Photo Wall: the ultimate face in hole board

Take things to a ‘hole’ new level!

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An extension of the face-in-hole concept, our Photo Wall is the perfect tool to create unforgettable photos at weddings, significant birthday parties and family gatherings. It creates a warm and cosy atmosphere by mimicking a vintage living room, complete with picture frames to allow guests to peer down from the wall as if they were paintings or old photographs!

For some reason it’s really, really funny to see your friends and relatives goofing about in picture frames, and the photos and videos you get are usually hilarious. The Photo Wall comes alive and it’s like something out of an old movie. We recommend a video or photo filter that makes the shots look grainy, like 1980’s VHS or 8mm film camera. Add a vintage soundtrack and you’ve got a classic film that family and guests can all enjoy!

To enhance the vintage living room feel, the Photo Wall comes with a set of vintage props: a mini chaise longue and some old distressed leather suitcases containing a variety of props like hats, glasses and handheld novelties for guests to improvise with.

The Wall comes with some actual pictures on frames (smaller than the ones your guests appear in), but you can replace them with real family photos of your own if you like. We’ve seen families and wedding guests screaming with laughter in the Photo Wall as they make up their own hi-jinks to amuse each other!

Here’s another photo of the Photo Wall in use, this time with our hand-held speech bubbles that offer another layer of visual fun to still photos. They can be wipe-clean if requested, so that your guests can write their own messages on them. We bundle them in with the Photo Wall for free so you can have maximum fun!

photo wall with speech bubbles

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Water saving with photo cutout boards!

Board of the week: Affinity Water

Affinity Water photo cutout for marketing and public engagement

We have been working with green campaigners Hubbub for quite a while now and have produced 7 different board designs for them, including the #FFSLdn (For Fish’s Sake, London) campaign to stop littering in the Thames and help fish get on with their lives without having to deal with so much dangerous plastic and other waste that people tip down the drains and thence into the river.

This week they asked us for a board to raise awareness of water wastage for water supplier Affinity Water. Pretty cool isn’t it?

As you can see in the picture above, taken from Twitter, photo boards form a good basis for social media awareness campaigns because they are so visual and people participate readily by putting their faces in the board and snapping and sharing photos. We are happy to be helping Hubbub again in raising awareness of environmental issues.

We also make boards for a number of UK charities, including Sense, Dogs Trust, RSPCA, World Animal Protection, Poppy Scotland and the Penny Appeal.

It’s on every fundraiser’s wish list to get as much engagement with the public as possible, and custom-designed face in the hole boards are just the ticket. We add the organisation’s logo, images, hashtags, URLs, phone numbers and any other insignia they request to help their campaigns.

When people take photos and share them on social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook, the campaign’s logo and message is carried around the web, further increasing awareness and engagement.

This particular board is part of Affinity Water’s campaign to inform people about how they might be wasting water because of a leaky loo, a wasteful flush, and things like leaving the tap running while brushing their teeth. We all do something to waste water, don’t we?

Photo Cutouts are proud to be supporting this campaign and getting its message out in public and on the web.


More peep board action from around Britain!

England cricketer Kevin Pietersen was spotted by the Daily Mail with his head in a peep board alongside pictures of current England players Alastair Cook, Steven Finn and Ben Stokes. The joke is that Pietersen hasn’t been selected to play for England since the disastrous Ashes series of 2013-14 and a bit of a kerfuffle about derogatory text messages. Pietersen tweeted the photo with the message, ‘Please pick me!’

The board, sponsored by Waitrose, was for a competition to win the chance to be an England Cricket Mascot. Pietersen will do anything to get back on the pitch with England, even if he’s the mascot!

photo cutout board, peep board, standee, pietersen, cricket
Pietersen: ‘Please pick me!’

Residents of Uppermill, near Oldham, Greater Manchester staged a seaside musical and just had to create a seaside face in hole board to complete the fun atmosphere. This one is in the Fat Lady and Skinny Man tradition – here’s our version of the much-loved classic.

The Royal Norfolk Show had a King Kong face in hole board mocked up as the front page of the Eastern Daily Times. The giant ape is seen clinging to the spire of Norwich Cathedral. It was part of an appearance and cook-in by TV chef James Martin, host of Saturday Kitchen.

photo cutout board, giant ape, Norwich
A story made for Alan Partridge.

And landlocked Harborough, Leicestershire, held a ‘Harborough-by-the-Sea’ event in the town square to give residents some idea of what being by the seaside is actually like, including a sandpit ‘beach’ and, of course, beach and nautical-themed photo cutout boards to give that seaside feel. It was a bit like the time The Sun newspaper used one of our boards to give the children of Coton-in-the-Elms, the farthest village from the coast in Great Britain, a taste of the beach by importing sand, buckets and spades, and an inflatable palm tree.

If you’re looking for an entertaining idea for a party, business promotion, corporate event or wedding, we have the whole range of boards to choose from to hire or buy. Check out our designs here and call for our reasonable rates!