Mega Greetings Cards, Now Even Bigger

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Giant jumbo greetings cards are the way to go when the occasion demands something truly memorable. When you absolutely, positively have to say it big … not just quite big but really, properly big, you send a mega card. With sizes from 50x75cm to 100x150cm and an almost infinite choice of designs and colours, plus high-res printing and made out of a durable material, a mega card leaves no doubt about how loudly you want to say your message.

100x150cm is more than most people need when it comes to a giant greetings card. It is big enough to blow pretty much anyone’s socks off. But for the very determined, very brave, or very foolhardy card-giver, there is now another size up from that.

Yes, you read that right.

We give you … the SIX FOOT MEGA CARD!

Mega cards 6 foot giant greetings card

122x183cm, or 4 foot by 6 foot if you prefer, is now the largest of the mega cards we make. We have invested in some new print technology that now enables us to produce this absolute stonker of a card. It’s as tall as a fairly tall man.

It costs a bit more because of the amount of material required to print such a large greetings card and the increased cost of postage. But if sheer size is the ultimate goal and if the one-time cost is worth it for the occasion, this monster card does not disappoint.

There’s nothing at all titchy about our usual range of mega cards. They are still just as huge and impressive as ever. It’s just that our large-format printer just got an upgrade and we want to offer the ultimate option in giant greetings cards, for those who want to make an  unforgettable impression.

Our third-largest card is whopping. Our second-largest card is mahoosive. But for when even that is not enough, there’s this one (we’ve run out of adjectives).

This is so new we don’t even have any photos of this behemoth of a card yet. Why not be one of the first to order one? (Warning: no letterbox is big enough.) You’ll have to call or use our contact form because we don’t even have this size on our online ordering options yet!

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Share this bit of face in hole fun with your friends!