Dress up as your ancestors – or someone else’s ancestors

ancestors portrait reconstruction

In a fascinating news story recently, it was revealed that an artist from Peru likes to dress up as his ancestors (both male and female) in painstaking photographic reproductions of his old family portraits. It seems he is obsessed with his noble lineage and so proud of it that he goes to great lengths to recreate historic oil portraits of his forebears, with himself playing the central role.

He probably hasn’t heard of face in hole boards. He could have had the portraits printed onto board, cut out the faces, applied some careful makeup and put his face in the hole to mimic his ancestors. But he’s clearly such a perfectionist that he feels it necessary to recreate the whole painting. Fair enough. It takes all sorts.

The National Self Portrait Gallery is based on a similar idea. We haven’t managed to actually track down the descendants of Queen Elizabeth I, Henry VIII and the model who sat for the Mona Lisa and get them to pose in reproductions of the famous paintings, but the face in hole format gives anyone the chance to step into historic portraits!

Let’s play spot the difference. Here is Peruvian artist Christian Fuchs posing as his great-great-great-great grandfather next to the original painting:

face in hole portrait

And here’s an event attendee posing as The Laughing Cavalier in one of the panels of the National Self Portrait Gallery, our pop-up face in hole art gallery:

dress up as your ancestors

Can you see the join where his head goes through the hole? No, neither can we! Perfect isn’t it?

The National Self Portrait Gallery consists of several panels of four or five portraits with the faces cut out and a space behind for guests to stand and put their faces through the holes. Hey presto – they become historical figures! Friends and other guests can snap away with their cameras or smartphones and get the results on Instagram, Pinterest or wherever they like.

To find out more about the National Self Portrait Gallery, visit http://www.photocutouts.co.uk/pop-up-art-gallery.htm

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How to use a hashtag on your photo cutout board

hashtag, photo cutout board
One of our customers using hashtags on their photo cutout board

Are you planning social media for your event? Then you’ll need a branded hashtag that shows the world your event, cause or message. In the above example, the Dogs Trust used #SponsorADog, which gets their intentions across well. They also linked it to something larger with #DigMyPhoto, which is a hashtag used for photo sharing. So the two hashtags together both showed people where to find out more about their cause, and helped to spread the message.

Good use of hashtags can create real momentum for your event or campaign. So how do you go about creating the most effective branded hashtag possible?

Keep it short. Hashtags with ten characters or fewer are best. #sponsoralovelyfriendlydoggie would not have worked so well for the Dogs Trust, because it’s difficult to remember and laborious to type.

Look for something memorable and relevant. It should clearly communicate your message, and if it’s memorable then so much the better. It doesn’t need to have your company name or charity name in it, but more importantly it needs to clearly get across the reason for this particular campaign. So include keywords relevant to the campaign. #SponsorADog is a good example.

Make it distinctive. It’s easy for hashtags to confuse people, and you don’t want to appear to be misleading anyone. It should not resemble any other hashtags too closely or be easily confused with them.

Capitalise the first letter of each word. You should always do this with hashtags. #sponsoradog would still work, but #SponsorADog is easier to read.

If your campaign is associated with anything current or trending, work it into the hashtag. Here’s an example: Mod Pizza had a promotion at the Breeze festival, so they stuck the two together and came up with #ModBreeze.

hashtag, photo cutout board, marketing, branding, hashtag, social media, twitter

Stick with the hashtag throughout your campaign. It’s the only way to grow social media interest because it’s a unique identifier that gradually gathers momentum.

When you have crafted the perfect hashtag, we’ll work it into the design of your photo cutout board and make it nice and big and clear so that it is easy to read on shared photos of the board. Photo sharing is the real power of photo cutout boards.

Find out how to get a branded photo cutout board here.


Photocutouts.co.uk rock the German Embassy!

