Great North Swim features WaterAid board

Great North Swim charity photo board

Our photo boards feature at all kinds of charity and public awareness events. With imaginative, attention-grabbing designs and high quality print, they add a touch of professionalism to campaigns and project memorable messages. The public love to engage with them and take photos – and this is proven to increase brand familiarity and keep the organisation’s name top of mind during and after events. WaterAid are a charity who promote clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene for the world’s populations – and the Great North Swim is an ideal place for them to raise awareness of their work as they raise funds thanks to the efforts of a lot of hardy and charitable open water swimmers.

This year’s Great North Swim took place on Lake Windermere from Friday 11th to Sunday 13th of June. As the Great North Swim’s official Charity, WaterAid needed to make a big splash, so they commissioned a photo cutout board from to display at the event and draw in the public’s attention. Here’s the board in action next to WaterAid’s stand. Our artist went for a cartoony style for this board which the customer loved. Hopefully there weren’t actually any piranhas in Lake Windermere that day!

Great North Swim charity photo board
Great North Swim charity photo board

WaterAid are going to use this board at future events too – so having a custom board from us is great value for them. We also make folding versions for easy transportation and storage, but WaterAid went for a non-folding model because they have somewhere to stash a full sized board until the next time they need it. are the leading supplier of face in hole photo cutout boards in the UK and a significant proportion of our customers are charities and organisations seeking to promote public awareness. Photo cutout boards are a proven way to achieve that goal. We work with the customer until they are happy with the design and then print it in high quality, attach it to semi-rigid PVC board, add a sturdy frame and ship it out to the customer within 5 working days.

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G7 Summit board grabs attention

The Summer campaign trail is heating up and we are proud to be contributing to the awareness-raising efforts of some leading charities. Our face in hole boards, selfie boards, photo walls and branding props are a proven way to attract attention at public events. Charities use our custom products year after year, either with a new one each year or a reusable one to bring out time after time.

Action Aid decided to use a custom face in hole board at the recent G7 Summit in Cornwall. The one-off design featured Joe Biden, Angela Merkel and Boris Johnson and it was used alongside a specially commissioned ice cream van giving away free ice creams with wafers that had various messages on to do with vaccines, climate and other pressing issues. Maybe the global leaders saw it and decided to rethink some of their policies – who knows? What is certain is that it helped to raise awareness among the general public at the G7 and sent a loud and clear message.


G7 summit photo board ActionAid

We serve the charity and public awareness sectors with colourful, fun, attention-grabbing face in hole boards that encourage participation from the public and help to get the message across. Face in hole boards, selfie boards and photo walls are fantastic engagement tools at public events because people can’t resist getting their faces in them and taking photos. The photos usually make it onto social media, which helps to spread the message even further. We use artwork supplied by the organisation and/or use our own in-house artists to design a bespoke board that sends a loud and clear message. Here are some more examples of our work with organisations running awareness campaigns.

If you are organising events like the above and want to find out more about our custom-made products, call us on 01842 337 100 or send us an email and we’ll get straight back.

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Floor graphics: an opportunity right under your feet

Where is the one place people are bound to look when walking around an event or premises? Where do they need to look, to make sure their path is clear and keep checking for steps? Surely this would be the ideal place to put marketing messages, directions, and be creative with the customer experience.

Floor graphics for retail and events

Attention-grabbing floor graphics are one of the best and most cost-effective ways to communicate with visitors as they move around the floor plan. They are also one of the most overlooked ways of grabbing customers’ attention.

Everybody has seen floor graphics in use during the COVID-19 pandemic. They have appeared in nearly all supermarkets, shops, venues and outside on the pavement. Most of us noticed them and acted accordingly. The same idea works just as well for everyday promotion of products and brands, and to guide people around premises and venues.

Use them to bring attention to products, collections, departments and points of interest, guide visitors round your layout, and remind them of rules. They do not take up any floor space as standing signs do, and leave the walls free. Your floor is your biggest billboard – why not use it creatively? Floor graphics are perfect for seasonal messages too, such as wishing customers a Merry Christmas or telling them about seasonal products and offers.

Floor stickers standard vinyl floor stickers premium vinyl Floor stickers premium outdoor vinyl

Industry-standard floor graphics are made of self-adhesive vinyl that lays flat and does not present a trip hazard. There are options for ease of removal to allow frequent changing, or high durability for more permanent applications. Unlike some marketing and advertising equipment, normal-sized floor graphics require no professional installation. They can be applied and removed by anyone with a bit of care. Once in place, they require no maintenance other than cleaning the floors as normal.

Vinyl floor graphics are scratch and scuff resistant and can tolerate high levels of footfall. Non-slip ratings are R10 and R12. They are also compliant with fire regulations, conforming to B1 or M1 fire ratings.

