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Hand sanitiser stations for soft plays, nurseries and schools

At Photo Cutouts we often customise our existing designs to meet the needs of our customers. Since launching our hand sanitiser stations, we have worked with our clients to adapt the design for children. With the recent easing of lockdown restrictions to allow soft play centres to open, and the start of the school term on the horizon (hang in there parents!), here is some food for thought on customising sanitation stations for children.

Clear and simple artworkHand Sanitiser Station_1 dispenser with logo

Our current artwork is simple and easy to understand and has been a hit with several schools for that reason.

The design includes 3 clear steps:
1. Dispense alcohol gel
2. Rub into your hands thoroughly
3. Rub until gel has evaporated

If you have a slogan or rhyme that you are using to help children remember the importance of hand hygiene, then we can adapt these steps to suit your messaging.

Childrens Sanitiser stationBright and colourful designs

We are able to produce boards in the range of designs to suit the age range of children at your setting. We can also incorporate any company mascots that children may already be familiar with. Give us your brief and our designers can come up with a bespoke solution.

Dispenser height for children

Soft play centres, nurseries and primary schools can request a lower position for the dispenser units. Toddlers, pre-schoolers and Early Years children may find the sanitiser stations easier to use independently with a lower dispenser height.

Wheeled sanitiser stationsWheeled hand sanitiser station

Having castors on the sanitiser stations is useful for bringing hand washing to the children and reduces movement around schools, nurseries and soft plays.

At schools, children are most likely to be eating lunch in their classrooms. So having a wheeled sanitiser station will come in handy for teachers to take between classrooms.

At soft plays – the sanitiser station can be moved across to the party table for guests to clean their hands before eating.

Where one-way systems are in place, wheeled sanitiser stations can be moved from the entrance to exit points with ease.

Double sided hand sanitiser station for schoolDoubled-sided options

Keep socially distanced queues moving at the start and end of the school day, or between sessions with doubled-sided hand sanitiser stations. Children are not known for their patience when queuing so help reduce the stress of waiting in line with eager little ones.

Get in touch

If you are interested in using branded hand sanitiser stations at your school, nursery or soft play, then please get in touch with the team. We are more than happy to adapt our designs to suit the needs of your setting.

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London Party Boats introduce Social Distance River Cruise

London Party Boats have reopened after lockdown with the launch of the Social Distance River Cruise. Prior to launch, the team at London Party Boats worked hard to meet the Government guidelines for reopening. They approached us for 2 branded hand sanitiser stations to position on the dock for guests.

London Party Boats Hand Sanitiser Stations
Hand Sanitiser Stations ready to welcome guests at Festival Pier

The reduction to 1m+ social distancing rules have helped make reopening more feasible for such businesses. Every effort has been made to keep guests of the floating party venue safe. Onboard, tables have been positioned at a safe distance, table service is in place and there is even a retractable glass roof (weather permitting), to keep the air flowing.

London Party Boats opted for singe dispenser hand sanitiser stations, complete with their logo and own messaging. The hand sanitiser stations are freestanding and portable so can be moved inside on closing up. Guests will find them positioned on the dock at Festival Pier to use to sanitise their hands on entering the boat.

Branded hand sanitiser station
All aboard! But do clean your hands first

Operating at 25% capacity, the Social Distance River Cruise is a great opportunity to get out but avoiding any crowded pubs and restaurants. The 2 hour cruises are running every Saturday throughout July and August, book here and don’t forget to “Clean Your Hands” when boarding.

Hand Sanitiser Stations

Our hand sanitiser stations are freestanding and portable. They can be positioned indoors or out. They also include universal, bulk-fill dispensers. The dispensers can be used with any alcohol gel so you will not be restricted to the product that you refill with.

If you would like a chat with the team about introducing our hand sanitiser stations to your business or venue, then give us a call.

Our lead time is currently 10-14 days. If you have a tight deadline, then let us know and we can do our best to meet your timings.

Email the team: office@connectedshopping.com

Give us a call: 01284 848330