Photocutouts.co.uk have supplied two large photo cutout boards to the German Embassy in London for their German Unity Day celebrations. The boards depicted the German national women’s team, who won gold at the Rio Olympics, and the men’s team who won the World Cup, which coincidentally was also in Rio. Both celebrating teams dominated the room at the Embassy during the celebration.

Here is the board in action during the event – it is just about visible in the background! That’s the best photo we managed to get.

Schweinsteiger, german football, olympics, world cup, German women's football
Germans have a lot to celebrate in football terms

But here they are at our premises in all their glory, with their creator Jim looking on. Cool, aren’t they? (Click the images to enlarge!)

German football team face in hole boards
Our designer Jim is the man!

German women's football team


Germany world cup, Schweinsteiger
Schweinsteiger celebrates the World Cup win
German women's football team, rio 2016, gold medal
The German women’s team with their Rio gold medals

The German Embassy event was a resounding success and we have received thanks from Embassy staff for helping to make it memorable.

These boards are an example of our capability for making bespoke boards for organisations, charities, weddings and companies. Find out here how to go about getting a custom board designed for your event, whatever it may be: a marketing promotion, a product launch, a wedding, a charity fundraising event, or an embassy party!

Watch our video about how we make a custom-designed photo cutout board to fit your needs.

If you are planning an event and would like to add an extra special something with a photo cutout board that sums up your cause, brand, love, or message, give us a call on 08450 570 321 today to talk it over!


A little video about photocutouts.co.uk

We’ve made a little video to show you how we design and create a photo cutout board for your event, party, wedding or fundraiser. We design and make the perfect face in hole board for your occasion. Call us to discuss your idea, or if you don’t have an idea, we’ll think of one for you! (08450 570 321)

Our custom boards are one of a kind. We make them perfectly sum up your business, charity, event or wedding. We’ll happily add any logos, branding, hashtags, web addresses, phone numbers etc. you desire, so that when people share their photos of the face in hole action, your message is shared as well on social media.

It really is as simple as the video suggests! Give us a call or email, and tell us your idea for the perfect photo cutout board for your event. We can design it from scratch for you and work with you until you are happy with it, or you can send us a sketch or your own design and we’ll create and build the board for you!

Each board is made of washable, waterproof Foamex PVC mounted on a sturdy aluminium frame with stable legs that keep it steady, even in moderate winds.

eventprofs, photo cutout boards, face in hole boards
There are completed boards: sturdy, durable and stable.

Does this blog post spark an idea in your mind for a photo cutout board that could boost your charity fundraising, business presence, wedding fun or party atmosphere? Call us on 08450 870 321 or email Shelley at office@connectedshopping.com.

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Charities use peep boards on their campaign trail

Whether it is to campaign about the ethics of dairy farming, or to highlight the dangers of ghost fishing gear, there is one thing that one of our clients wanted, and  that is to communicate their campaigns in a fun and interactive way!

Charities we are working with acknowledge that a peep board is a fun way to engage with their potential audience and a great way to get some publicity for their brand.  Of course everyone loves to share a good photo too!

Using a large printed photo cutout allowing 3 face holes, the peep board selected allowed many participants to feature in their campaigns at Food festivals and other activities over the Summer period.


Their first campaign was to keep cows on the grass and for consumers to have the choice to buy milk that has come from cows that graze on the grass for the majority of the year.  You can read more about their campaign in their blog called ‘Itching to get Outdoors’

Bespoke photo cut out in use by a charity
A photo board was a unique way to promote the message of the #FullFactMilk campaign.


The second campaign was to educate more about the way in which ghost fishing gear is left in the sea and the devastating impact it has on sea animals.  Again you can read more in their blog called ‘Summers the time to tackle ghost gear’

The danger of ghost fishing was highlighted during this WAP campaign in Bognor Regis.

In most cases a peep board is a great way to interact with an audience and of course create some great photo memories.

Why not contact us for a bespoke board for the forthcoming Christmas season and festivities?