Across the board: the variety of Photo Cutouts this month

As we head into Autumn the pace and variety of production at Photo Cutouts is showing no sign of slowing down. Indeed, we’re gearing up for Christmas now as Britain’s brands, causes and businesses seek to attract their share of December trade. Last week was a frenzy of production and delivery as we made and shipped twenty-eight of our Snow Globe boards to branches of a major garden centre chain!

Snow globe Christmas marketing variety
The garden centre boards are like this one, but with customised text on the brass plaque. This particular board was in use at the NEC Festive Gift Fair last year.

Here is a small sample of the variety of other boards that have gone out this month. These are ones we can tell you about because the events they are used at have already happened. We keep the others under wraps until the events!


Accounting software firm Xero like to involve the whole firm in their event planning. Here they feature the office dog Jinty as their mascot on a hand held selfie board involving said dog and a large pie. Sometimes customers just tell us what they want and we do it!

Variety is the pies of life
Dog vs pie

Rip it Up

National Museums Scotland is running an exhibition called Rip It Up which celebrates the story of Scottish pop. A variety of bands like the Rezillos, Simple Minds, Franz Ferdinand and The Proclaimers feature in the exhibition and a number of associated events.

Variety of face in the hole boards
Celebrating Scottish pop and rock with National Museums Scotland


Rize is a rebranding of The Health Club Collection, and what better way to raise awareness of a new brand than a photo cutout board? This board was used at a launch event at a London health club.

Photo cutouts for marketing and branding rebranding
The ’80s are back, apparently!


The Cairngorms National Park uses these cute Lego mascots to promote the region’s many attractions.

Tour of Britain

The public got the chance to be a ‘stage winner’ at the #forestfinish stage of the Tour of Britain in Whinlatter, Lake District.

Face in the hole cutouts for use at sporting events
Forestry Commission – Whinlatter, Cumbria

Coming soon: boards for Pontins, Amazon, and most importantly the British Dragonfly Society!

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Christmas Nutcracker Trail photo boards!

The Christmas Nutcracker Trail – coming to a town near you?

Christas nutcracker photo boards

We have really enjoyed making this group of boards for Odin Events, who are organising a series of Nutcracker Trails to promote Christmas shopping in town centres around the country. Featuring 6.5-foot tall Nutcracker Kings placed strategically around the town, the campaign encourages shoppers and their children to follow the trail and find all the nutcrackers and their names.

We are proud to be supporting this fun programme of festive promotions with specially made photo cutout boards. They present an opportunity to interact with a picture of a nutcracker and take photos to celebrate finding them and completing the trail. Kids and grown-ups alike can’t resist putting their faces in the holes and having their photos taken – and that’s the magic of how photo cutouts promote engagement with locations, brands, campaigns and causes.


Nutcracker dolls are associated with Christmas thanks to German stories like The Nutcracker and the Mouse King by E.T.A. Hoffmann, in which a young girl’s favourite Christmas toy comes alive and defeats the evil Mouse King before he takes her away to a magical land populated by dolls. Tchaikovsky’s Ballet of the same name is based on Alexandre Dumas’s adaptation of Hoffmann’s story.

Nutcracker dolls originated in 17th-century Germany and are traditional Christmas children’s toys there. They became popular outside Germany when World War II soldiers took them back to the United States and the rest of Europe as souvenirs.

For more about the Nutcracker Trail, see below.

Nutcracker Trail

Photo Cutouts create gorgeous, colourful face-in-the-hole boards, photo stand-ins and photo walls for events, promotions, branding, marketing and charity fundraising. There’s still time for us to make one for you for the Christmas shopping season!

See our range of Christmas boards

Find out more about creating custom branded face in the hole boards to promote your business, charity, cause or event.

How to use a hashtag on your photo cutout board

hashtag, photo cutout board
One of our customers using hashtags on their photo cutout board

Are you planning social media for your event? Then you’ll need a branded hashtag that shows the world your event, cause or message. In the above example, the Dogs Trust used #SponsorADog, which gets their intentions across well. They also linked it to something larger with #DigMyPhoto, which is a hashtag used for photo sharing. So the two hashtags together both showed people where to find out more about their cause, and helped to spread the message.

Good use of hashtags can create real momentum for your event or campaign. So how do you go about creating the most effective branded hashtag possible?

Keep it short. Hashtags with ten characters or fewer are best. #sponsoralovelyfriendlydoggie would not have worked so well for the Dogs Trust, because it’s difficult to remember and laborious to type.

Look for something memorable and relevant. It should clearly communicate your message, and if it’s memorable then so much the better. It doesn’t need to have your company name or charity name in it, but more importantly it needs to clearly get across the reason for this particular campaign. So include keywords relevant to the campaign. #SponsorADog is a good example.

Make it distinctive. It’s easy for hashtags to confuse people, and you don’t want to appear to be misleading anyone. It should not resemble any other hashtags too closely or be easily confused with them.

Capitalise the first letter of each word. You should always do this with hashtags. #sponsoradog would still work, but #SponsorADog is easier to read.

If your campaign is associated with anything current or trending, work it into the hashtag. Here’s an example: Mod Pizza had a promotion at the Breeze festival, so they stuck the two together and came up with #ModBreeze.

hashtag, photo cutout board, marketing, branding, hashtag, social media, twitter

Stick with the hashtag throughout your campaign. It’s the only way to grow social media interest because it’s a unique identifier that gradually gathers momentum.

When you have crafted the perfect hashtag, we’ll work it into the design of your photo cutout board and make it nice and big and clear so that it is easy to read on shared photos of the board. Photo sharing is the real power of photo cutout boards.

Find out how to get a branded photo cutout board here.