Dress up as your ancestors – or someone else’s ancestors

ancestors portrait reconstruction

In a fascinating news story recently, it was revealed that an artist from Peru likes to dress up as his ancestors (both male and female) in painstaking photographic reproductions of his old family portraits. It seems he is obsessed with his noble lineage and so proud of it that he goes to great lengths to recreate historic oil portraits of his forebears, with himself playing the central role.

He probably hasn’t heard of face in hole boards. He could have had the portraits printed onto board, cut out the faces, applied some careful makeup and put his face in the hole to mimic his ancestors. But he’s clearly such a perfectionist that he feels it necessary to recreate the whole painting. Fair enough. It takes all sorts.

The National Self Portrait Gallery is based on a similar idea. We haven’t managed to actually track down the descendants of Queen Elizabeth I, Henry VIII and the model who sat for the Mona Lisa and get them to pose in reproductions of the famous paintings, but the face in hole format gives anyone the chance to step into historic portraits!

Let’s play spot the difference. Here is Peruvian artist Christian Fuchs posing as his great-great-great-great grandfather next to the original painting:

face in hole portrait

And here’s an event attendee posing as The Laughing Cavalier in one of the panels of the National Self Portrait Gallery, our pop-up face in hole art gallery:

dress up as your ancestors

Can you see the join where his head goes through the hole? No, neither can we! Perfect isn’t it?

The National Self Portrait Gallery consists of several panels of four or five portraits with the faces cut out and a space behind for guests to stand and put their faces through the holes. Hey presto – they become historical figures! Friends and other guests can snap away with their cameras or smartphones and get the results on Instagram, Pinterest or wherever they like.

To find out more about the National Self Portrait Gallery, visit http://www.photocutouts.co.uk/pop-up-art-gallery.htm

To hire the NSPG, call 08450 570 321 or email office@connectedshopping.com

NEW popup art gallery!

Popup art gallery

At Photocutouts.co.uk we have created a brand new and totally unique face-in-hole experience: It is a mobile art gallery available for hire to add a special twist to corporate events, fundraising drives, product launches, PR and marketing events. It consists of a collection of classic paintings from the 16th century to the present day, arranged into a series of photo walls that assemble into an art gallery-like experience. The fun part is that visitors and guests put their faces through the holes to have their photos taken, just as with our very successful face in hole boards.

Welcome to the National Self Portrait Gallery!

Popup art gallery, face in hole boards, classic paintings

Treat your guests to an unforgettable journey through art history – where they become part of the art!

Our unique National Self Portrait Gallery brings the face-in-hole format bang up to date in a tasteful and amusing way. Book the Gallery for your next event – we’ll deliver and set it up quickly and efficiently, leaving you to entertain your guests with wine, nibbles and a timeless masterpiece or two!

Pop up art gallery, face in hole boards. peep boards

The portraits are arranged into six boards which can be arranged to fit your venue. Guests walk behind them and try to do their best Laughing Cavalier or Henry VIII. This creates unforgettable photo memories of your event!

Popup art gallery, face in hole, art gallery, event hire, entertainment, corporate events

Six of these boards combine to give the effect of a real portrait gallery.

Pop up art gallery, national self portrait gallery, face in hole boards, classic paintings, portraits

Find out more at our website: www.photocutouts.co.uk/pop-up-art-gallery.htm

The NSPG is so special we’ve given it its own website too, which you can find at www.nationalselfportraitgallery.co.uk .

Hire the Gallery for your next event and make an impression – there’s nothing else like this out there!