Summer event boards

Get your Summer event boards designed soon!

Don’t laugh! Right now we might be scraping ice off our cars every morning, but the weather will be warmer before we know it, and the Summer events season will be upon us. Our first Photo Cutouts were born from the traditional idea of the Summer seaside face in the hole board, and they are still timeless classics. We started out with cheeky traditional boards like ‘Fat Lady on the Beach’ and ‘Skinny Jimmy the Lifeguard’. Now we’ve got a lot of varied designs that come at the classic theme from different angles. Here are a few of them. They might give you an idea for a design of your own (you can have logos, branding etc. on your board to promote your brand, cause, or event!)

Summer event boards, Summer marketing props, compact marketing props UK

We can make a totally unique custom board for you – find out how here.

Blue Flag England, Summer event boards

Our Summer event boards have all the fun of the seaside. We update the designs all the time to bring something new to the concept. The boards are printed with your own design or ours – if you have artwork to send over, we’ll print it for you onto durable, waterproof PVC board that’s sturdy and stands on stable feet so it won’t blow over or fall down in anything except a hurricane (not wishing to tempt fate!)

Summer photo opportunity board
Check out the super sturdy feet!

If you want to tell someone about Photo Cutouts, why not download the leaflet below and send it to them? It has all our contact details on it. Just right click, download and email it to them!

Photocutouts leaflet
In case you haven’t seen it, here’s our A4 leaflet. Share it with friends who might like a photo cutout board!

Start planning your Summer event board now – get in touch with Photo Cutouts at or call us for a friendly chat on 08450 570321!

Beach boards celebrate our coastal culture

This week we’ll take a break from the booming custom made boards side of our business and get back to basics with the boards that started it all: colourful seaside fat lady on the beach-style face in hole boards. Nostalgic and fun, they hark back to the saucy postcards of naughty artist Donald McGill and have become a vintage classic and a cherished part of our coastal heritage.

beach donkey holiday photo cutout board
Little Johnny

They are perfect for seaside parties, beach-themed parties, birthdays, seaside weddings and company events (we can brand them if required).

photo board, skinny jimmy, british seaside tradition
Skinny Jimmy, a classic seaside photo cutout board

Take your pick from our cheeky, postcard-style, traditional beach designs. Choose from Punch and Judy, Ethel and Ernie, Skinny Jimmy, Betty and Billy, Fat Mabel, Little Johnny, Thin Tim & Big Bertha, Doris and Dick and Strong John to add to your event. Perfect for use at school fêtes, parties and family fun days.

fat lady on a beach seaside face in hole board
Here she is … the original Fat Lady on the Beach! Isn’t she lovely?

We think traditional British coastal culture is worth preserving, and it’s nice to see it thriving in a few areas, but much more can be done. Here’s a link to a blog post we made last year which talks about the Seaside Heritage Network, an initiative to catalogue and preserve our valuable coastal cultural assets.

Our seaside boards don’t take as long to make as custom boards, because the designs are already done and we can get the boards out to you in just a few days as opposed to two weeks or more for a custom board. That makes them ideal for last-minute party planning – all we need is a week’s notice. Why not add one to your Summer party, beach event, birthday party? It adds so much fun and is bound to produce some memorable photos!

08450 570321

Photo cutout boards: as featured in The Sun!

This is a throwback to 2014 when The Sun sent their ‘beach expert’ reporter Mike Ridley on a mercy mission to take a beach to the village of Coton-in-the-Elms near Burton on Trent. The village has the unenviable distinction of being the furthest village from the coast in Great Britain. The nearest beach is 70 miles away and was chosen because statistics show that 38% of youngsters under 16 have never been to the seaside.

The Sun, newspaper, photo cutout board, most landlocked village,
The Sun used one of our photo cutout boards for their mercy mission to Coton-in-the Elms, the most landlocked village in England

The nearest beaches are 70 miles away and the closest seaside resort is Skegness — 80 miles from the village.

The Sun chose a photo cutout board as part of their attempt to recreate the atmosphere of the seaside for those poor landlocked kids. Along with several tonnes of sand, buckets and spades, and an inflatable palm tree. The children soaked each other with water and got sand stuck to themselves, discovering the delights of the British coast from a distance.

The photo cutout board was a hit, of course. There’s something so irresistible about them. You see one and just have to poke your face through it and shout ‘Look at me!’. The Currant Bun shot a nice video of the event which includes our board and kids having fun with it. You can watch it by clicking this link. 

With Summer 2016 on its way, why not create your own inland beach scene for a party or event? A seaside-themed photo cutout board will complete the scene. Everybody knows them, everybody loves them. They can be branded to your company for corporate events, awards ceremonies, trade shows and parties, or personalised for weddings!  We have a range of designs you can find here.

Boards can be hired or purchased and designed to your specifications or theme if you require a bespoke board.

Go on – you know you want one!