They are also very cost-effective. Sold singly or in packs, prices are far below many other advertising solutions. A huge variety of sizes, shapes and colours is available, as well as custom designs featuring logos and other branding.

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Floor stickers for visual cues and branding

Our products are great for attracting people to events and venues. Once they are in, people sometimes need some visual guidance about where to go and what to do. There are also further opportunities to advertise to them. That is where floor stickers come in. Simple messages made of footfall-resistant vinyl applied to the floor are very effective. They can be seen in supermarkets, museums, trade shows and all kinds of venues and events where it is necessary to give visual cues and reminders to the public. We also make stair riser stickers which give visual cues as customers climb stairs.

Vinyl floor stickers can also be used for branding, either simply bearing a brand name and logo or doubling as branding plus visual cues for the public. Send us your own artwork and/or logos and text, and we will design floor stickers in the sizes required. We’ll send you proofs before printing. We will do our best to beat our competitors on price so ask us for a quote!

Floor stickers can be part of a full branding package including wall-mounted vinyl banners, A-frame and portable roller banners. You might like to add even more visual appeal with promotional cutouts – unique branding props made to any shape or size that give instant brand awareness. vinyl floor stickers are industry-standard and have the following features:

  • R10 to R12 anti-slip rated surface
  • B1 to M1 fire ratings
  • Scuff and scratch resistant
  • Options for different floor types and ease of removal
  • Eye-catching colours, text and graphics
  • Customisable with brand colours, logos, or your own artwork
  • Available in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Floor Stickers Vinyl Types

Floor stickers standard vinyl

floor stickers premium vinyl

Floor stickers premium outdoor vinyl


Floor stickers
Social distancing flor stickers have been popular, but there are many other uses for floor stickers.

Sizes and Shapes

Square, 300×300 up to 1200x1200mm

Rectangle, 400×200 up to 1200x600mm

Long rectangle, 600x150mm

Vertical rectangle, 200×400 up to 600x1200mm

Stair riser or tread, 1200x150mm

Should you require custom sizes, call us and we will do our best to fulfil your needs.

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Giant Fathers Day cards to make him smile

Fathers Day is on the third Sunday in June. Dads love a bit of appreciation as much as anyone else (even if they say they don’t). You could ask what he’s done for you lately. But there’s also the question, what have you done for him lately? Well we’ve got an easy answer to that: give him a personalised Father’s Day card so big that he’ll never forget it!

Photo Upload Father’s Day Cards

Pick your absolute favourite photo of Dad and we’ll print it onto a GIANT card to give him this June. You can pick one of three sizes going up to 150cm tall, which is, well, just mahoosive. This card is so big he could take it to the beach this Summer and use it as a windbreak (just an idea … guy ropes and pegs are not included).

Fathers Day card giant jumbo size

If you can’t decide which is your favourite photo of Dad, then send us multiple pictures and we’ll make a photo collage card for you. An optimum number of photos is six, which is why one of our design templates has six spaces for photos. Check out that design and the single-photo design at

Giant jumbo large Fathers day Cards

Whichever design you decide on, we’ll print a personalised message inside and leave plenty of space for writing dedications. It’s just like a normal greetings card, but absolutely huge. We send you a proof by email for checking and requesting changes (which we’re perfectly happy to make). When you’re satisfied, we print the giant card and ship it to you within 5 working days. So a week before Fathers Day is the latest time to order, because each card is designed, checked, printed, and shipped by us.

Some people were not allowed to see their dads last year because of a certain little gremlin doing the rounds. Those people are likely to want to celebrate this Father’s Day with a little more enthusiasm. A giant Father’s Day card might be just the ticket for them to let Dad know how much he means to them.

Don’t forget Grandad!

Personalise our “Amazing Grandad” card design with your own photos. Perhaps you could add messages from all the grandchildren inside, or change the message on the front to the name you chose for the Grandfather(s) in your family?

Grandad Father's Day photo upload card

See the Giant Cards collection at

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Boost postponed events in 2021!

One of the team has just completed a fundraising walk for a local charity. Like many such events it was originally scheduled for 2020 but then COVID forced it to be postponed to 2021. The organisers were hugely relieved to be back running the event and raising money, and David was hugely relieved to get over the finish line!

2021 rescheduled events

As we emerge from lockdown and rules are eased, there will be a great number of events taking place this year that were postponed from last year. Charities can resume their events, sports crowds are gradually coming back, business gatherings can start to be face to face again, and exhibitions can start again where they left off last year.

This is great news for everybody, and they will quite likely be looking to give their events an extra boost to make up for what was missed out on last year. One way of getting that boost is to add some extra visual elements to the event and to the publicity surrounding it. Get the public interacting and there should be a healthy increase in attendance and engagement.

