Dogs, gingerbread and sausages! This week’s new boards

We are making more boards than ever this Summer, and they are just flying out the door as all kinds of organisations snap them up for their parties, promotions, fundraising campaigns and product launches. This week’s roundup of new boards happens to feature dogs rather heavily!

And customers love them. Here is a nice testimonial from Runnymede Vets / Pets1st after using the board they commissioned from us for their open day. vets dogs face in hole board testimonial

Here are some folks at the open day enjoying the board. The ‘dog’ doesn’t look too worried considering the size of the thermometer!

dogs thermometer face in hole board

Last weekend was the Allergy & Free From Show at Kensington Olympia in London. We made a board for Asda supermarkets to promote their award-winning Free From range. The hashtag on the board prompted lots of photo shares on Twitter to help promote the brand. Here’s an example:

gluten free photo cutout board

Putting a hashtag on your custom face in hole board is a great way to get people to share photos of your branded board online and give you extra exposure.

We made another dog-related board recently. This one was for Vets4Pets, a nationwide veterinary practice who wanted to promote their business at Dogfest, a distinctly mutt-based show covering all things canine, with dogs the star attendees. Here’s the design, with a human standing in as the dog:

Dogs photo cutout board

And here it is in action at the show, being used as intended by a happy dog ‘running off with the sausages’:

dog sausages photo cutout board

We’ve made face in hole boards for many of the UK’s leading brands, businesses, organisations and charities. The design and manufacture process is simple and straightforward – here’s a little video about how boards are designed, made and delivered.

Photo cutout boards are a proven way to promote brands, causes and businesses. So tell your marketing department about or ring us yourself for a friendly quote!

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Face in hole boards: get your pets involved!

We’ve always made face in hole boards mostly for human beings to put their faces through. The humans have always responded by being amused and enjoying the experience. But who’s to say that furry people can’t also get into the whole face in hole thing as well?

We were inspired to speculate on this by a recent video of cats in wigs. Wigs stuck to face in hole boards, to be precise. The ‘boards’ are somewhat more tubular than our photo cutout boards generally are, but this seems to be necessary to tempt the felines in. Maybe treats were used as well. Or it could just be the legendary liking cats have for cardboard boxes. Anyway, here’s the video.

😂😂😂😂YT : mugumogu

Posted by Spiral Out on Wednesday, April 19, 2017

This got us to thinking, why not make face in hole boards for pets? We’ve already come close to it with our face in hole board for River Dart Country Park, in which a dog got the right idea. All right, maybe the people were holding the dog but still, the face in hole for pets idea has potential.

dog, face in hole board, animals, pets, furry
That’s it, boy! Pirate dog, arrrrrrr!

As well as pets pretending to be people, there’s scope for people to pretend to be pets with our boards. Our board for the Dogs Trust got plenty of human action when in use.

Pets, face in hole board, fun, animals, cats, dogs
Sometimes a face just fits. Maybe it’s the beard

… as did our series of boards for World Animal Protection.

Pets, face in hole, dogs, cats, furry people
Somebody liberating his inner dog in one of our World Animal Protection boards

Let’s face it, a dog will poke its nose through any hole to see what’s on the other side. If it’s at the right height, a doggy face in hole board could result in some memorable photos. Watch this space while we work out the backgrounds that will give maximum comedy effect!

For all your face in hole needs, including custom photo cutout boards for events, promotions, weddings, charity fundraising, product launches and awards ceremonies, call Photo Cutouts on 08450 570321 or email today.

Crufts season: helping marketing for dogs charity


rehoming dogs, charity, crufts, face in hole board, photo cutout board, fundraising

With Crufts coming up this weekend, the nation’s thoughts are with man’s best friend. The world’s biggest dog show will be on our screens showcasing the finest and best-groomed dogs in the country.

It’s the perfect time to also spare a thought for the dogs who are not in the limelight and who are down on their luck. Charity organisations like the Dogs Trust take homeless dogs in, take care of them and find them new homes.

PhotoCutouts are proud to have worked with the Dogs Trust for the last two years to create promotional materials for the charity. Our photo cutout boards have helped in their fundraising efforts around the country. Here’s a glimpse into how we worked with the lovely folks at the Dogs Trust to create their photo cutout boards.

First our artists did a concept sketch based on ideas from the charity’s marketing manager. From the start we included the organisation’s logo and gave their hashtags a prominent position on the board.

Crufts, dogs, charity, rehoming

This went through a couple more stages with amendments to minor details. Then our designer added colour and made a few more tweaks to produce the final board which the charity approved and accepted.

charity marketing board dogs trust crufts

We printed the design in high resolution onto weatherproof, durable foamex PVC boards, cut out the face holes and added wide, stable feet to stop the boards getting blown over in the wind. These features are standard on all our boards.

We also made some roll-up banners with the same design. These are great for carrying around and unrolling wherever they are needed. They come with lightweight telescopic stands that are easily transportable and can be set up in moments. Here’s a roll-up banner in action.

Charity fundraising board marketing dogs

Photo cutout boards are a proven way to attract people to charity fundraising stands, trade show stands, and other types of promotional or fundraising event. The public like to interact with them and share their photos on social media. If you are a charity fundraiser, get in touch with us now to discuss a photo cutout board for your next campaign.

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