5 examples of public awareness campaigns with photo cutout boards

Getting people into awareness campaigns – literally!

Many of public awareness campaigns by causes, nonprofits and social enterprises have used our photo cutout boards. They make a great engagement tool to educate their audiences and help keep their campaign messages top of mind. The boards help to create a focus for people to interact with as well as a photo opportunity, and with the campaign’s message and hashtag splashed all over the board, well … photos get shared, and that amplifies the message across social.
Here are five examples of the public awareness campaign boards we have supplied.


For Fish’s Sake London is a campaign by environmental charity Hubbub. The message is clear: don’t drop litter in London where it can end up in the Thames, because it really gives aquatic life there a hard time. These boards have been used down by the river to promote awareness.

Public awareness campaign board: For Fish's Sake London

2. #Beesneeds

This was just last week. #BeesNeeds is a campaign by DEFRA and the Bumblebee Conservation Trust to promote awareness of bees and other pollinators. London’s Carnaby Street was renamed Carnabee Street for a week and our board was part of the campaign.

Public awareness campaign marketing

3. Affinity Water

Okay, this one was last November, but we’ve included it because we liked it! Here’s a slightly grainy shot from Twitter – but you can see people having fun with the board! The campaign message? Save water.

awareness campaign marketing

4. Keep Britain Tidy

This one needs no introduction. These boards are used extensively in campaigns around the UK. The message: be a litter hero. Be like Trash Girl.

awareness campaign marketing uk

5. Green Flag Wales

On a related note, here’s our board for Green Flag Wales, aiming to change perceptions about green spaces. The board is pictured with some of the campaign team.

Public awareness marketing

Are you involved in a charity or social enterprise? Would you like to raise awareness of your cause with a photo cutout board? Call us today on 01284 848330 or email office@connectedshopping.com to talk about getting a board made.

Photo Wall: the ultimate face in hole board

Take things to a ‘hole’ new level!

hire photo wall photowall


An extension of the face-in-hole concept, our Photo Wall is the perfect tool to create unforgettable photos at weddings, significant birthday parties and family gatherings. It creates a warm and cosy atmosphere by mimicking a vintage living room, complete with picture frames to allow guests to peer down from the wall as if they were paintings or old photographs!

For some reason it’s really, really funny to see your friends and relatives goofing about in picture frames, and the photos and videos you get are usually hilarious. The Photo Wall comes alive and it’s like something out of an old movie. We recommend a video or photo filter that makes the shots look grainy, like 1980’s VHS or 8mm film camera. Add a vintage soundtrack and you’ve got a classic film that family and guests can all enjoy!

To enhance the vintage living room feel, the Photo Wall comes with a set of vintage props: a mini chaise longue and some old distressed leather suitcases containing a variety of props like hats, glasses and handheld novelties for guests to improvise with.

The Wall comes with some actual pictures on frames (smaller than the ones your guests appear in), but you can replace them with real family photos of your own if you like. We’ve seen families and wedding guests screaming with laughter in the Photo Wall as they make up their own hi-jinks to amuse each other!

Here’s another photo of the Photo Wall in use, this time with our hand-held speech bubbles that offer another layer of visual fun to still photos. They can be wipe-clean if requested, so that your guests can write their own messages on them. We bundle them in with the Photo Wall for free so you can have maximum fun!

photo wall with speech bubbles

Available to hire from Photocutouts.co.uk – just drop us an email or give us a call on 08450 570321

Visit our Our Photo Wall page


Exclusive Rio Olympics board: we’ll make you one in world record time!

Olympics board available by special order when you follow this link.

Olympics, Olympic Games 2016, Mo Farah, Usain Bolt, face in hole board

The 2016 Olympic Games are pretty much upon us, but there’s still time to get our colourful and hilarious Rio Photo Cutout Board. Order one today for your event, party, awards ceremony, business promotion, corporate party, sports event, school fete or other Summer happening, and we’ll spin you one up and ship it out to you faster than Usain Bolt.

It was an interesting process making this board, because we couldn’t use any insignia of the IOC or things like the Olympic rings, Olympic flame, etc. which are copyrighted. But we’ve come up with a board that gets across the atmosphere of the games and includes cartoon versions of some famous athletes.

You can see some of the design process when you compare this initial sketch with the finished board. They are actually quite similar because we liked our artist’s original idea, but then we asked her to tweak a few things to get it just right.

2016 Olympics, design, sketch, photo cutout board, face in hole board, usain bolt, mo farah

If you want the board for a business promotion, we can add your company branding to the board: hashtags, web addresses, social media profiles, logos, or other branding and social links. This creates a marketing opportunity that we have seen work time and time again for our customers. Photos of the board that people share will bear your insignia, spreading the word about your brand across social media.

School fetes: it’s got to be worth having this board just to see your headmaster do the Mobot or the Lightning Bolt and then get soaked with wet sponges or splurged with custard pies! The board is printed on waterproof, wipe-clean vinyl bonded to light, waterproof Foamex and cannot be damaged by getting wet.

Here’s the link again to order your Rio Olympics Photo Cutout Board: http://www.photocutouts.co.uk/Rio-2016.php

Grab yours now!