March Delights, Part 2: The Second Half of March

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March hare

As promised, here are March Delights, Part 2: The Second Half of March

(Don’t forget, last week we started brainstorming about some fun-filled festivities that could be celebrated in March, and if that includes some photo cutout boards, then so much the better!)

Ides of March

  • March 15: The Ides of March

Ooops! Last time we totally forgot to add this delight…though some might wonder if it is a true delight when you are told to “Beware the Ides of March!”  Well, to those doubters we say “Doubt not!”, but instead celebrate Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar with a toga party and Roman-themed feast.  And if ever there was an opportunity for a photo cutout board or two, this is definitely it!

For a bit of a background on the Ides of March (and to confirm there really is nothing to beware of) check out:

And if you are in Manchester, why not visit the Manchester Art Gallery and gaze at Edward John Poynter’s The Ides of March

 St Patrick's Day

  • March 17: St. Patrick’s Day

We did address St. Patrick’s Day in our last blog (which was a delightful read!), and so this is only a reminder that those lucky Irish have a Bank Holiday on Monday, March 18.  In other words: an extra day to party and commemorate that fun-filled party with photo cutout boards!

Spring butterfly


  • March 20: First day of spring!!!!!! (aka Vernal Equinox if you wish to be posh)

True, this is a Wednesday, but sometimes a party or even an enjoyable event mid-week is just the ticket.  To add to that excitement, there is a super moon on Thursday, March 21.

Explore equinoxes and solstices courtesy of the Royal Museums Greenwich:


Mother's Day

  • March 31: Mothering Sunday Day (We also “spring forward” with a time change)

We have saved the best event for last!   Whether you take mum out for a fancy lunch or tea; or buy mum an extravagant gift or make one for her yourself; or spend the day (or even the week) cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, remembering to replace the toilet paper, and all the endless little tasks mums take on – it really does not matter what you choose to do.  The point is to treat your mum to a treat!

There are of course still other holidays and just plain fun days to celebrate, like Holi (March 21), Purim (March 21), PI day (March 14)…but if we were to go through them all, you would have way too much to read, and not enough time to plan and organise your festive event!  Don’t forget that part of that party planning involves calling us fairly promptly.

So, calling all you ladies and gentlemen, and hostesses and hosts who are planners of parties and events: call us at Photo Cutouts (tel: 08450 570 321) so we can begin on bringing your vision to life!

Once you have hosted your event(s) with our enchanting photo cutout board(s), we would be thrilled to receive some of your photos that we could then share on our social media web pages.

Here’s to  wonderful, fun-filled March!

Share this bit of face in hole fun with your friends!