Branded signage for Cornwall FootballGolf

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Here is an example of how we can create a custom branded photo board package to suit a unique venue. It is all fully bespoke and our design team worked closely with the customer to create custom photo boards that met their needs.

Cornwall FootballGolf is a recreational park near St Austell that welcomes members of the public all year round to play the increasingly popular game of football golf. They wanted to boost engagement and add visual appeal with some additional permanent signage that was informative and fun.

After exploring a few options including calling us, they decided on 3 branded photo board formats for their footballgolf course.

  1. Branded face-in-the-hole board
  2. Custom made photo standin
  3. Player card design photo board

The customer wished to position the photo boards throughout their venue to engage with as many players as possible on their visit. The result was a mix of freestanding & permanent photo board formats. Our fabulous design team was able to meet the client objectives, by adapting our traditional freestanding photo board design and produce a solid board, ready for mounting onto permanent fixings at the venue.

And here is the result: 3 branded photo boards, and one happy customer!

Face-in-the-hole board design

Branded signage footballgolf

This is the design for a face in hole board to boost customer engagement and get social shares and likes.

The venue is popular with all ages, so we have placed the two face holes at heights we hope are an ideal balance for an adult and a younger player. The aim was to create a board that the greatest number of visitors can use.

Branded photo standin

Footballgolf branded photo standin

This is what we call a photo stand-in. It has a much larger aperture for several people to get into. The effect is like a picture frame. With the right background, it can look really convincing, like a magazine cover photo. With company branding all around the frame, it is good for getting shares online. In this instance, the customer has chosen to use their own fixings instead of our usual metal legs, because they wanted a permanent fixture.

Player card photo board

Custom branded scorecards

This is a custom player card photo board we created for Cornwall FootballGolf. Visitors to the venue can pose behind the photo board to create their very own personalised player card photo. We can also print packs of branded scorecards for sports venues like golf and crazy golf courses.

Social sharing

Photo cutouts and photo walls are ideal for engaging with visitors at venues, especially in a competitive environment where winners want to share their success! Branded photo boards not only add to the visual appeal at your venue, but can also help to boost awareness across social media.

Cornwall Football Golf branded photo standin

Cornwall Footballgolf have seen great success in social sharing of customer images at the venue. If you are looking to build customer engagement and brand awareness across the web, get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your needs.

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Share this bit of face in hole fun with your friends!