Run a photo board competition to boost sales!

In July we featured the fabulous photo cutout board we made for River Dart Country Park. We revealed the process of creating the boards we make, from design sketch to finished product.

peep board, standee board, photo board
The finished board ready for use

That same board is now the centre of a promotional competition – and it’s a great example of how a board can be used again and again for fundraising.

River Dart Country Park are using a well-tested competiton format involving Twitter. For a chance to win a two-day family camping trip, contestants have to visit the park, snap themselves using the photo board, and share the snaps using the #JollyDart hashtag. It’s actually the same ruse as we mentioned in last week’s blog post, where U.S. brand MOD Pizza used a hashtag and photo board to promote brand awareness in the UK. It’s a win-win because it drives people to the park whilst promoting brand awareness. Could your company try this proven tactic to grow sales and brand awareness?

River Dart Country Park aren’t just using Twitter; people can use the hashtag on Facebook and Instagram as well. Our guess is that the competition will go well for them, and we congratulate them on continuing to think of creative ways to use their photo cutout board. Their marketing manager is obviously on the ball, and wants to get the most out of their photo board investment.

May the best photo win! Here’s one that might, with even the dog joining in.

photo cutout board, stand-in board, dog, woof, bark
The board in situ being used by holidaymakers

That’s the beauty of buying a face-in-hole board from with your branding, logo, hashtags, web addresses or other insignia on the board, shared photos spread the word about your company, charity or event around the internet at the speed of light. A particularly good photo has a chance of going viral – the holy grail of marketing!

Ask us about branded photo boards today. Call Shelley or Richard on 08450 570321 / email

Festive Party Planning

10 steps to Planning the Perfect Festive Party

Festive Party Planning

If you are the one with the job of planning your Christmas party, then we emphathise with you and the stress it can often cause.

Festive Party Planning

Here are our top ten steps for planning a festive get together.

1 – Venue and Date

This can be a difficult one if you have remote workers or those who travel to your business address.  Choosing a venue that is accessible to all, has adequate parking or a venue that can offer a packaged festive party plan with a cost per head, is usually the safest bet.

As for the date, get in early.  Offer a couple of dates and then go with the majority – there will always be someone that can’t make that date, so don’t feel embarrassed that a team member will be missing.

And of course, be prepared for some sore heads the next morning, which in turn can affect office productivity.

2 – Budget

Get this one clear from the off.  If you are solely in charge, have a quiet chat with the boss about the reality of how much things would cost for the size of the team you plan to be entertain.

Ideally settle this in September to allow adequate planning for the scope of event you and the business can afford.

3 – Guest List

Be clear about this too as it is important to establish whether partners and / or families can attend.  If you have a good year financially why not throw an all inclusive event so that your team feel valued for their achievements?

Communicate this early to ensure there are no assumptions from the employee or employer.

4 – Theming

Themes are always popular and getting the team to dress up add more fun to a corporate party.  This can be anything from a Winter Wonderland, a traditional Christmas theme or a Santa’s Grotto or workshop.

Props are easy to source and can be anything from a Rodeo Reindeer, Christmas Bingo, festive back drops, Santa and Elf hats for the party goers or even a fun fair if you can afford it.

You may even decide to run a competition for the best Christmas jumper worn on the night or run a festive pub quiz to keep your the party-goers engaged.

5 – Entertainment

Add something to keep everyone entertained.  Add some variety and novelty like a jukebox, magicians, casino table or festive photo board cutouts or a photo booth for fun memories.

Choose reputable suppliers in advance to ensure you get what you are expecting.  There is nothing worse than your main act not appearing, which leaves an uncomfortable gap in the evening’s festive party and unhappy party revellers.

6 – Table Plan

Choose wisely if not you might have something more explosive than your table crackers!  With larger tables, it would be a good idea to get all parties to move along a seat after each course to ensure the conversation continues to flow with the mulled wine.

7 – Event Management

Hire an event planner to do this for you.

If the budget won’t allow a planner, delegate this task to a couple of trusted team members to control the evening’s events who can still enjoy the fun.  After all someone has to control the tone of the event and ensure that everything goes with the flow, if not all that effort soon loses its sparkle.

8 – Eat, Drink and be merry!

Be sure to make sure everyone is replenished.  We have all been to those parties and get togethers where the hosts have fallen short on supplies – both food and drink.

Things to consider are those who may be driving, those with food allergies or intolerances and those that might have to leave early for babysitters.

Ensure the menu offers simplified foods and is in plentiful supply.  Christmas is the season for indulgence so make sure that this the case.  And don’t feel turkey has to be on the menu!

9 – Speeches and Awards

A perfect time to award staff members something for their achievements and for the Director to stand up and deliver a short ‘thank you’ speech.  This is a great post dinner activity and an opportunity to thank those that have excelled this year.

10 – Transport home

An important way to end the festive party (or start it!)  Organising transport to ensure everyone gets home safely is a must.  Why not hire a bus or coach to pick the team up from the venue and drop them back at the office?

This adds a nice touch to what will hopefully be a fantastic evening!

Happy Festive Party Planning!