

We serve the charity and public awareness sectors with colourful, fun, attention-grabbing face in hole boards that encourage participation from the public and help to get the message across. Face in hole boards, selfie boards and photo walls are fantastic engagement tools at public events because people can’t resist getting their faces in them and taking photos. The photos usually make it onto social media, which helps to spread the message even further. We use artwork supplied by the organisation and/or use our own in-house artists to design a bespoke board that sends a loud and clear message. Here are some more examples of our work with organisations running awareness campaigns.

If you are organising events like the above and want to find out more about our custom-made products, call us on 01842 337 100 or send us an email and we’ll get straight back.

See our other boards here

Photo boards for councils, events & tourism

Photo boards can’t be beaten for raising awareness and providing photo opportunities at local council events and tourist attractions. This Summer should see the return of such events up and down the land, and people are going to be in a buoyant mood. Fun, colourful photo boards are just the thing to get people interacting with events and taking amusing photos.

We have a long history of providing boards for local events and tourist spots. They are durable enough to be brought out year after year because we use UV-protected anti-fade inks and weatherproof PVC board. A single investment can provide recurring value if the event happens every year, or if it moves around different sites.

Photo boards are shipped flat packed and assembly into a standing board takes a few minutes by attaching the metal feet with the bolts provided. Full instructions are included.

We design the boards using artwork provided by the client, including logos, fonts, colours and images. If none is available, our in-house designers will create a design and run it through several proofs until the client is happy. Then we print it on our state-of-the-art large format printers, attach it to lightweight industrial PVC board, and include sturdy metal feet to keep it upright. Here three basic stages of the design process for one board we made for St Albans Food & Drink Festival.

Photo boards for councils and tourist boards
Initial sketch

Photo boards for councils and tourism marketing
Rough draft

Photo board for council tourism events
Finished board

If there is good communication then we are usually able to produce a board within 5 working days. However, getting in touch somewhat earlier than that before the board is needed will give us a bit more time for revisions and shipping.

There is a variety of options including freestanding boards, selfie boards (small portable face in hole boards for carrying around by hand), folding boards for ease of transportation, AR boards for use with apps, large panoramic boards, and more. See these options here. The purpose of all of them is to boost engagement with the public and create memorable photos carrying the event name and hashtags, URLs, etc.

Photo Boards for local events

Here are a few more examples of boards we have made for local events and tourism. What will yours look like?

PR for Councils and tourist boards









Advertise council tourist events









Marketing local tourist attractions









Tourist board marketing









Local events marketing tourist









Advertising local tourist attractions









To discuss options for a local council/tourist campaign, call us on 01842 337 100, use the contact form or email us.


Plumpton Racecourse plumps for branded hand sanitiser stations

In order to follow government guidelines on COVID-19, Plumpton Racecourse have positioned a number of our branded hand sanitiser stations at various entrances throughout the venue. Rather than using bottles of hand sanitiser on tables or generic hand sanitiser stations, Plumpton wanted to show the public they care and keep their brand image strong with their own branded dispenser stations. Here are some photos of what they look like in action!

Branded hand sanitiser station at Plumpton Racecourse
Branded hand sanitiser station ready for use at Plumpton Racecourse

Branded hand sanitiser station
Plumpton’s hand sanitiser stations are double-sided and they opted for castors for ease of moving them around.

branded hand sanitiser stations
For a clean, professional image

Branded hand sanitiser stations
Branded hand sanitiser stations come in a range of sizes and configurations

To get the most mileage out of each station (or should that be furlongs?), Plumpton asked us to double the number of dispensers on the smaller stations from one to two. This will prove to be a good decision when the public are allowed back in and the queues start working their way through.

See our range of hand sanitiser station sizes here.

As you can see with this example, our hand sanitiser stations are bespoke and we are happy to make them to custom specifications. They are a great option for following government guidelines and promoting your brand at the same time.

They come with mounted heavy duty dispensers that can be filled with any suitable sanitiser gel. The dispensers are bulk-fill, to reduce the need for regular refilling.

How to order a branded hand sanitiser station

Find out more and get in touch on our hand sanitiser stations page!

When a customer gets in touch, our team of expert designers work with them to create a bespoke design that looks great and carries the logo, URL, hashtag or any other insignia the customer wants. It is then printed onto sturdy industrial PVC in premium matt laminate print that is UV-resistant and weatherproof. It’s also wipe-clean for a clean appearance and further hygiene.

Get the most out of your hand sanitiser station with the double-sided option. This gives you longer between hand gel fill-ups and faces two ways so that people can use it whichever way they are headed. You can also choose to have the station mounted on castors for easy wheeling around your venue, night time storage, and quick repositioning.

Hand sanitiser stations are fast becoming the new norm throughout the UK. So why not use one to promote your brand?

Get in touch:

If you would like to discuss your requirements for a branded hand sanitiser station, then please get in touch:


Tel: 01284 848330


5 examples of public awareness campaigns with photo cutout boards

Getting people into awareness campaigns – literally!

Many of public awareness campaigns by causes, nonprofits and social enterprises have used our photo cutout boards. They make a great engagement tool to educate their audiences and help keep their campaign messages top of mind. The boards help to create a focus for people to interact with as well as a photo opportunity, and with the campaign’s message and hashtag splashed all over the board, well … photos get shared, and that amplifies the message across social.
Here are five examples of the public awareness campaign boards we have supplied.


For Fish’s Sake London was a campaign by environmental charity Hubbub. The message is clear: don’t drop litter in London where it can end up in the Thames, because it really gives aquatic life there a hard time. These boards have been used down by the river to promote awareness.

Public awareness campaign board: For Fish's Sake London

2. #Beesneeds

#BeesNeeds is a campaign by DEFRA and the Bumblebee Conservation Trust to promote awareness of bees and other pollinators. London’s Carnaby Street was renamed Carnabee Street for a week and our board was part of the campaign.

Public awareness campaign marketing

3. Affinity Water

Here’s a slightly grainy shot from Twitter – but you can see people having fun with the board! The campaign message? Save water.

awareness campaign marketing

4. Keep Britain Tidy

This one needs no introduction. These boards are used extensively in campaigns around the UK. The message: be a litter hero. Be like Trash Girl.

awareness campaign marketing uk

5. Green Flag Wales

On a related note, here’s our board for Green Flag Wales, aiming to change perceptions about green spaces. The board is pictured with some of the campaign team.

Public awareness marketing

Are you involved in a charity or social enterprise? Would you like to raise awareness of your cause with a photo cutout board? Call us today on 01842 337 100 or email us to talk about getting a board made.