This is what we do best. Our face in hole boards are always a big hit because they invite people to interact and take photos. That grows brand awareness and helps it to stay top of mind. The photos often end up in local and trade media, too, which again gives the event a boost. We supply these memorable visual aids to all sizes of event, from household names to small local happenings.

We’ve been listening to customers for over a decade and created a variety of options that should suit any type of event.

Freestanding face in hole boards

Events postponed from 2021

These can be designed with your own artwork or we can create a design for you. There is a big range of sizes, shapes and number of face holes. We have a folding model that folds in half for easy transportation and storage between events.

Promotional cutouts

product promotion, product launch marketing tools

Any size, shape and design you want! Logos, mascots, icons – you name it, we’ll build it!

Photo walls

postponed events 2020

Large format boards that provide a backdrop. Can have multiple face holes if requested, or none at all if that is suitable.

Selfie boards

Cancelled events 2020

Hand-held photo boards that can be carried around for quick photo opportunities. Never miss a photo op!

Hand sanitiser stations

rescheduled events 2021

These are still going to be part of events for a while, and they present a further opportunity for visual appeal. They can be created with your own artwork, insignia, message etc.

How could you use one of these boards to create visual appeal and come roaring back in 2021? Talk to the team!


Call 01842 337 100

Special boards for a special Summer

Planning an event for the Summer? Add some extra fun with a face in hole board – the classic British seaside attraction that never gets old.

Summer 2021 is going to be special. Lockdown restrictions come to an end in June and when people start to hit the beaches and outdoor spaces, it’s going to be like VE Day – a real sense of relief and celebration. It’s going to be a fantastic opportunity to promote events and brands, too. One of the best tried-and-tested ways of getting people involved is a photo cutout, face in hole board, photo wall or photo standin – call them what you will. Colourful designs, funny poses and memorable photo opportunities are what they are all about. They offer a proven way to engage with the public and promote brands, campaigns and causes.

summer beach face in hole board

We work with our customers to design unique one-offs for events and campaigns, brands and businesses, and just for fun at parties and weddings. Each one is hand made by our team in-house. Our business client list is a who’s who of household names. With Summer on its way, we expect our production to ramp up for the outdoor events season.

Summer is the perfect time for photo cutout boards. They hark back to the traditional comical face-in-the-hole boards that were once so popular on promenades and piers around Britain.

Here are some examples of Summer-themed boards we have made in previous years. Planning an event? What will yours look like?

Summer face in hole boards
The artwork on this one has a particularly period feel. It evokes good times.
Seaside beach face in hole board
A classic seaside scene with slightly more modern artwork
traditional seaside photo board
A friendly face for this much loved North Norfolk beach

We don’t only do beach scenes. These are just some seaside-themed examples. We can design and print literally anything. If your event is inland, we’ll work with you to design something that is perfect for the occasion. See more examples of boards we have made here.

Want to boost public engagement at your Summer event? Start the beach ball rolling now! Have a chat with our friendly team on 01842 337 100 or drop us an email.

Retailtainment: making people love your brand

A photo wall for interactive photos at a theme park. The boy is real


Right now the UK is beginning to head out of the pandemic. The best news we’ve heard all year is that non-essential retail stores will be allowed to open from the 12th of April. For us, it’s exciting because we can get back to providing our tried and tested marketing tools to a wide range of businesses. Face in hole boards, photo walls, selfie boards, marketing standees and other props are what we do, each one carefully made by hand in our workshop. Our customers use them in shopping centres, retail parks, themed trails, amusement parks, trade shows and individual shops to boost engagement and increase sales.

Our interactive marketing props are part of what has been called ‘Retailtainment’. Sociologist George Ritzer described it as:

“the use of ambience, emotion, sound and activity to get customers interested in the merchandise and in a mood to buy.”

Retailtainment is nothing new really – it’s been going on since humans began to trade. Think of market vendors singing songs to draw attention to their wares, which scales up to the same thing as the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in the USA and the John Lewis Christmas advert which always features an emotional song that gives people warm fuzzy feelings.

Our colourful, often funny marketing props appeal to people’s desire to get involved and have fun. They are mainly visual, which encourages people to take photos, which they often share. And the great thing is that as people interact with a photo board or other prop, they are actually interacting with the brand that is displayed on it. This leads to brand familiarity and helps to keep the brand top of mind.

Retailtainment marketing
These folks will remember their visit to North End Market.

Other engagement features can be added to the boards. Hashtags, URLs, competition info, phone numbers, QR codes – these encourage people to explore the brand further. We also make Augmented Reality boards that work with an app. Scan the code on the board and a range of audio and video marketing media spring to life on the smartphone screen.

Let’s celebrate the reopening of non-essential retail stores on the 12th of April!

Boost your brand for the great reopening! Try a bit of retailtainment. Call us on 01842 337 100, email us or use our contact form.