Retailtainment: making people love your brand

A photo wall for interactive photos at a theme park. The boy is real


Right now the UK is beginning to head out of the pandemic. The best news we’ve heard all year is that non-essential retail stores will be allowed to open from the 12th of April. For us, it’s exciting because we can get back to providing our tried and tested marketing tools to a wide range of businesses. Face in hole boards, photo walls, selfie boards, marketing standees and other props are what we do, each one carefully made by hand in our workshop. Our customers use them in shopping centres, retail parks, themed trails, amusement parks, trade shows and individual shops to boost engagement and increase sales.

Our interactive marketing props are part of what has been called ‘Retailtainment’. Sociologist George Ritzer described it as:

“the use of ambience, emotion, sound and activity to get customers interested in the merchandise and in a mood to buy.”

Retailtainment is nothing new really – it’s been going on since humans began to trade. Think of market vendors singing songs to draw attention to their wares, which scales up to the same thing as the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in the USA and the John Lewis Christmas advert which always features an emotional song that gives people warm fuzzy feelings.

Our colourful, often funny marketing props appeal to people’s desire to get involved and have fun. They are mainly visual, which encourages people to take photos, which they often share. And the great thing is that as people interact with a photo board or other prop, they are actually interacting with the brand that is displayed on it. This leads to brand familiarity and helps to keep the brand top of mind.

Retailtainment marketing
These folks will remember their visit to North End Market.

Other engagement features can be added to the boards. Hashtags, URLs, competition info, phone numbers, QR codes – these encourage people to explore the brand further. We also make Augmented Reality boards that work with an app. Scan the code on the board and a range of audio and video marketing media spring to life on the smartphone screen.

Let’s celebrate the reopening of non-essential retail stores on the 12th of April!

Boost your brand for the great reopening! Try a bit of retailtainment. Call us on 01842 337 100, email us or use our contact form.


Recent face in the hole boards March /April

Business at Photo Cutouts is never quiet, but it’s picking up quite a bit now for the Spring/Summer marketing and events season. We’re making bold, colourful custom event boards for more and more brands and causes every year, and the upward trend is continuing as we swing into the (fingers crossed) warmer months of 2018. In addition to our classic range of off-the-peg traditional wedding and seaside boards which are always popular, we really enjoy making bespoke boards for marketing events, product launches, TV and radio stations (BBC and ITV among them), weddings and fundraising events.

Here are a few of the ones we’ve made is March and April, though this is the tip of the iceberg because there are so many others we can’t tell you about because the events haven’t happened yet! Suffice it to say that Summer 2018 will be another bumper face in the hole board-filled year as brands and causes across Britain use our unique boards to promote their messages.

ITV Weather

ITV Weather rang us in early April to order 6 or our space-saving folding boards for a series of mobile events inviting members of the public to be weather presenter for a day. These boards can be folded in half for easy transport and storage, which made them ideal for ‘roadshow’-type campaigns like this. Rather than design them ourselves, in this case we used a design provided by ITV. 
ITV Weather face in the hole board

Green Flag Wales

Green Flag Wales do a great job campaigning to keep Wales tidy. We are delighted to help them in their efforts to raise awareness of environmental concerns with boards like this:

green flag wales april boards

And we also made a Summer-themed board for Keep Wales Tidy which we designed ourselves with a few humorous touches:

Keep Wales Tidy April face in the hole board

Global 4 Communications

Global 4 Communications are celebrating 20 years in the business telephone systems market. This board for their celebration party is pretty straightforward: be king for a day!

Photo Cutouts April face in the hole boards

Fuller’s London Pride

This one was for the 2018 London Marathon, the hottest on record. No doubt more than a few pints of London Pride were quaffed after the race, especially with this board to remind them to imbibe!

London Pride April 2018

This is a one-hole board with the left and right faces already printed. A good photo opportunity at the London Marathon!

So that’s just a handful of the promotional boards out there at the moment. Want to have a board made for your event? Call 08450 570321 and ask for Shelley or Jim.

Alternatively, email Photo Cutouts for a design and production quote today!


The London Boat Show

Photo cutouts rock the London Boat Show

London boat show, photo cutouts, marketing, face in hole boards
All aboard! They went overboard for our boards at the London Boat Show (enough board puns- Ed)

It just so happened that our MD Richard, a keen boater, went down to the London Boat Show to have a look round and ‘not buy any boats’. And what do you think he spied, apart from lots of salespeople and lots of boats he wasn’t going to buy?

Why, two of our fine boards being used to promote a business, of course! Our eagle-eyed MD took a few snaps.

london boat show uk boat hire marketing
The boards helped to create a buzz around their exhibition stand

The ABC Leisure Group asked us to make two custom boards to promote their boat hire business. Here they are at the London Boat Show as the public get drawn in to interact with them for a photo opportunity. A great chance for the salespeople to talk to them about boats!

We made one narrowboat board and one river cruiser board to reflect the range of boat hire options ABC Leisure have to offer. They were a real hit with the public, lots of whom posed in them for a photo. Here are just a few:

Photo cutouts are soooo keel
Cast off your business with a photo cutout board
London Boat Show, photo Cutouts, marketing, branding
Nothing narrow about the reach of a photo cutout board

We put the hashtags #londonboatshow and #inlandboating on the boards to encourage social photo sharing. In fact we found the above photos on Twitter using those hashtags! That’s a powerful added dimension to photo cutout boards: people love to share their face-in-the-hole photos!

Is your business attending a conference or exhibition this year? What kind of photo cutout board would best represent your brand? We have years of experience in designing boards that get a brand’s message across effectively, with bold bright colours and an element of fun to draw people in.

To start designing a board for your business, just call 0845 0570321, email or visit our site!