New adult themed photo opportunities!

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The boards are back in town! We’ve expanded our range with a new adult party-themed product line. Not only that, but our website now has a new look – and the prices stay the same.

As well as the much-loved range of traditional seasonal and seaside photo cutout boards, we’ve given in to our more permissive times with a new range of adult-themed boards. Don’t worry, we don’t mean THAT sort of adult material – we mean fun and hilarious party-animal boards for 18+ parties, club nights, hen and stag parties, and anywhere you want your grown-up crowd to be in a froth of giggles.

So it’s time to reveal … Party Man!

Borat, mankini, face in hole board, peepboard, adult party ideas
We’re sorry, but you can never un-see this image.

Did that get your attention? That’s the idea: to add an extra element of eye-catching fun to any 18+ party or event and get people peeping through the hole, snapping away, and sharing photos.

Party Man is not alone. He can be hired or purchased with Big Bunny Girl to make a duo board with two face holes:

Party man, borat, mankini, adult party ideas, selfie, photos
Aren’t they a lovely couple? (Don’t answer that)

Party Man’s best buddy is Mervin. He’s had one or two Mars bars too many, but he doesn’t care. He’s here to party, and nobody is getting in his way.

party animal, lei, fat man, adult party ideas
He does not have body image issues, he just wants to party.

Mervin has a female sidekick to complete the pair on this duo board:

Mervin, part animal, party, party ideas, fat bloke, gross
Aren’t they a lovely couple (don’t answer that!)

When they all get together, you have the Full Monty: the four-hole Party Squad. No party can be the same after they show up! Hire or buy Party Squad or its members over at our Adult-Themed Boards page. It’s going to be a night to remember!

Party squad, borat, mankini, bunny girl, adult party ideas, 18+ party ideas
Lawks! It’s the Party Squad!

Our Foam Party board is a slightly naughty giggle generator for foam parties. Get it on! Or get it off, whichever you prefer. This board adds a special element of fun as the suds fly.

foam party, adult party ideas, peep board, fun, party
No foam party is complete without a foam party face in hole board!

Check out all our ranges – for all ages and tastes – on the website by clicking the image below.

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Browse the full range – click on the image

Share this bit of face in hole fun with your friends!