From pencil to print: how we make a photo board

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photo cutout board, concept sketch, sketch, design
A concept sketch

Let us take you on a journey behind the scenes at photocutouts, showing you how the magic happens!

When you call us to order a photo board, the first thing we do is listen to you and gather your requirements. This can be a verbal brief where you give us your idea, or you can supply the artwork yourself. If you have a logo or other branding you would like added to the board, we’ll include it if you can supply us with the image files.

standee board, peep board
A fuller drawing to check the colours with the customer

If you have a board design already made by an in-house designer, we’re happy to use that artwork, and will do our best to make it fit best on the size of board you need. We just need the design in high resolution JPEG, EPS or PDF format.

peep board, standee board, photo board
The finished board ready for use

A verbal brief might be something like ‘I’m thinking of a dolphin and a walrus reclining on sun loungers.’ We’ve had odder ones than that – the sky’s the limit when it comes to creative ideas for photo boards. We’ll then discuss the design with you and offer further ideas if we think it will improve the finished product. When we have a detailed brief, we’ll get our in-house team of talented artists to produce a mock-up for you. If you have any amendments to make at that stage, we’ll tweak things until you are satisfied with the design.

first draft, draft, sketch, photo board
Another concept sketch by our art team

We’ll also discuss how the board is going to be used, which includes the age of your audience and any other factors to be considered in its use in practice. For children, you’re going to need the face holes at the right height, and for basketball players, they will need to be a bit higher! We try to make our boards comfortable to use, so that nobody has to crouch down, stand on tiptoes or twist their neck around to use them.

photo board, finished, manufacture, process, design, print, vinyl, foamex
… and the finished product with company branding.

When you are completely happy with the final design, we print it onto high definition, wipe-clean vinyl and apply it to durable, waterproof Foamex™ board. Once the board is made, it needs to stand up, and we are proud of our lightweight aluminium frames that hold the board rigid. We have several support systems for the board and frame, including metal feet and tough, paintable wooden stands that can also have your logo or other artwork on them to expand the board beyond its borders.

We’ll ship the finished board(s) to you by next-day courier, or deliver to you directly if you’re not too far away from our Norfolk workshop.

The complete process from order to finished board can take 3 weeks, so get your order in well in advance of the event you plan to use it for! Call us today on 0845 057 0321.

Share this bit of face in hole fun with your friends!