Run a photo board competition to boost sales!

In July we featured the fabulous photo cutout board we made for River Dart Country Park. We revealed the process of creating the boards we make, from design sketch to finished product.

peep board, standee board, photo board
The finished board ready for use

That same board is now the centre of a promotional competition – and it’s a great example of how a board can be used again and again for fundraising.

River Dart Country Park are using a well-tested competiton format involving Twitter. For a chance to win a two-day family camping trip, contestants have to visit the park, snap themselves using the photo board, and share the snaps using the #JollyDart hashtag. It’s actually the same ruse as we mentioned in last week’s blog post, where U.S. brand MOD Pizza used a hashtag and photo board to promote brand awareness in the UK. It’s a win-win because it drives people to the park whilst promoting brand awareness. Could your company try this proven tactic to grow sales and brand awareness?

River Dart Country Park aren’t just using Twitter; people can use the hashtag on Facebook and Instagram as well. Our guess is that the competition will go well for them, and we congratulate them on continuing to think of creative ways to use their photo cutout board. Their marketing manager is obviously on the ball, and wants to get the most out of their photo board investment.

May the best photo win! Here’s one that might, with even the dog joining in.

photo cutout board, stand-in board, dog, woof, bark
The board in situ being used by holidaymakers

That’s the beauty of buying a face-in-hole board from with your branding, logo, hashtags, web addresses or other insignia on the board, shared photos spread the word about your company, charity or event around the internet at the speed of light. A particularly good photo has a chance of going viral – the holy grail of marketing!

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5 uses for Photo Cutout boards

Seaside Photo Cutouts
Hire our Seaside Photo Cutouts for your event

1.  Create some wedding memories

Use at a wedding for some humour with the mother-in-law and the other wedding guests. Poke your face through the photo cutout and be photographed as the large lady in the bathing suit or the skinny lifeguard for some light hearted fun with the family.

2.  Brighten up your child’s birthday party 

Whether the birthday boy wants to ride a donkey or be the strong man on the pier, the photo cutouts are bound to create some giggles!

3.  Add something playful to your corporate event

Liven up the staff party with some traditional slapstick saucy postcard style face in the hole boards.  Encourage the shy secretary to let her hair down as a buxom lady enjoying an ice cream on the beach or relaxing with her loved one with a picnic on the sand in these photo cutout boards.

4.  Plaster your pals or teachers with wet sponges in the stocks

The school Summer fair and the time has come to get your teacher back for all that homework. Put them in the photo cutout boards as stocks and soak them with as many sponges as you can.  A funky alternative to the traditional Wooden Stocks you would find in medieval times. Fun for all ages – even grown ups too!

5.  Use as a putting obstacle on your seaside crazy golf course

Bored of the same obstacles on your crazy golf course? Then brighten up your seaside course with a series of  beach themed PicturePutt obstacle pieces, two activities for the price of one! Bound to have your players coming back for another round!