Charities use peep boards on their campaign trail

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Whether it is to campaign about the ethics of dairy farming, or to highlight the dangers of ghost fishing gear, there is one thing that one of our clients wanted, and  that is to communicate their campaigns in a fun and interactive way!

Charities we are working with acknowledge that a peep board is a fun way to engage with their potential audience and a great way to get some publicity for their brand.  Of course everyone loves to share a good photo too!

Using a large printed photo cutout allowing 3 face holes, the peep board selected allowed many participants to feature in their campaigns at Food festivals and other activities over the Summer period.


Their first campaign was to keep cows on the grass and for consumers to have the choice to buy milk that has come from cows that graze on the grass for the majority of the year.  You can read more about their campaign in their blog called ‘Itching to get Outdoors’

Bespoke photo cut out in use by a charity
A photo board was a unique way to promote the message of the #FullFactMilk campaign.


The second campaign was to educate more about the way in which ghost fishing gear is left in the sea and the devastating impact it has on sea animals.  Again you can read more in their blog called ‘Summers the time to tackle ghost gear’

The danger of ghost fishing was highlighted during this WAP campaign in Bognor Regis.

In most cases a peep board is a great way to interact with an audience and of course create some great photo memories.

Why not contact us for a bespoke board for the forthcoming Christmas season and festivities?

Share this bit of face in hole fun with your friends!